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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (October 1, 2003)

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"Ein Ungluck ist die Tochter": Zur Diskriminierung des Madchens im alten und heutigen Indien. Rocher, Ludo Book Review 663
A Biblical History of Israel. Lemche, Niels Peter Book Review 1022
A Critical Pali Dictionary, Begun by V. Trenckner, Continuing the Work of Dines Andersen and Helmer Smith. Collins, Steven Book Review 552
A Descriptive Grammar of Early Old Japanese Prose. Miller, Roy Andrew Book Review 3534
A Hebrew Reader for Ruth. Kaye, Alan S. Book Review 616
A History of the Animal World in the Ancient Near East. Katz, Joshua T. Book Review 1037
A Princely Impostor? The Strange and Universal History of the Kumar of Bhawal. Rocher, Rosane Book Review 1190
Agyptische Algorithmen: Eine Untersuchung zu den mittelagyptischen mathematischen Aufgabentexten. Depuydt, Leo Book Review 2559
Amreditas and related constellations in the Rigveda. Klein, Jared S. 18096
An Annotated Bibliography of the Alamkarasastra. Gerow, Edwin Book Review 473
Ancient China: Chinese Civilization from Its Origins to the Tang Dynasty. Forte, Antonino Book Review 7454
Arabic dialect history and historical linguistic mythology. Owens, Jonathan 15478
Books Received. 5651
Classical Hindu Thought: An Introduction. Jamison, Stephanie W. Book Review 259
Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia. Podany, Amanda H. Book Review 787
Dancing at the Dawn of Agriculture. Emberling, Geoff Book Review 483
Das Totenbuch pBerlin P. 10477 aus Achmim (mit Photographien des verwandten pHildesheim 5248). Mosher, Malcolm Book Review 4370
Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew. Kaye, Alan S. Book Review 1037
Imperial Encounters: Religion and Modernity in India and Britain. Rocher, Rosane Book Review 342
In memoriam: Derk Bodde (1909-2003); President of the Society, 1968-69. Rickett, W. Allyn Obituary 1711
India and South Asia: A Short History. Davis, Donald R., Jr. Book Review 1904
Jains in the World: Religious Values and Ideology in India. Lutgendorf, Philip Book Review 1231
Jimutavahana's Dayabhaga: The Hindu Law of Inheritance in Bengal. Brinkhaus, Horst Book Review 1252
Kalapani: Zum Streit uber die Zulassigkeit von Seereisen im kolonialzeitlichen Indien. Rocher, Rosane Book Review 788
Kleine Schriften. Jamison, Stephanie W. Book Review 267
Late Hittite Emar: The Chronology, Synchronisms, and Socio-Political Aspects of a Late Bronze Age Fortress Town. Fleming, Daniel E. Book Review 2474
Le funzioni sintattiche degli elementi avverbiali di luogo ittiti. Melchert, H. Craig Book Review 1187
Mesopotamia and the Bible: Comparative Explorations. Snell, Daniel C. Book Review 1094
Mikha'il Mishaqa: virtual founder of the twenty-four equal quartertone scale. Maalouf, Shireen 2868
Mughal Architecture: An Outline of Its History and Development (1526-1858). Chandra, Pramod Book Review 1288
Myth, ritual, and order in "Enki and the world order". Averbeck, Richard E. 10105
Pali: A Grammar of the Language of the Theravada Tipitaka, With a Concordance to Pischel's Grammatik der Prakrit-Sprachen. Collins, Steven Book Review 1740
Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East. Matthews, Victor H. Book Review 822
Recent Developments in Hittite Archaeology and History: Papers in Memory of Hans G. Guterbock. de Martino, Stefano Book Review 976
Religion and Personal Law in Secular India: A Call to Judgment. Rocher, Ludo Book Review 791
Rethinking the Hittite system of subordinate countries from the legal point of view. Altman, Amnon 11605
Ritual and Cult at Ugarit. Ilarri, Jesus-Luis Cunchillos Book Review 1010
Selected Writings on Chariots, Other Early Vehicles, Riding and Harness. Dunham, Sally S. Book Review 1404
Semitic linguistics in the new millennium. Kaye, Alan S. 9699
Semitic Noun Patterns. Kaye, Alan S. Book Review 1401
Sha'ar Hagolan 1: Neolithic Art in Context. Belfer-Cohen, Anna Book Review 936
Studien zur Literatur des Theravada Buddhismus, I: Entstehung und Aufbau der Jataka-Sammlung; II: Das Patimokkhasutta der Theravadin. Seine Gestalt und seine Entstehungsgeschichte. Rocher, Ludo Book Review 773
Targum and Scripture: Studies in Aramaic Translation and Interpretation in Memory of Ernest G. Clarke. Kaufman, Stephen A. Book Review 456
Telugu Resurgence: C. P. Brown and Cultural Consolidation in Nineteenth-Century South India. Rocher, Rosane Book Review 621
Textes akkadiens d'Ugarit: Textes provenant des vingt-cinq premieres campagnes. Book Review 2054
The Ancient Near East c. 3000-330 B.C. Frame, G. Book Review 1295
The Bijak of Kabir. Shapiro, Michael C. Book Review 195
The Biography of Ancient Israel: National Narratives in the Bible. Patton, Corrine L. Book Review 802
The Book of Ezekiel: Theological and Anthropological Perspectives. Holm, Tawny L. Book Review 1062
The Deuteronomistic History and the Name Theology: [l.sup.e]sakken [s.sup.e] mo sam in the Bible and the Ancient Near East. Van Seters, John Book Review 999
The Dvaravati Wheels of the Law and the Indianization of South East Asia. Bolon, Carol Radcliffe Book Review 1146
The Economics of Ecstasy: Tantra, Secrecy, and Power in Colonial Bengal. McDermott, Rachel Fell Book Review 1631
The Land of Hana: Kings, Chronology, and Scribal Traditions. Chavalas, Mark W. Book Review 1343
The many voices of the Mahabharata. Fitzgerald, James L. Book Review 10330
The Pesharim and Qumran History: Chaos or Consensus? Davies, Philip R. Book Review 1523
The Puspasutra: A Pratisakhya of the Samaveda. Howard, Wayne Book Review 1949
The Roots of Tantra. Buhnemann, Gudrun Book Review 1119
The Story of Paesi (Paesi-kahanayam): Soul and Body in Ancient India: A Dialogue on Materialism; Text, Translation, Notes and Glossary. Cort, John E. Book Review 1172
The World of Obituaries: Gender Across Cultures and Over Time. Kaye, Alan S. Book Review 1142
To Your Tents, O Israel! The Terminology, Function, Form, and Symbolism of Tents in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East. Noegel, Scott B. Book Review 897
Umma Messenger Texts in the British Museum, Part One. Sharlach, T.M. Book Review 1120
Vidyarnavavandanam: Essays in Honour of Asko Parpola. Rocher, Ludo Book Review 435
Who Were the Early Israelites and Where Did They Come From? Lemche, Niels Peter Book Review 940
Yankee India: American Commercial and Cultural Encounters with India in the Age of Sail 1784-1860. Gordon, Leonard A. Book Review 1511
Yuan Hong: a case of premature death by historians? Chen, Sanping 4432

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