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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (April 1, 2011)

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"Off the Straight Path": Illicit Sex, Law, and Community in Ottoman Aleppo. Zeevi, Dror Book review 1576
An Anthology of Qur'anic Commentaries, vol. 1: On the Nature of the Divine. Mourad, Suleiman A. Book review 931
Autochthonous Texts in the Arabic Dialect of the Jews o f Tiberias. Hary, Benjamin Book review 2300
Calendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient Near East. Spalinger, Anthony Book review 1390
Circumstantial Qualifiers in Semitic: the Case of Arabic and Hebrew. Edzard, Lutz Book review 1484
Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan. Lee, Sonya Book review 1634
Iranian and Anatolian cognates to Greek (k)sun. Testen, David Report 3860
Judaism: The First Phase: The Place of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Origins of Judaism. Fried, Lisbeth S. Book review 1400
Lation-Punic Epigraphy. Schmitz, Philip C. Book review 1777
Maimonides in His World: Portrait of a Mediterranean Thinker. Kiener, Ronald C. Book review 1537
Manth[]nabhairavatantram Kum[]rik[]khandah: The Section Concerning the Virgin Goddess of the Tantra of the Churning Bhairava. White, David Gordon Book review 1740
Origins of verisimilitude: a reconsideration of medieval chinese literary history. Kong, Xurong Report 13155
Portraits of the feminine in Sumerian literature. Gadotti, Alhena Report 6936
Power and Patronage in Medieval Syria: The Architecture and Urban Works of Tankiz al-Nayiri. Watenpaugh, Heghnar Book review 1822
Rumors of Wisdom: Job 28 as Poetry. Fox, Michael V. Book review 1699
Selected Papers in Ethiosemitic and Neo-Aramaic Linguistics. Haberl, Charles G. Book review 814
Source, exegesis, and translation: Sanskrit commentary and regional language translation in South Asia. Patel, Deven M. Essay 15261
Studying the Ancient Israelites: A Guide to Sources and Methods. Crowell, Bradley Book review 1349
The Arts of Intimacy: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the Making of Castilian Culture. Wasserstein, David J. Book review 2511
The authorship and significance of the Nuj[]]m al-'ul[]m: a sixteenth-century astrological encyclopedia from Bijapur. Flatt, Emma Report 14782
The Development of Arabic as a Written Language. Versteegh, Kees Book review 2359
The Final Word: The Caitanya Carit[]mrta and the Grammar of Religious Tradition. Manring, Rebecca Book review 1582
The Graeco-Roman trade fair and the rabbis. Cohn, Yehudah B. Essay 4578
The Islamic Manuscript Tradition: Ten Centuries of Book Arts in Indiana University Collections. Simpson, Marianna Shreve Book review 2511
The Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Challa. Haberl, Charles G. Book review 1265
The Neo-Mandaic Dialect of Khorramshahr. Kim, Ronald I. Book review 3220
The Pots and Potters of Assyria: Technology and Organisation of Production, Ceramic Sequence and Vessel Function at Late Bronze Age Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria. Pace, Leann Book review 1403
The q[]d[]s of Fust[]t-Misr under the T[]l[]nids and the Ikhsh[]dids: the judiciary and egyptian autonomy. Tillier, Mathieu Report 13290
The Secret Garland: Ant[]l's. Pechilis, Karen Book review 1956
Translating Religion: Linguistic Analysis of Judeo-Arabic Sacred Texts from Egypt. Vollandt, Ronny Book review 1112
Und das Leben ist siegreich!: Mandaische und samaritanische Literature. Haberl, Charles G. Book review 2416
Weiser and Wesir: Studien zu Vorkommen, Rolle and Wesen des Gottes Thot am agyptischen Toten-buch. Kockelmann, Holger Book review 1119

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