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Articles from The Journal of the American Oriental Society (October 1, 1993)

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A History of Japanese Literature, vol. 3: The High Middle Ages. Carter, Steven D. Book Review 876
Addenda to "Epigraphic Remains of Indian Traders in Egypt." Salomon, Richard Book Review 1433
Al-Damurdashi's Chronicle of Egypt: 1688-1755, vol. 2. Schulze, Reinhard Book Review 732
Anthology of Modern Palestinian Literature. Boullata, Issa J. Book Review 1147
Arabic Adeni Reader. Qafisheh, Hamdi A. Book Review 1149
Arabic Adeni Textbook. Qafisheh, Hamdi A. Book Review 1220
Arabicus Felix, Luminosus Britannicus: Essays in Honour of A. F. L. Beeston on his Eightieth Birthday. Montgomery, James E. Book Review 20464
Asura in Early Vedic Religion. Insler, Stanley Book Review 1791
Der ugaritische Kausativstamm und die Kausativbildungen des Semitischen: Eine morphologisch-semantische Untersuchung zum S-Stamm und zu den umstrittenen nichtsibilantischen Kausativstammen des Ugaritischen. Kaufman, Stephen A. Book Review 410
Devotional Hindi Literature: A Critical Edition of the Panc-Vani or Five Works of Dadu, Kabir, Namdev, Raidas, Hardas with the Hindi Songs of Gorakhnath and Sundardas, and a Complete Word-index, 2 vols. Entwistle, Alan W. Book Review 166
Die Fragesatze im Rgveda. Insler, Stanley Book Review 1369
Eighteenth Century Egypt: The Arabic Manuscript Sources. Schulze, Reinhard Book Review 1355
Hittite zinni-, tuwarni-, zig and related matters. Barton, Charles R. 9523
Intervocalic -v- deletion in Tamil: evidence for aspect as a morphological category. Schiffman, Harold F. 9373
Islamic Art. Swietochowski, Marie Lukens Book Review 744
Jambhala: an imperial envoy to Tibet during the late Yuan. van der Kuijp, Leonard W.J. 8720
Le Papyrus de Nesmin: Un Livre des Morts hieroglyphique de l'epoque ptolemaique, vol. 10. O'Rourke, Paul F. Book Review 2987
Le Tantra de Svayambhu, vidyapada, avec le commentaire de Sadyojyoti: Edition et traduction. Goudriaan, Teun Book Review 8919
Luther Carrington Goodrich (1894-1986): a bibliography. Goodrich, Thomas D. Biography 5621
Mantik in Ugarit: Keilalphabetische Texte der Opferschau, Omensammlungen, Nekromantie. Pardee, Dennis Book Review 2753
Many Ramayanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia. Goldman, Robert P. Book Review 3757
Men of the Cliffs and Caves: The Development of the Chinese Eremitic Tradition to the End of the Han Dynasty. Berkowitz, Alan Book Review 7814
Myth and authenticity: deciphering the Chu Gong Ni Bell inscription. Cook, Constance A. 8619
On Justice: An Essay in Jewish Philosophy. Ivry, Alfred L. Book Review 1253
Politics and Excellence: The Political Philosophy of Alfarabi. Frank, Daniel H. Book Review 3737
Proceedings of the Colloquium on Arabic Grammar, Budapest, 1-7 September 1991. Sawaie, Mohammed Book Review 927
Ramayana and Ramayanas. Goldman, Robert P. Book Review 3718
Reclusion and "The Chinese Eremitic Tradition." Berkowitz, Alan 7826
Rucklaufiges Worterbuch des Akkadischen. Reiner, Erica Book Review 4041
Sedeq and Sedaqah in the Hebrew Bible. Sperling, S. David Book Review 587
Some proposed emendations to the text of the Koran. Bellamy, James A. 23407
Sopher Mahir: Northwest Semitic Studies Presented to Stanislav Segert. Rendsburg, Gary A. Book Review 870
The Bharadvajas in Ancient India. Brereton, Joel P. Book Review 257
The Early Islamic Monuments of al-Haram al-Sharif: An Iconographic Study. Kane, Carolyn Book Review 964
The Fabric of History: Text, Artifact and Israel's Past. Halpern, Baruch Book Review 1060
The History of al-Tabari, vols. 27, 29, 30, 32, 33. Daniel, Elton L. Book Review 2713
The History of al-Tabari, vols. 34-38. Irwin, Robert Book Review 3125
The Indra Hymns of the Rgveda. Insler, Stanley Book Review 1349
The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Statesman: Melek Ahmed Pasha (1588-1662) as Portrayed by Evliya Celebi's Book of Travels. Halman, Talat Sait Book Review 5798
The Mandukya Upanisad and the Agama Sastra: An Investigation into the Meaning of the Vedanta. Brereton, Joel P. Book Review 995
The Origins of the Ottoman Empire. Murphey, Rhoads Book Review 2702
The Ravenous Hyenas and the Wounded Sun: Myth and Ritual in Ancient India. Brereton, Joel P. Book Review 696
The Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel. Hess, Richard S. Book Review 537
The Sea of Precious Virtues (Bahr al-Favaid): A Medieval Islamic Mirror for Princes. Davis, Dick Book Review 327

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