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Articles from The Journal of the International Advanced Otology (April 1, 2019)

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"Emergency" Cochlear Implantation in Labyrinthitis Ossificans Secondary to Polyarteritis Nodosa: How to Face a Rare Entity. Canzi, Pietro; Aprile, Federico; Manfrin, Marco; Avato, Irene; Magnetto, Marianna; Minervini, Domeni Report 1877
"The Vibrating Echo" to "Jacques Magnan Appeal of Ignorance". Mansour, Salah Letter to the editor 444
A Novel Approach for Classifying Native Chinese and Malay Speaking Persons According to Cortical Auditory Evoked Responses. Ibrahim, Ibrahim Amer; Ting, Hua-Nong; Moghavvemi, Mahmoud 5246
A Rare Case of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Isolated in the Mastoid. Zhang, Jie; Tingting, Hu; Jin, Yi; Xianmin, Wu; Li, He; Xiaoyun, Chen Report 1755
A Review of Surgical Nuances and Outcomes of the Reverse Stapedotomy. Singh, Anup; Irugu, David Victor Kumar; Kumar, Rajeev; Verma, Hitesh Report 4650
An Ameloblastoma in the Middle Ear. Yamatodani, Takashi; Misawa, Kiyoshi; Endo, Shiori; Nakanishi, Hiroshi; Hosokawa, Seiji; Mineta, Hir Report 1761
Association between Syncope and Tumarkin Attacks in Meniere's Disease. Pyykko, Ilmari; Manchaiah, Vinaya; Zou, Jing; Levo, Hilla; Kentala, Erna Report 4350
Auditory and Histopathological Effects of Topical Mercurochrome Treatment in Rats with Tympanic Membrane Perforation. Korkmaz, Suleyman; Ceylan, Mehmet Emrah; Ceylan, Gozde; Dalgic, Abdullah; Inan, Sevinc; Olgun, Leven Report 4061
Auditory Evoked Potential Inconsistency in Sudden Unilateral Hearing Loss with Multiple Sclerosis. Lee, Sungsu; Jeon, Eun-Sun; Cho, Hyong-Ho Report 1859
Auditory Reasoning Skills of Cochlear Implant Users. Asian, Filiz; Yucel, Esra Report 5625
Authors Reply. Neelamegarajan, Devi; Vasudevamurthy, Arpitha; Khyathi, Jain G. Letter to the editor 736
Chronic Otitis Media with Granulation Is a Poor Prognostic Factor for Hearing Improvement and Development of Intracranial Complications. Wiatr, Maciej; Skladzien, Jacek; Strek, Pawel; Przeklasa-Muszynska, Anna; Wiatr, Agnieszka Report 3990
Differential Expression of LaminB1 in the Developing Rat Cochlea. Du, Zhihui; Chen, Jin; Zhu, Hongmei; Chu, Hanqi Report 3568
Does The Type of Ossicular Chain Lesion Affect Outcomes in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media Without Cholesteatoma? Horvath, Tamas; Lukacs, Dora; Horvath, Barnabas; Ferenci, Tamas; Liktor, Balint Report 4530
Effects of Melatonin and Dexamethasone on Facial Nerve Neurorrhaphy. Edizer, Deniz Tuna; Donmez, Zehra; Gul, Mehmet; Yigit, Ozgur; Yigitcan, Birgul; Adatepe, Turgut; Uzu Report 5474
Endoscopic Transcanal Approach to Geniculate Ganglion Hemangioma and Simultaneous Facial Nerve Reinnervation: A Case Report. Bonali, Marco; Ghirelli, Michael; Ghizzo, Marco; Stellin, Edoardo; Fermi, Matteo; Ferri, Gaetano; Pr Report 2263
Evaluation of Contralateral Suppression of Otoacoustic Emissions in Bharatanatyam Dancers and Non-Dancers. Joseph, Joel; Suman, Ankita; Jayasree, G.K.; Prabhu, Prashanth 2001
Evaluation of Serum Endocan Levels in Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Gultekin, Erdogan; Ersozlu, Tolga; Demirel, Oral Burak; Kaymaz, Ozlem; Topcu, Birol; Ciftci, Zafer Report 3482
