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Articles from The Journal of Theological Studies (October 1, 1998)

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'A Brother Knocking at the Door:' The Malines Conversations, 1921-1925. Sagovsky, Nicholas Book Review 1011
'Let the dead bury their dead' (Matt. 8:22/Luke 9:60): Jesus and the Halakhah. Bockmuehl, Markus 13076
'Und wenn ihr betet...' (Mt 6,5): Gebete in der zwischenmenschlichen Kommunikation der Antike als Ausdruck der Frommigkeit. Gelston, A. Book Review 856
A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Hosea. Gelston, A. Book Review 1283
A Thirteenth-Century Preacher's Handbook: Studies in MS Laud Misc. Hudson, Anne Book Review 837
Anhypostatos-enhypostatos: church fathers, Protestant orthodoxy and Karl Barth. Lang, U.M. 12764
Augustins Schrift 'De utilitate credendi': Eine Analyse. Chadwick, Henry Book Review 321
British Quaker Theology Since 1895. Kent, John Book Review 494
Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety. Wright, D.F. Book Review 1485
Christian Justice and Public Policy. Gorringe, T.J. Book Review 772
Christiana Respublica: Elements d'une enquete sur le christianisme antique. Chadwick, Henry Book Review 394
Clement d'Alexandrie: Les Stromates, Stromate VII. Chadwick, Henry Book Review 308
Concepts of Person and Christian Ethics. White, Vernon Book Review 658
Contra Iudaeos: Ancient and Medieval Polemics between Christians and Jews. Kinzig, Wolfram Book Review 2011
Der leidende Gottesknecht: Jesaja 53 and seine Wirkungsgeschichte. Schaper, Joachim Book Review 1448
Der Neue Bund und das Werden der Kirche: Die Diatheke-Deutung des Hebraerbriefs im Rahmen der fruhchristlichen Theologiegeschichte. Browne, Arnold S. Book Review 1141
Der Prophet Hesekiel (Ezechiel), Kapitel 1-19. Clements, R.E. Book Review 740
Deuteronomy and Deuteronomic Literature: Festschrift C.H.W. Brekelmans. Nicholson, E.W. Book Review 568
Did Origen apply the word 'homoousios' to the Son? Edwards, M.J. 6103
Die Kriterienfrage in der Jesusforschung: Vom Differenzkriterium zum Plausibilitatskriterium. Marsh, Clive Book Review 1135
Die Thora als Lebensweisung fuer Heidenchristen: Studien zur Bedeutung der Thora fur die paulinische Ethik. Bockmuehl, M. Book Review 1401
Divine and Human Authority in Reformation Thought: German Theologians on Political Order, 1520-1555. Bagchi, D.V.N. Book Review 788
Early Christian Thought in its Jewish Context. Lieu, Judith Book Review 1124
Early Jewish Hermeneutics and Hebrews 1:5-13: The Impact of Early Jewish Exegesis on the Interpretation of a Significant New Testament Passage. Browne, Arnold S. Book Review 578
Eschatology in the Making: Mark, Matthew and the Didache. Wenham, David Book Review 1158
Ethics and Religion in a Pluralistic Age: Collected Essays. Oppenheimer, Helen Book Review 715
Etudes d'histoire religieuse et de philologie biblique. Davies, P.R. Book Review 1454
Faith and Understanding. Trigg, Roger Book Review 1327
Gloria Gratiae: Se glorifier en Dieu, principe et fin de la theologie augustinienne de la grace. Bonner, Gerald Book Review 1620
Gregor von Nyssa: Briefe. Meredith, A. Book Review 682
Gregorii Nysseni: Sermones, Part 3. Meredith, A. Book Review 735
Hebdomadae Sanctae Celebratio: Conspectus Historicus Comparativus. Stevenson, Kenneth Book Review 743
Henosis: L'Union a Dieu chez Denys l'Areopagite. Louth, Andrew Book Review 1088
History and Contemporary Issues in Moral Theology. Baelz, Peter R. Book Review 1231
Holy Scripture in the Qumran Commentaries and Pauline Letters. Stanley, Christopher D. Book Review 1285
I Peter. Horrel, David G. Book Review 1911
Immortal Longings: Versions of Transcending Humanity. Hedley, Douglas Book Review 993
Imperial ideology in the making: Eusebius of Caesarea on Constantine as 'bishop.' Rapp, Claudia 5174
Jeremiah 26-52. McConville, Gordon Book Review 265
Jesus and the Victory of God. Dunn, James D.G. Book Review 3438
Jesus' Directions for the Future: A Source and Redaction-History Study of the Use of the Eschatological Traditions in Paul and in the Synoptic Accounts of Jesus' Last Eschatological Discourse. Tuckett, C.M. Book Review 850
Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora from Alexander to Trajan. Kraabel, A.T. Book Review 1008
Jonas d'Orleans: Le metier de roi. Stancliffe, Clare Book Review 920
