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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (January 1, 2018)

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A Corpus of Syriac Incantation Bowls. Morony, Michael Book review 1342
A Dharma Reader: Classical Indian Law. Trautmann, Thomas R. Book review 1289
A Grammar of the Christian Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Diyana-Zariwaw. Mengozzi, Alessandro Book review 1392
A History of Chinese Letters and Epistolary Culture. Bossler, Beverly Book review 3102
Abu Tayyib al-Washsha and the Poetics of Inscribed Objects. Klein, Yaron Essay 12630
Ancient Hebrew Periodization and the Language of the Book of Jeremiah: The Case for a Sixth-Century Date of Composition. Rendsburg, Gary A. Book review 1582
Antiquarianism, Language, and Medical Philology: From Early Modern to Modern Sino-Japanese Medical Discourses. Boyanton, Stephen Book review 2908
Einfuhrung in die urartaische Sprache. Campbell, Dennis Book review 2068
Envisioning Islam: Syriac Christians and the Early Muslim World. Treiger, Alexander Book review 2403
Ezra and the Law in History and Tradition. Watts, James W. Book review 1492
Funfundzwanzig arabische Geschaftsdokumente aus dem Rotmeer-Hafen al-Qusayr al-Qadim (7.113. Jh.) [P.QuseirArab. II]. Peters, Rudolph Book review 784
Gouvernance et liberalites de Saladin: D'apres les donnees inedites de six documents arabes. Christie, Niall Book review 1666
He Has Opened Nisaba's House of Learning: Studies in Honor of [Angstrom]ke Waldemar Sjoberg on the Occasion of His 89th Birthday on August 1st 2013. Kleinerman, Alexandra Book review 1378
Ibadi Theology: Rereading Sources and Scholarly Works. Adem, Rodrigo Book review 1871
In the Desert Margins: The Settlement Process in Ancient South and East Arabia. Yule, Paul A. Book review 1337
Judaa--Syria Palastina. Eliav, Yaron Z. Book review 2295
Lamastu: An Edition of the Canonical Series of Lamastu Incantations and Rituals and Related Texts from the Second and First Millennia B.C. Zomer, Elyze Book review 1458
Music in Antiquity: The Near East and the Mediterranean. Eichmann, Ricardo Book review 1573
Nomadism in Iran: From Antiquity to the Modern Era. Choksy, Jamsheed K. Book review 2238
Political Advice, Translation, and Empire in South Asia. Auer, Blain Critical essay 10008
Qumran Hebrew: An Overview of Orthography, Phonology, and Morphology. Yuditsky, Alexey (Eliyahu) Book review 1375
Reading the Mahavamsa: The Literary Aims of a Theravada Buddhist History. Berkwitz, Stephen C. Book review 1679
Readings of the Vessantara Jataka. McCombs, Jason Book review 1773
Royal Gardens, Parks, and the Architecture Within: Assyrian Views. Albenda, Pauline Essay 7884
Self-Awareness in Islamic Philosophy: Avicenna and Beyond. Rustom, Mohammed Book review 2343
Sogdians in China: Archaeological and Art Historical Analyses of Tombs and Texts from the 3rd to the 10th Century AD. Dien, Albert E. Book review 1966
The Arabic Version of Tusi's Nasirean Ethics: With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes. Vasalou, Sophia Book review 1966
The Archaeology of Prehistoric Arabia: Adaptation and Social Formation from the Neolithic to the Iron Age. Yule, Paul A. Book review 1459
The Bhagavadgita: A Biography. Patil, Urmila Book review 1425
The Bhagavadgita: A New Translation, Contexts, Criticism. Patil, Urmila Book review 1238
The Decoration on the Cult Chapel Walls of the Old Kingdom Tombs at Giza: A New Approach to Their Interaction. Leprohon, Ronald J. Book review 1284
The Gongyang Commentary on The Spring and Autumn Annals: A Full Translation. Van Auken, Newell Ann Book review 3201
The Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur. Gadotti, Alhena Book review 1412
The Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India. Richman, Paula Book review 1691
The Record of King Wu of Zhou's Royal Deeds in the Yi Zhou shu in Light of Near Eastern Royal Inscriptions. Grebnev, Yegor Critical essay 17809
The Seal of an Official or an Official Seal? The Use of Court Seals in Old Babylonian Susa and Haft Tepe. De Graef, Katrien Essay 12565
The Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Yan. Pines, Yuri Book review 2106
The Technique of Islamic Bookbinding: Methods, Materials and Regional Varieties. Kropf, Evyn Book review 2273
The Unfinished: Stone Carvers at Work on the Indian Subcontinent. Owen, Lisa N. Book review 1548
Triangular Landscapes: Environment, Society, and the State in the Nile Delta under Roman Rule. Ruffini, Giovanni Book review 1571
Women at the Margins: Gender and Religious Anxieties in Valmiki's Ramayana. Goldman, Sally J. Sutherland Critical essay 17963

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