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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (January 1, 2019)

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[phrase omitted] (Hosea 13:2)--stet. Rendsburg, Gary A. Critical essay 4453
A Hundred and One Nights. Selove, Emily Book review 1159
Arabian Drugs in Early Medieval Mediterranean Medicine. King, Anya Book review 2152
Buddhist Litigants in Public Court: A Case Study of Legal Practices in Tibetan-ruled Dunhuang (786-848). Liu, Cuilan Essay 13205
Celebrating Sensual Indulgence: Du Mu [phrase omitted] (803-852), His Readers, and the Making of a New Fengliu [phrase omitted] Ideal. Hong, Yue Essay 14177
Das Kitab Sidrat al-muntaha des Pseudo-Ibn Wahsiya: Einleitung, Edition und Ubersetzung eines hermetisch-allegorischen Traktats zur Alchemie. Akasoy, Anna Book review 1701
Die aramdischen Texte aus Tall Seh Hamad/Dur-Katlimmu/Magdalu. Millard, Alan Book review 1404
Die neuassyrische und spdtbabylonische Glyptik aus Tall Seh Hamad. Wallenfels, Ronald Book review 2029
Edith Porada zum 100. Geburtstag: A Centenary Volume. Garrison, Mark B. Book review 2027
Encounters by the Rivers of Babylon. Pearce, Laurie Book review 2490
Exile in the Maghreb: Jews under Islam, Sources and Documents, 997-1912. Miller, Susan Gilson Book review 1469
Fire over Luoyang: A History of the Later Han Dynasty 23-220 AD. Pitner, Mark G. Book review 2183
Gods, Kings, and Merchants in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia. Chavalas, Mark W. Book review 834
India and the Heartlands: An Eighteenth-Century World of Circulation and Exchange. Floor, Willem Book review 1517
Indic Ornaments on Javanese Shores: Retooling Sanskrit Figures in the Old Javanese Ramayana. Bronner, Yigal; Creese, Helen Critical essay 14598
Japanese Students Abroad and the Building of America's First Japanese Library Collection, 1869-1878. Report 11139
Japanese Students Abroad and the Building of America's First Japanese Library Collection, 1869-1878. Fleming, William D. Essay 15630
Kindheit in der japanischen Geschichte: Vorstellungen und Erfahrungen / Childhood in Japanese History: Concepts and Experiences. Brown, Janice C. Book review 2674
Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed: A Philosophical Guide. Naaman, Erez Book review 2565
Oaths and Curses: A Study in Neo- and Late Babylonian Legal Formulary. Wells, Bruce Book review 2732
Persian in Arabic Poetry: Identity Politics and Abbasid Macaronics. Harb, Lara Critical essay 12401
Ritual Employs of Birds in Ancient Syria-Palestine. Bailleul-Lesuer, Rozenn Book review 1878
Scents and Flavors: A Syrian Cookbook. Trepanier, Nicolas Book review 1191
Shame and Insult in Anatolia: Luvo-Hittite zammurai-. Nikolaev, Alexander Essay 7171
Tamil: A Biography. Selby, Martha Ann Book review 3128
The Almoravid and Almohad Empires. Safran, Janina M. Book review 1888
The Anthologist's Art: Abu Mansur al-Tha'alibi and His Yatimat al-dahr. Talib, Adam Book review 1538
The Art of Contact: Comparative Approaches to Greek and Phoenician. Morris, Sarah Book review 1851
The Hittite Demonstratives: Studies in Deixis, Topics and Focus. Zorman, Marina Book review 1818
The Opening Formula and Witness Clauses in Arabic Legal Documents from the Early Islamic Period. Khan, Geoffrey Essay 9176
The Personal Pronoun in Christian Palestinian Aramaic. Li, Tarsee Essay 9380
The Sacrificial Economy: Assessors, Contractors, and Thieves in the Management of Sacrificial Sheep at the Eanna Temple of Uruk (ca. 625-520 B.C.). Schmidl, Martina Book review 1622
The World around the Old Testament: The People and Places of the Ancient Near East. Chavalas, Mark W. Book review 989
What 'Isa ibn Hisham Told Us, or, A Period of Time. Beard, Michael Book review 2554
Wirtschaftstexte aus Fara II. Englund, Robert K. Book review 2492

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