Knowledge and Faith in Thomas Aquinas. Davies, Brian Book Review 1441
Matthew's Emmanuel: Divine Presence and God's People in the First Gospel. Nolland, John Book Review 881
Montanist Inscriptions and Testimonia: Epigraphic Sources Illustrating the History of Montanism. Heine, Ronald E. Book Review 2314
Nineteenth-Century Anglican Theological Training: The Redbrick Challenge. Morris, Jeremy Book Review 744
On the Moral Nature of the Universe: Theology, Cosmology, and Ethics. Pailin, David A. Book Review 2033
Oral World and Written Word: Orality and Literacy in Ancient Israel. Millard, Alan Book Review 2875
Origene: Homelies sur les Psaumes 36 a 38. Gould, Graham Book Review 441
Paul's Letter to the Philippians. Hooker, Morna D. Book Review 707
Philo and Paul among the Sophists. Downing, F. Gerald Book Review 419
Primal Religion and the Bible: William Robertson Smith and his heritage. Johnstone, William Book Review 1324
Renewal Through Suffering: A Study of 2 Corinthians. Hickling, C.J.A. Book Review 1214
Repertorium der Griechischen Christlichen Papyri, II, Kirchenvater-Papyri, vol 1: Beschreibungen (RGCP II/1). Obbink, Dirk Book Review 2732
Sedulii Scotti: Collectaneum in Apostolum. Elliott, J.K. Book Review 1921
Super, Natural Christians: How we should love nature. Palmer, Claire Book Review 1150
Tertullian, First Theologian of the West. Rist, J.M. Book Review 1148
The Apocryphal Acts of Paul and Thecla. Wilson, R. McL. Book Review 1155
The Cambridge Platonists in Philosphical Context: Politics, Metaphysics and Religion. Hedley, Douglas Book Review 615
The Character and Purpose of Luke's Christology. Franklin, E. Book Review 1166
The Christology of the Fourth Gospel: Its Unity and Disunity in the Light of John 6. Borgen, Peder Book Review 3229
The Didache in Modern Research. Trevett, Christine Book Review 670
The Discipleship Paradigm: Readers and Anonymous Characters in the Fourth Gospel. Davies, Meg Book Review 281
The English Hymn: A Critical and Historical Study. Wakefield, Gordon S. Book Review 986
The Epistle to the Romans. Longenecker, Bruce W. Book Review 2828
The Hastening that Waits: Karl Barth's Ethics. Jeanrond, Werner G. Book Review 1511
The Hope of Glory: Education and Exhortation in the Epistle to the Colossians. Moule, C.F.D. Book Review 1318
The Pastoral Letters as Composite Documents. Grayston, K. Book Review 550
The Prism of Time and Eternity: Images of Christ in American Protestant Thought from Jonathan Edwards to Horace Bushnell. Gunton, Colin Book Review 408
The Reformation of Ritual: An Interpretation of Early Modern Germany. Spinks, Bryan D. Book Review 1488
The Resurrection: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Resurrection of Jesus. Nineham, Dennis Book Review 1188
The Scriptures in the Gospels. North, Wendy Sproston Book Review 2258
The Signs of a Prophet: The Prophetic Actions of Jesus. Stanton, Graham N. Book Review 613
The Struggle for Scripture and Covenant: The Purpose of the Epistle of Barnabas and Jewish-Christian Competition in the Second Century. Paget, James Carleton Book Review 2100
The Text of I Corinthians in the Writings of Origen. Kovacs, Judith L. Book Review 1579
The word 'from nothing.' (Arius on the Logos) Stead, Christopher 6532
Theory and Theology in George Herbert's Poetry: 'Divinitie, and Poesie Met.' Wakefield, Gordon S. Book Review 1386
Theozentrik und Bekenntnis: Untersuchungen zur Theologie des Redens Gottes im Hebraerbrief. Swetnam, James Book Review 858
Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism. D'Costa, Gavin Book Review 1974
Two Coptic Homilies Attributed to Saint Peter of Alexandria: On Riches, On the Epiphany. Smith, Mark Book Review 4986
Vetus Latina, 12, Pars II: Esaias, Fascicule 11. Elliott, J.K. Book Review 227
Vetus Testamentum in Novo, 2: Corpus Paulinum. Ellis, E. Earle Book Review 571
Victorin de Poetovio: Sur L'Apocalypse at autre acrits. Hill, Charles E. Book Review 2321
Walking in the Ways of the Lord: The Ethical Authority of the Old Testament. Rogerson, J.W. Book Review 618
What Papias said about John (and Luke): a 'new' Papian fragment. Hill, Charles E. 25515
Word-Order Variation in Isaiah 40-55: A Functional Perspective. Williamson, H.G.M. Book Review 1135

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