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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (October 1, 2013)

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"Al-Ghazali of al-Andalus": Ibn Barrajan, Mahdism, and the Emergence of Learned Sufism on the Iberian Peninsula. Bellver, Jose 15263
"Blessed are the cheese makers" Reflections on the Transmission of Knowledge in Islam. Carter, Michael G. 5828
"Kill them all!" Some Remarks on the Annihilation of the Ya'ilanum Tribe (1781 B.C.E.). Vidal, Jordi Book review 3705
A Grammar of the Bedouin Dialects of Central and Southern Sinai. Eades, Domeniyk Book review 1532
A History of Ancient Egypt: From. the First Farmers to the Great Pyramid. Jones, Jana Book review 1545
Baal, son of dagan: in search of baal's double paternity. Ayali-Darshan, Noga 4260
Between preservation and recreation: tamil traditions of commentary. Ann selby, Martha 1998
CTA performance persistence: 1994-2010. Molyboga, Marat; Baek, Seungho; Bilson, John F.O. Report 6278
Das Lob der Schopfitng: Die Entwicklung agyptischer Sonnen-und SchOpfutigshymnen nach dem Neuen Reich. Cruz-Uribe, Eugene Book review 662
Determining the maximum number of uncorrelated strategies in a global portfolio. Boon, Ling-Ni; Ielpo, Florian Report 9096
Die wandinalereien aus tell misrifel qatna im kontext iiberregionaler kommullikalion. Feldman, Marian Book review 2622
Drei Totenpapyri aus einer thebanischen Werkstatt der Spatzeit (pBerlin P. 3158, pBerlin P. 3159, pabereleen ABDUA 84023. Gasse, Annie Book review 1674
Dynamic asset allocation strategies based on unexpected volatility. Zakamulin, Valerty Report 7855
Frontier Equity Markets: Risk Parity Lessons for Asset Allocation. Chan-Lau, Jorge A. Report 3676
Guardians of Islam: Religious Authority and Muslim Communities of Late Medieval Spain. Stewart, Devin J. Book review 2287
Hedge fund investments in bankruptcy. Branch, Ben; Xu, Min Report 7585
Homosexuality in Islam: Critical Reflection on Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Muslims. Sharlet, Jocelyn Book review 1845
I. Ancient near east. Book review 3925
II. Islamic near east. 1648
III. East asia. 1925
Images of muhammad: narratives of the prophet in islam across the centuries. Katz, Marion Holmes Book review 1643
Ipamati kistamati pari tumatimis: Luwian and Hittite Studies Presented to J. Beal, Richard H. Book review 2309
Kanbando kara nagatneta Kittan Joshin [??][Khitan and Jurchen as seen from the Korean Peninsula]. Falkenhausen, Lothar Von Book review 681
Le culte d'osiris au [] millenaire av. j.-c.: decouverts et travaux rercents. Troy, Lana Book review 1518
Legends and transcendence: sectarian affiliations of the ekottarika agama in chinese translation. KUAN, TSE-FU 14775
Literacy in the persianate world: writing and the social order. Floor, Willem 1739
On Recent Cuneiform Editions of Hittite Fragments (II). Oguz Soysal Book review 8407
Orations of the fatimid caliphs: Festival sermons of the ismaili imams. Alexandrin, Elizabeth R. 1593
Passages: relationships between tamil and sanskrit. Ann selby, Martha Book review 2856
Pratyabhijna and Philology*. Torella, Raffaele 5602
Reading Akkadian Prayers and Hymns. Foster, Benjamin R. Book review 897
Rethinking Ghosts in World Religions. Scurlock, Joann Book review 1197
Texts from the Late Old Babylonian Period. Graef, Katrien Book review 5300
The Journal of alternative investments. Kazemi, Hossein Report 883
The legendary biographies of Tamerlane: Islam and heroic apocrypha in central Asia. Broadbridge, Anne 1867
The Life of Muhammad: Al-Waqidi's Kitab al-Maghazi. Lecker, Michael Book review 1802
Three places of mind-transmission: the polemical application of mind-transmission stories in korean son buddhism. Kim, Seong-Uk 9064
Valuation of structured products. Deng, Geng; Husson, Tim; Mccann, Craig Report 8791
Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Final Clause. Pat-El, Na' Ama Book review 994

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