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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (July 1, 2014)

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"The Vicegerent of God, from Him We Expect Rain": the Incorporation of the Pre-Islamic State in Early Islamic Political Culture. Darling, Linda T. Report 15227
American Oriental Gbocietp. 1486
American oriental society essays. 238
Arabisch kayfa "wie" als Konjunktinn: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der arabischen Syntax. Carter, Michael Book review 1202
Ashkelon: The Seventh Century B. C. Book review 1818
Basran Mu'tazilite Theology: Abu 'Ali Muhammad b. Khallad's Kitab al-Usul and Its Reception. Dhanani, Alnoor Book review 1108
Bedouin Ethnobotany: Plant Concepts and Uses in a Desert Pastoral World. Varisco, Daniel Martin Book review 755
Blood Expiation in Hittite and Biblical Ritual: Origins, Context, and Meaning. Mouton, A. Book review 2273
Breaking Bread with the Dead: Katumuwa's Stele, Hosea 9:4, and the Early History of the Soul. Suriano, Matthew J. Report 13958
Der Achamenidenhof. Kozuh, Michael Book review 3339
Der eine und das andere: beobachtungen an hiiresiographischen texten. Wilferd, Madelung Book review 1784
Deutsche in Palastina und ihr Anteil an der Mod-ernisierung des Landes. Beckman, Gary Book review 683
Early Islamic History Reimagined: the Biography of Umar ibn Abd a1-Aziz in Ibn Asdkir's Tarikh madinat Dimashq. Report 13949
Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East. Moyer, Ian S. Book review 1522
Innovation und tradition: Zur Herstellung und Verwendung von Prestigegutern im pharaonischen Agypten. Warburton, David Book review 3260
Iranisches Personennamenbuch. Vol. V/5a: Iranische Personennamen in der griechischen Literatur vor Alexander d. Gr. Skjaervo, Prods Oktor Book review 1895
Is there a burden-bearer? The sanskrit Bharaharasutra and its scholastic interpretations. Eltschinger, Vincent Report 17411
Julius Jolly: Kleine Schriften. Rocher, Ludo Book review 2057
Kitad Shifa' al-asqam al-'arida fi l-ahir wa-l-batin min al-ajsam (Livre de la guerison des maladies externes et internes affectant les corps) shaykh sayyid Ahmad b. 'Umar al-Raqqadi al-Kunti. Millan, Cristina Alvarez Book review 960
Languages from the World of the Bible. Pat-El, Na'Ama Book review 1239
Luppiter Dolichenus: Vom Lokalkult und Reichsreligion. Beckman, Gary Book review 518
Old, older, and oldest Dharmasastra: the manuscript tradition of the Manu Sastra, the original text of the Manu Sastra, and the first dharmasutras. Fitzgerald, James L. Report 16462
Poetry and History: The Value of Poetry in Reconstructing Arab History. Talib, Adam Book review 1990
The Archaeology of Israelite Society in Iron age II. Meyers, Carol Book review 1484
The Foreigner and the Law: Perspectives from the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East. Jessica, Whisenant Book review 1416
The multiple siyin half seals: reconsidering the Dianli jicha si (1373-1384) argument. Huiping, Pang Report 12471
The Performing Arts in Medieval Islam: Shadow Play and Popular Poetry in ibn Daniyal's Mamluk: Cairo. Gelder, Geert Jan Van Book review 2732
The Roman Marble Sculptures from the Sanctuary of Pan at Caesarea PhilippilPanias (Israel). Gersht, Rivka Book review 1436
Tracing the Earliest Recorded Concepts of International Law: The Ancient Near East (2500-330 BCE). Beckman, Gary Book review 365
Witches, Whores, and Sorcerers: The Concept of Evil in Early lran. Vevaina, Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Book review 1687

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