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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (April 1, 2019)

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"Godly Worm" and the "Literati Prism" of Chinese Sources. Chen, Sanping Essay 10288
Around Abhinavagupta: Aspects of the Intellectual History of Kashmir from the Ninth to the Eleventh Century. Reich, James Book review 1996
Ausgrabungen und Forschungen in der westlichen Oberstadt von Hattusa I. Beckman, Gary Book review 895
Authority and Auspiciousness in Gaurana's Laksanadipika. Jones, Jamal Critical essay 11131
Blood on the Wind and the Tablet of Destinies: Intertextuality in Anzu, Enuma elis, and Erra and Isum. Wisnom, Selena Critical essay 11733
Contesting Antiquity in Egypt: Archaeologies, Museums and the Struggle for Identities from World War I to Nasser. Doyon, Wendy Book review 1608
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die: A Diachronic Examination of the Mutual Self-Cursing (mubahala) in Islam. Mikati, Rana Essay 9625
Entombed Epigraphy and Commemorative Culture in Early Medieval China: A History of Early Muzhiming. Ditter, Alexei K. Book review 1586
Exlibris der Agyptenrezeption und Agyptomanie: Zur Sammlung des Gutenberg-Museums in Mainz. Beckman, Gary Book review 626
From 'Awe-Inspiringly Beautiful' to 'Patterns in Conventionalized Behavior': The Historical Development of the Metacultural Concept of Wen in Pre-Qin China. Bergeton, Uffe 13493
From trivarga to purusartha A Chapter in Indian Moral Philosophy. Olivelle, Patrick 9575
Gender and Politics at Ugarit: The Undoing of the Daughter of the Great Lady. Thomas, Christine Neal 11595
Iranisches Personennamenbuch, vol. 2: Mitteliranische Namen, fasc. 1: Iranische Personennamen in manichaischer Uberlieferung. Skjaerv, Prods Oktor Book review 2917
Isnad-cum-matn Analysis and Kalala: Some Critical Reflections. Scheiner, Jens Critical essay 4614
Justus Raphelengius (1573-1628) and Turkish Folk Tales. Palabiyik, Nil 12581
Paniniyavyakaranodaharanakosah; La grammaire panineenne par ses exemples; Paninian Grammar through Its Examples, vol. I: Udaharanasamaharah; L'ensemble des exemples; The Collection of Examples; samsodhitaprakasanam, edition re'visee, revised edition. Scharf, Peter M. 683
Samarqand et le Sughd a l' epoque 'abbasside: Histoire politique et sociale. Azad, Arezou Book review 1717
Shifting Stones, Shaping the Past: Sculpture from the Buddhist Stupas of Andhra Pradesh. Davis, Richard Book review 1569
Shishak and Shoshenq: A Disambiguation. Wallenfels, Ronald 7599
The Adaptive Commentary of Du Yu (222-284): Schematizing the Presence and Absence of "Norms" (li [phrase omitted]) in the Tri-Partite Annals through the Zuo Tradition. Tashima, Pauli Critical essay 15044
The Archaeology of Bhakti II: Royal Bhakti, Local Bhakti. Edited by EMMANUEL FRANCIS and CHARLOTTE SCHMID. Selby, Martha Ann Book review 2697
The Bronze Age Towers at Bat, Sultanate of Oman: Research by the Bat Archaeological Project, 2007-12. Yule, Paul A. Book review 1044
The Caspian Language of Sahmirzad. Borjian, Habib 9567
The God Gad. Thomas, Ryan 6073
The Polished Mirror: Storytelling and the Pursuit of Virtue in Islamic Philosophy and Sufism. Rustom, Mohammed Book review 732
The Qussas of Early Islam. Judd, Steven C. Book review 1530
The Rhetorical Fabric of the Traditional Arabic Qasida in Its Formative Stages: A Comparative Study of the Rhetoric in Two Traditional Poems by 'Alqama l-Fahl and Bashshar b. Burd. Key, Alexander M. Book review 2092
Visamapadavyakhya: A Commentary on Bhattoji Diksita's Sabdakaustubha Attributed to Nagesabhatta. Scharf, Peter M. Book review 540
Wonderful Things: A History of Egyptology. 2: The Golden Age: 1881-1914. Reid, Donald Malcolm Book review 1976

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