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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (April 1, 2002)

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Title Author Type Words
Abhaksya and abhojya: an exploration in dietary language. Olivelle, Patrick 7099
Adhrigu and drigu: on the semantics of an old Indo-Iranian word. Thompson, George 6259
An anagram in the Gathas: Yasna 51.4-5. Jamison, Stephanie W. Critical Essay 2097
Bibliography of Stanley Insler. Bibliography 736
Borderline beings: plant possibilities in early Buddhism. Findly, Ellison Banks 9971
Dasadasi. Rocher, Ludo 4790
Fluidity of early grammatical categories in Sanskrit. Deshpande, Madhav M. 2341
How his srauta-fires save the life of an Ahitagni. Falk, Harry 2884
How the mole and mongoose got their names: Sanskrit akhu- and nakula-. Katz, Joshua T. 12760
IIan[delta]aih and sita: on the historical background of the Sanskrit epics. Parpola, Asko 9955
Kharosti and Brahmi. Scharfe, Hartmut 2257
Nilakantha Caturdhara's Mantrakasikhanda. Minkowski, Christopher 11827
Pindar's Rigveda. Watkins, Calvert Critical Essay 2649
Rasa and katharsis: a comparative study, aided by several films. Gerow, Edwin 11508
Remarks on the temporal values of the Rig Vedic terms in -pitva-. Vance, William A. Critical Essay 2449
Responsion in the Rigveda. Klein, Jared S. 5120
Sanskrit for civil servants 1806-1818. Rocher, Rosane 7835
Sanskrit sardigrdi-. Melchert, H. Craig 2958
Stanley Insler. Biography 645
Sura in the Paippalada Samhita of the Atharvaveda. Oort, Marianne S. 3438
The dark and deep underworld in the Veda. Bodewitz, H.W. 9276
The Indo-Iranian word for 'shank, shin'. Lubotsky, Alexander 4861
The Old Indo-Aryan tense system. Cardona, George 5665
The race of Mudgala and Mudgalani. Brereton, Joel P. 9424
The Vedic imperatives yodhi 'fight' and bodhi 'heed'. Jasanoff, Jay H. 4275
The Yajnavalkya cycle in the Brhad Aranyaka Upanisad. Hock, Hans Henrich Critical Essay 6575
Vedisch ksad. Schlerath, Bernfried 3630
When old is not old...: rv jaradasti-, jaradvisam, and the vulture Jaradgava. Tucker, Elizabeth 7169

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