Hearing Impairment and Quality of Life in Adults with Asymmetric Hearing Loss: Benefits of Bimodal Stimulation. Sanhueza, Ignacio; Manrique-Huarte, Raquel; Calavia, Diego; Huarte, Alicia; Manrique, Manuel Report 4224
Implications for Bone Conduction Mechanisms from Thresholds of Post Radical Mastoidectomy and Subtotal Petrosectomy Patients. Yehezkely, Michal Kaufmann; Grinblat, Golda; Dor, Miriam Geal; Chordekar, Shai; Perez, Ronen; Adelma Report 3426
In Memoriam: Noel Cohen. Roland, J. Thomas, Jr. In memoriam 618
Investigation of Stress Levels before the Onset of Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Watanabe, Hiroyuki; Sano, Hajime; Maki, Atsuko; Ino, Takeshi; Nakagawa, Takahito; Okamoto, Makito; Y Report 4679
Leiomyoma of the External Auditory Canal. Tombolini, Mario; Ralli, Massimo; Carletti, Raffaella; Greco, Antonio; de Vincentiis, Marco Report 1667
Long--term Audiometric Outcomes in Unilateral Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss without Recurrence. Pecorari, Giancarlo; Riva, Giuseppe; Naqe, Nertila; Bruno, Gabriele; Nardo, Matteo; Albera, Roberto Report 3891
Patient Perceptions of Effectiveness in Treatments for Meniere's Disease: a National Survey in Italy. Ward, Bryan; Wettstein, Vincent; Golding, John; Corallo, Giulia; Nuti, Daniele; Trabalzini, Franco; Report 4560
Predictive Role of Ki-67 and Proliferative-Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) in Recurrent Cholesteatoma. Server, Ela Araz; Ertugay, Cigdem Kalaycik; Koca, Sevim Baykal; Longur, Ecem Sevim; Yigit, Ozgur; De Report 3651
Prevalence of Persistent Tinnitus and Dizziness in an Elderly Population in Southern Taiwan. Chang, Ning Chia; Dai, Chia Yen; Lin, Wen Yi; Yang, Hua Ling; Wang, Hsun Mo; Chien, Chen Yu; Ho, Kue Report 5404
Reposition Chair Treatment Improves Subjective Outcomes in Refractory Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. West, Niels; Bloch, Sune Land; Moller, Martin Nue; Hansen, Soren; Klokker, Mads Report 3302
Short-Term Hearing Prognosis of Ossiculoplasty in Pars Flaccida Cholesteatoma Using the EAONO/JOS Staging System. Fukuda, Atsushi; Morita, Shinya; Nakamaru, Yuji; Hoshino, Kimiko; Fujiwara, Keishi; Homma, Akihiro Report 3627
The Association between Iron Deficiency and Otitis Media with Effusion. Akcan, Fatih Alper; Dundar, Yusuf; Akcan, Humeyra Bayram; Cebeci, Derya; Sungur, Mehmet Ali; Unlu, I Report 3490
The Clinical Benefit of Device Therapy for Meniere's Disease in Adults: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Shu Jia; Yang, Hong; Yao, Yang-Yang; Gu, Hui-Yun; Lin, Lu-Lu; Zhang, Chao; Luo, Jie Report 4586
The Polymorphic Analysis of the Human Potassium Channel KCNE Gene Family in Meniere's Disease-A Preliminary Study. Dai, Qingqing; Wang, Dan; Zheng, Hong Report 3931
Two-Hour Follow-Up is Equivalent to One-Day FollowUp of Posterior Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Alimoglu, Yalcin; Altin, Fazilet; Acikalin, Resit Murat; Yasar, Husamettin Report 3507
Validity and Reliability Aspects of a Newly Developed Questionnaire for Auditory Localization. Zakaria, Mohd Normani Letter to the editor 819
Validity and Test-Retest Reliability of the Dutch Version of the Chronic Otitis Media Benefit Inventory. De Greve, Glynnis; van Dinther, Joost; Maryn, Youri; Vanspauwen, Robby; Zarowski, Andrzej; Offeciers Report 3167

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