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Articles from The Journal of Theological Studies (April 1, 1998)

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'With the oldest monks...' light from Essene history on the career of the beloved disciple? Capper, Brian J. 27260
A new version of Wyclif's 'Sermones quadraginta.' (preacher John Wyclif) Wenzel, Siegfried 3408
A Text-Critical Study of the Epistle of Jude. Parker, D.C. Book Review 1013
Adventus Augusti, Adventus Christi. Recherche sur l'exploitation ideologique et litteraire d'un ceremonial dans l'antiquite tardive. Edwards, M.J. Book Review 730
Agnosis: Theology in the Void. Kerr, Fergus Book Review 1099
Alexandria in Late Antiquity. Topography and Social Conflict. Barnes, T.D. Book Review 984
Ambassadors for Christ. An Exploration of Ambassadorial Language in the New Testament. North, J. Lionel Book Review 1678
Ambrose of Milan. Church and Court in a Christian Capital. Chadwick, Henry Book Review 1627
Ammianus 22.4.6: an unnoticed anti-Christian jibe. Woods, David 1399
Amtstragerinnen in fruhen Christentum. Epigrphische und literarische Studien. Downing, F. Gerald Book Review 1016
Apocalypse of Paul. A New Critical Edition of Three Long Latin Versions. Elliott, J.K. Book Review 1826
Apocalyptic Eschatology in the Gospel of Matthew. Nolland, J.L. Book Review 1652
Armenian Apocrypha Relating to Adam and Eve. Thomson, R.W. Book Review 625
Athanase d'Alexandrie et l'Eglise d'Egypte au IV Siecle (328-373). Barnes, Timothy Book Review 420
Athanasius Werke. I/1. Die dogmatischen Schriften. I. Epistula ad Episcopos Aegypti et Liyae. Chadwick, Henry Book Review 438
Augustin contra academicos. Chadwick, Henry Book Review 483
Augustine and the Catechumenate. Lawless, George Book Review 1066
Bernard of Clairvaux. Between Cult and History. Evans, G.R. Book Review 406
Biblical Exegesis and the Foundation of Christian Culture. Dawson, David Book Review 2129
Biblical Studies and the Shifting of Paradigms, 1850-1914. O'Neill, J.C. Book Review 1799
Calendar and Chronology, Jewish and Christian. Biblical, Intertestamental and Patristic Studies. Goulder, Michael Book Review 872
Christ and the Spirit. The Doctrine of the Incarnation according to Edward Irving. Newlands, George Book Review 532
Christian Theology and Medical Ethics. Four Contemporary Approaches. Banner, Michael Book Review 980
Christianity and Democracy. A Theology for a Just World Order. Willmer, Haddon Book Review 982
Christo vivere. Studien zum literarischen Christusbild des Paulinus von Nola. Bonner, Gerald Book Review 1256
Christus Interpres. Die Einheit von Auslegung und Verkundigung in der Lukaserklarung des Ambrosius von Mailand. Lenox-Conyngham, Andrew Book Review 1068
Church, Book, and Bishop. Conflict and Authority in Early Latin Christianity. Maier, H.O. Book Review 2032
Codex Bezae. Studies from the Lunel Colloquium, June 1994. Delobel, Joel Book Review 1288
Codex Parismus Graecus 1115 and its Archetype. Munitiz, J.A. Book Review 2245
Communicating the Most High. A Systematic Study of Person and Trinity in the Theology of Richard of St. Victor (1173). Robb, Fiona Book Review 1420
Der Brief des Petrus an Philippus. Ein Neutestamentliches Apokryphon aus dem Fund von Nag Hammadi (NHC VIII, 2). Wilson, R., McL. Book Review 921
Did John Moschos really die in Constantinople? Louth, Andrew Biography 2562
Die christologische Erfullung der Schrift im Johannesevangelium. Williams, Catrin H. Book Review 1007
Die Fruhgeschichte der ostkirchlichen Bilderlehre. Texte und Untersuchungen zur Zeit vor dem Bilderstreit. Louth, Andrew Book Review 677
