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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (January 1, 2013)

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A History of East Asia: From the Origins of Civilization to the Twenty-First Century. Farmer, Michael J. Book review 1447
A reassessment of the place of shamanism in the origins of Chinese theater. Llamas, Regina Essay 11605
Altorientalische Kleinfunde. Brown, Brian Book review 1246
Beyond Death: The Mystical Teachings of 'Ayn al-Qudat al-Hamadhani. Seyed-Gohrab, Asghar Book review 1310
Carving Devotion in the Jain Caves at Ellora. Cort, John E. Book review 1483
Chinese Scholars on Inner Asia. Drompp, Michael R. Book review 2804
Deep Rivers: Selected Writings on Tamil Literature. Selby, Martha Ann Book review 2073
Desire and Motivation in Indian Philosophy. Keating, Malcolm Book review 1478
Dharma Patanjala, a Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts. Hunter, Tom Book review 1737
Elam and Persia. Yamauchi, Edwin Book review 1460
Elements de theologie thebaine: Les chapitres supplementaires du Livre des Marts. Kockelmann, Holger Book review 1446
Imperial Power and Maritime Trade: Mecca and Cairo in the Later Middle Ages. Bauden, Frederic Book review 2117
Knowledge in Later Islamic Philosophy: Mulla Sadra on Existence, Intellect and Intuition. Rizvi, Sajjad Book review 2085
Korean books in Japan: from the 1590s to the end of the Edo period. Kornicki, Peter Report 13151
L'Arabie marchande: Etat et commerce sous les sultans rasulides du Yemen (626-85811229-1454). Varisco, Daniel Martin Book review 1103
Le nom indo-europeen de l'hote. Garnier, Romain Report 7245
Le Temple a Hathor a Dendara: Releves et etude architecturale. Leprohon, Ronald J. Book review 1686
Male guardians of women's virtue: a dharmasastric theme and its Jain variations. Stuart, Mari Jyvasjarvi Report 12668
Multiple Originals: New Approaches to Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism. Feinstein, Eve Levavi Book review 1506
On the character, content, and authorship of Itmam Tatimmat Siwan al-hikma and the identity of the author of Muntakhab Siwan al-hikma. Griffel, Frank Critical essay 12878
On the original meaning of the Qur'anic term al-shaytan al-rajim. Silverstein, Adam Essay 9036
Palestine under Assyrian rule a new look at the Assyrian imperial policy in the West. Bagg, Ariel M. 14186
Readings of the Platform Sutra. Heller, Natasha Book review 3476
Rebellions and Peripheries in the Cuneiform World. Chavalas, Mark W. Book review 1111
Receuil des inscriptions syriaques, vol. 2: Iraq: Syriac and Garshuni Inscriptions. Reymond, Eric D. Book review 1506
Relational Syllogisms and the History of Arabic Logic, 900-1900. Lagerlund, Henrik Book review 945
Sacred Tropes: Tanakh, New Testament, and Qur'an as Literature and Culture. Cox, Harvey Book review 1587
Selected Papers. Jamison, Stephanie W. Book review 921
Shadow on the Steps: Time Measurement in Ancient Israel. Russell, Stephen C. Book review 1239
Textile Terminologies in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean from the Third to the First Millennia BC. Bier, Carol Book review 1969
The "Mysteries" of Qumran: Mystery, Secrecy, and Esotericism in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Penner, Jeremy Book review 1140
The Book of Contemplation: Islam and the Crusades. Christie, Niall Book review 1266
The Lost Age of Reason: Philosophy in Early Modern India 1450-1700. Nicholson, Andrew J. Book review 1902
Yet again on the unique incantation bowl BM 135563. Morgenstern, Matthew Essay 3256

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