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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (January 1, 2004)

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1 Samuel. Brettler, Marc Z. Book Review 606
A Century of British Orientalists 1902-2001. Rocher, Rosane Book Review 571
A further note on yan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and an [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]. Goldin, Paul R. 1051
A Law Book for the Diaspora: Revision in the Study of the Covenant Code. Wright, David P. Book Review 1622
A Poem at the Right Moment: Remembered Verses from Premodern South India. Selby, Martha Ann Book Review 694
Al-Ghazali's Unspeakable Doctrine of the Soul: Unveiling the Esoteric Psychology and Eschatology of the Ihya'. Griffel, Frank Book Review 2531
Alexander of Aphrodisias on the Cosmos. McGinnis, Jon Book Review 3880
Annotierte Bibliographie zum Sport im Alten Agypten II: 1978-2000. Houlihan, Patrick F. Book Review 355
Archaologische Berichte aus dem Yemen, vol. 9. Yule, Paul Book Review 1030
Beyond the Gorges of the Indus: Archaeology before Excavation. de la Vaissiere, Etienne Book Review 599
Body of Text: The Emergence of the Sunni Law of Ritual Purity. Rippin, Andrew Book Review 1864
Buddhist Reliquaries from Ancient India. Salomon, Richard Book Review 1930
Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought. Rippin, Andrew Book Review 3453
Dan II: A Chronicle of the Excavations and the Late Bronze Age "Mycenaean" Tomb. Hallote, Rachel Book Review 944
Destiny and Human Initiative in the Mahabharata. Hiltebeitel, Alf Book Review 1923
Die Bauornamentik von Resafa-Sergiupolis: Studien zur spataniken Architektur und Bauausstattung in Syrien und Normesopotamien (Resafa 6). Downey, Susan B. Book Review 887
Die Toponymen- und Kultnamenlisten zur Tempelanlage von Dendera nach den hieroglyphischen Inschriften von Edfu und Dendera. Depuydt, Leo Book Review 1238
Education in Ancient India. Rocher, Ludo Book Review 1742
Gottes Recht als Menschenrecht: Rechts- und literaturhistorische Studien zum Deuteronomium. Wells, Bruce Book Review 1183
Handbook to Life in Ancient Mesopotamia. Wallenfels, Ronald Book Review 1183
Hattuschili und Ramses: Hethiter und Agypter--ihr langer Weg zum Frieden. Beal, Richard Book Review 1313
Histoire des marchands sogdiens. Golden, Peter B. Book Review 2884
Historical Dictionary of Prophets in Islam and Judaism. Matthews, Victor H. Book Review 528
Hittite Prayers. Lebrun, Rene Book Review 1352
Ibn Hazms Evangelienkritik: Eine methodische Untersuchung. Reynolds, Gabriel Said Book Review 1638
Kavya in South India: Old Tamil Cankam Poetry. Hart, George Book Review 3314
Les sources et le temps: Sources and Time. Rocher, Ludo Book Review 814
Les textes de la pyramide de Pepy Ier. Ayad, Mariam F. Book Review 1243
Life and Society in the Hittite World. Beal, Richard Book Review 3276
Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity. Burkett, Delbert Book Review 1032
Mahimabhatta's analysis of poetic flaws. McCrea, Lawrence 10428
Merit and the Millennium: Routine and Crisis in the Ritual Lives of the Lahu People. Matisoff, James A. Book Review 4151
Metamorphosis of the Private Sphere: Gardens and Objects in Tang-Song Poetry. Fuller, Michael A. Book Review 1980
Morphologische Varianz und semantische Konkurrenz: Verbalabstrakta im Rig-Veda. Klein, Jared S. Book Review 1236
Nabataische Architektur: Insbesondere Graber und Tempel. Downey, Susan B. Book Review 738
Neo-Assyrian royal women and male identity: status as a social tool. Melville, Sarah C. 13773
On the Boundaries of Theological Tolerance in Islam: Abu Hamid al-Ghazali's Faysal al-Tafriqa. Stewart, Devin Book Review 1463
Piety and Politics: The Dynamics of Royal Authority in Homeric Greece, Biblical Israel, and Old Babylonian Mesopotamia. Seri, Andrea Book Review 995
Portraits of Buddhist Women: Stories from the Saddharmaratnavaliya. Schaeffer, Kurtis R. Book Review 746
Possessors and Possessed: Museums, Archaeology, and the Visualization of History in the Late Ottoman Empire. Beckman, Gary Book Review 592
Rulin waishi and Cultural Transformation in Late Imperial China. Wong, Timothy C. Book Review 3240
Sheep Husbandry and Production of Wool, Garments and Cloths in Archaic Sumer. Englund, R.K. Book Review 463
Silk Road Art and Archaeology, vol. 6: Papers in Honour of Francine Tissot. Quintanilla, Sonya Rhie Book Review 2757
Tell Kosak Shamali, vol. 1: The Archaeological Investigations on the Upper Euphrates, Syria: Chalcolithic Architecture and the Earlier Prehistoric Remains. Banning, E.B. Book Review 846
The abna' al-dawla: the definition and legitimation of identity in response to the fourth fitna. Turner, John P. 14538
The Archaeology of Israelite Samaria, vol. 2: The Eighth Century B.C.E. Herzog, Ze'ev Book Review 1631
The Chinese names of the four directions. Sagart, Laurent 5494
The date of the death of Jesus: further reflections. Lasker, Daniel J. 2865
The Iconography of Hindu Tantric Deities, vol. 1: The Pantheon of the Mantramahodadhi. Muller-Ortega, Paul E. Book Review 2813
The Mandaeans: Ancient Texts and Modern People. Yamauchi, Edwin M. Book Review 1076
The markers of person, gender, and number in the prefixes of G-preformative conjugations in Semitic. Hasselbach, Rebecca 9364
The Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Qaraqosh. Sabar, Yona Book Review 1999
The Pantheon of Uruk during the Neo-Babylonian Period. Dandamayev, M.A. Book Review 1068
The Politics of Ancient Israel. Sparks, Kenton L. Book Review 1312
The Worlds of the East India Company. Rocher, Rosane Book Review 649
Theban Desert Road Survey in the Egyptian Western Desert, vol. 1: Gebel Tjauti Rock Inscriptions 1-45 and Wadi el-Hol Rock Inscriptions 1-45. Peden, A.J. Book Review 1429
Tonal prosody in three poems by Wang Rong. Goh, Meow Hui Critical Essay 6258
Ulrich Schneider: Opera Minora. Jamison, Stephanie W. Book Review 391
Yogasutrabhasyavivarana of Sankara: Vivarana Text with English Translation and Critical Notes along with Text and English Translation of Patanjali's Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya, vols. 1 and 2. Harimoto, Kengo Book Review 2674
Zur Sozialterminologie der iranischen Manichaer: Eine semantische Analyse im Vergleich zu den nichtmanichaischen iranischen Quellen. Skjaervo, Prods Oktor Book Review 1390

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