Die Weisheitgestalt in Proverbien 1-9. Traditionsgeschichtliche und theologische Studien. Whybray, Norman Book Review 806
Divine Empathy. A Theology of God. Wiles, Maurice Book Review 765
Divine Meaning: Studies in Patristic Hermeneutics. Widdicombe, Peter Book Review 1278
Domestic Biography. The Legacy of Evangelicalism in Four Nineteenth-Century Families. Newsome, David Book Review 858
Early Christian Women and Pagan Opinion. The Power of the Hysterical Woman. Trevett, Christine Book Review 1014
El Texto Antioqueno de la Biblia Griega. III. 1-2 Cronicas. Brock, Sebastian Book Review 1166
Enlightenment and Religion. Rational Dissent in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Mandelbrote, Scott Book Review 1665
Extracts from Origen in Vat. Pal. 204. Bammel, C.P. 2533
Feasting and Social Rhetoric in Luke 14. Esler, Philip F. Book Review 2079
Franz Overbeck: Theologian? Religion and History in the Thought of Franz Overbeck. O'Neill, J.C. Book Review 1370
From Witness to Witchcraft. Jews and Judaism in Medieval Christian Thought. Cowdrey, H.E.J. Book Review 928
German and Scandinavian Protestantism, 1700-1918. Berg, J. van den Book Review 1250
God's Way with the World. Thinking and Practising Christian Faith. Fergusson, David Book Review 679
Goulder and the Gospels. An Examination of a New Paradigm. Tuckett, C.M. Book Review 1556
Guillelmi Duranti: Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, I-IV. Stevenson, Kenneth Book Review 633
Hellenism-Judaism-Christianity: Essays on Their Interaction. Sawyer, Deborah F. Book Review 439
Heralds of That Good Realm. Syro-Mesopotamian Gnosis and Jewish Traditions. Stroumsa, Guy G. Book Review 1113
Histoire de la langue Hebraique: Des origines a l'epoque de la Mishna, 4th ed. Gordon, Robert P. Book Review 387
Hosea und Amos. Studien zu den Anfangen de Dodekapropheton. Macintosh, A.A. Book Review 1852
Hugues de Balma: Theologie Mystique I-II. Rorem, Paul Book Review 767
Ideas of Slavery from Aristotle to Augustine. Noy, David Book Review 878
Isidore de Peluse: Lettres. Volume I. Letters 1214-1413. Wickham, L.R. Book Review 754
Jesus in the Nag Hammadi Writings. Wilson, R. McL. Book Review 1708
Jesus' Walking on the Sea. An Investigation of the Origin of the Narrative Account. Burridge, Richard A. Book Review 464
John Locke and the Eighteenth-Century Divines. Nuovo, Victor Book Review 2001
Kent Heresy Proceedings, 1511-12. MacCullough, Diarmaid Book Review 425
L'Ascensione di Isaia. Studi su un apocrifo al crovecia dei cristianesimi. Bauckham, Richard Book Review 768
L'Egitto cristiano: aspetti e problemi in eta tardo-antica. Frend, W.H.C. Book Review 1347
Lay People and Religion in the Early Eighteenth Century. Spurr, John Book Review 793
Le Christianisme de Constantin a la conquete arabe. Frend, W.H.C. Book Review 524
Le livre du prophete Amos. Carroll, Robert P. Book Review 756
Liturgical Hermeneutics. Interpreting Liturgical Rites in Performance. Spinks, Bryan D. Book Review 962
Lo Spirito net quarto Vangelo. I commenti di Origene, Giovanni Crisostomo, Teodoro di Mopsuestia e Cirillo di Alessandria. Vaggione, Richard Paul Book Review 473
Methodius of Olympus. Divine Sovereignty, Human Freedom, and Life in Christ. Gould, Graham Book Review 748
Modelling Early Christianisty. Social-scientific Studies of the New Testament in Its Context. Oakes, Peter Book Review 1361
No Graven Image? Israelite Aniconism in its Ancient Near Eastern Context. Curtis, A.H.W. Book Review 630
Ohnmachtige Freiheit. Studien zum Verhaltnis von Subjektivitat und Sunde bei August Tholuck, Julius Muller, Soren Kierkegaard und Friedrich Schleiermacher. Chapman, Mark D. Book Review 916
