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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (October 1, 1998)

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"Go to the Land I Will Show You": Studies in Honor of Dwight W. Young. Oller, Gary H. Book Review 771
Bhakti und Bhakta, religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zum Heilsbegriff und zur religiosen Umwelt des Shri Sant Ekanath. Gaeffke, Peter Book Review 1625
Books and Readers in the Early Church: A History of Early Christian Texts. Holmes, Michael W. Book Review 673
Buddhism and Language: A Study of Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism. van der Kuijp, Leonard W.J. Book Review 3838
Canaanite in the Amarna Tablets: A Linguistic Analysis of the Mixed Dialect used by Scribes from Canaan. van Soldt, W.H. Book Review 2139
Cassia, cinnamomo, ossidiana: Uomini e merci tra Oceano Indiano e Mediterraneo. Sidebotham, Steven E. Book Review 696
Covenant of Blood: Circumcision and Gender in Rabbinic Judaism. Steinberg, Naomi Book Review 872
Der Affe in der altorientalischen Kunst. Collon, Dominique Book Review 895
Die altassyrischen Privaturkunden. Veenhof, Klaas R. Book Review 3947
Disputed Dharmas: Early Buddhist Theories on Existence; An Annotated Translation of the Section on Factors Dissociated from Thought from Sanghabhadra's Nyayanusara. Davidson, Ronald M. Book Review 1385
Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid, and Mamluk Eras: Proceedings of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd International Colloquium [sic] Organized at the katholieke Universiteit Leuven in May 1992, 1993 and 1994. Hanna, Nelly Book Review 694
From Early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism: Gaudapada, Bahrtrhari, and Abhinavagupta. Aklujkar, Ashok Book Review 1108
Funfundzwanzig griechicsche Papyri aus den Sammlungen von Heidelberg, Wien and Kairo (P.Heid. VII). van Minnen, Peter Book Review 1223
Gandhari and the early Chinese Buddhist translations reconsidered: the case of the Saddharmapundarikasutra. Boucher, Daniel 26527
Gender and Genre in the Folklore of Middle India. Feldhaus, Anne Book Review 1221
Itineraires d'Orient: Hommages a Claude Cahen. Petry, Carl F. Book Review 2128
Janus Parallelism in the Book of Job. Creason, Stuart Book Review 889
Jewish Women in Greco-Roman Palestine: An Inquiry into Image and Status. Kraemer, Ross S. Book Review 3397
L'Anatolia occidentale nel medio regno ittita. Beckman, Gary Book Review 705
La Tranchee <>: Etudes d'architecture domestique. Dunham, Sally Book Review 1240
Les Tombes protohistoriques de Bithnah, Fujairah, Emirats arabes unis. Potts, D.T. Book Review 825
Life in the Ancient Near East: 3100-322 B.C.E. Sack, Ronald H. Book Review 826
Living on the Fringe: The Archeology and History of the Negev, Sinai, and Neighboring Regions in Bronze and Iron Ages. Dever, William G. Book Review 776
Magic and Divination in Ancient Palestine and Syria. Cryer, Frederick H. Book Review 897
Matsyendra Samhita, Ascribed to Matsyenranatha: Part I. Garzilli, Enrica Book Review 2433
Messenger of spring and morality: cuckoo lore in Chinese sources. Lai, C.M. 9762
Mitologia y Religion del Oriente Antiguo, I: Egipto-Mesopotamia. Rubio, Gonzalo Book Review 789
Nag Hammadi Codex VII. Denzey, Nicola Book Review 938
Old Babylonian Cuneiform Texts from the Hamrin Basin: Tell Hadad. Yuhong, Wu Book Review 1790
Old Babylonian Cylinder Seals from the Hamrin. Yuhong, Wu Book Review 775
Pharao als Gott in den Unterwetlsbuchern des Neuen Reiches. Troy, Lana Book Review 1067
Probative Pontificating in Ugaritic and Biblical Literature: Collected Essays. Greenstein, Edward L. Book Review 733
Retrieving the Past: Essays on Archaeological Research and Methodology in Honor of Gus W. Van Beek. Knapp, Bernard Book Review 724
Sanskrit-Worterbuch der buddistischen Texte aus Turfan-Funden und der kanonischen Literatur der Sarvastivada-Schule. Ruegg, D. Seyfort Book Review 2404
Settlement Development in the North Jazira, Iraq: A Study of the Archeological Landscape. Kramer, Carol Book Review 622
Studies in the Civilization and Culture of Nuzi and the Hurrians, vol. 7: Edith Porada Memorial Volume; vol. 8: Richard F. S. Starr Memorial Volume. Lion, Brigitte Book Review 1072
Syllables of Sky: Studies in South Indian Civilization in Honour of Velcheru Narayana Rao. Cutler, Norman Book Review 1013
The Aramaic Language in the Archaemenid Period: A Study in Linguistic Variation. Lipinski, Edward Book Review 1255
The Asterisked Materials in the Greek Job. Tov, Emanuel Book Review 1383
The Color of Violence: Cultural Identities, Religion, and Conflict. McLean, Malcolm Book Review 603
The Conquest of Assyria: Excavations in an Antique Land, 1840-1860. Bahrani, Zainab Book Review 1060
The emigration of German sinologists 1933-1945: notes on the history and historiography of Chinese studies. Kern, Martin 19216
The king and I: a Mari king in changing perceptions. Sasson, Jack M. 14573
The Ocean of Love: Middle Bengali Sufi Literature and the Fakirs of Bengal. Salomon, Carol Book Review 3325
The Salistamba Sutra and Its Indian Commentaries. Tatz, Mark Book Review 1088
The Vow and the "Popular Religious Groups" of Ancient Israel: A Philological and Sociological Inquiry. Milgrom, Jacob Book Review 536
Theology After Vedanta: An Experiment in Comparative Theology. Hirst, Jacqueline Suthren Book Review 2248
Votive Offerings to Hathor. Bleiberg, Edward Book Review 1024

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