Old Testament Theology, vol. 2. Davidson, Robert Book Review 972
Origene: Homelies sur les Nombres. I. Homilies I-X. Lienhard, Joseph T. Book Review 606
Passion de Perpetue et de Felicite suivi des Actes. Jones, Christopher Book Review 963
Patrologia, vol. 4, Dal Concilio di Calcedonia (451) a Beda. I Padri latini. Louth, Andrew Book Review 997
Pattern of Redemption. The Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Riches, John K. Book Review 1087
Paul Between Damascus and Antioch. The Unknown Years. Barrett, C.K. Book Review 1597
Paul, Artemis, and the Jews in Ephesus. Barclay, John M.G. Book Review 1296
Paul. A Critical Life. North, J. Lionel Book Review 1193
Paying Attention to People. An Essay on Individualism and Christian Belief. Baelz, Peter Book Review 1091
People and Identity in Ostrogothic Italy, 489-554. Markus, R.A. Book Review 1336
Post-baptismal chrismation in Syria: the evidence of Ignatius, the 'Didache' and the 'Apostolic Constitutions.' Logan, Alastair H.B. 8106
Problems in Biblical Theology. Essays in Honor of Rolf Knierim. Coggins, Richard Book Review 913
Prophecy and Apocalypticism. The Postexilic Social Setting. Grabbe, Lester L. Book Review 951
Prophecy and Eschatology. Collinson, Patrick Book Review 1075
Pseudo-Athanasius: Contra Arianos IV. Eine Schrift gegen Asterius von Kappadokien, Eusebius von Casarea, Markell von Ankyra und Photin von Sirmium. Logan, Alastair H.B. Book Review 1684
Questions d'un paien a un chretien. (Consultationes Zacchei christiani et Apollonii philosophi.) 2 vol. Kinzig, Wolfram Book Review 1189
Qumran Cave 4. XVII. Parabiblical Texts. Part 3. Lim, Timothy H. Book Review 1023
Reading John in Ephesus. Horsley, G.H.R. Book Review 3969
Realiser la communion avec Dieu. Croire, vivre et demeurer dans l'evangile selon S. Jean. Edwards, Ruth B. Book Review 673
Reallexikon fur Antike und Christentum, Lieferungen 116-128. Chadwick, H. Book Review 287
Reflections on Sociology and Theology. Gill, Robin Book Review 1019
Religion and Creation. Hebblethwaite, Brian Book Review 1476
Rom und Jerusalem. Kirchenbauvorstellungen der Hohenzollern in 19. Jahrhundert. Wallraff, Martin Book Review 1546
Rome and the African Church in the Time of Augustine. Frend, W.H.C. Book Review 1530
Sacred Games. A History of Christian Worship. Bradshaw, Paul F. Book Review 967
Saul in En-Dor. Wahrsagung oder Toten-beschworung? Eine Synchrome und Diachrome Analyse von I Sam. 28, 3-25. Murray, D.F. Book Review 622
Scholastic Humanism and the Unification of Europe. Volume 1, Foundations. McKitterick, Rosamond Book Review 1091
Scottish Theology from John Knox to John McLeod Campbell. Newlands, George Book Review 840
Severus of Minorca: Letter on the Conversion of the Jews. Kinzig, Wolfram Book Review 1350
St Ephrem on the scent of salvation. Harvey, Susan Ashbrook 8246
St. Gregory of Nazianzus: Poemata Arcana. Van Dam, Raymond Book Review 974
Studies in The Sermon on the Great War. Investigations of a Manichaean-Coptic Text from the fourth century. Montserrat, Dominic Book Review 1191
Text, Church and World. Biblical Interpretation in Theological Perspective. Ford, David F. Book Review 1671
Textual Optimism. A Critique of the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament. Elliott, J.K. Book Review 1950
The 'New Heavens and New Earth'. Hope for the Creation in Jewish Apocalyptic and the New Testament. Hubbard, Moyer Book Review 869
The Book of Proverbs. A Survey of Modern Study. Heim, Knut Book Review 1280
The Catholic Priesthood and the English Reformation. Maltby, Judith Book Review 706
The Christian East: Its Institutions and Its Thought. A Critical Reflection. Louth, Andrew Book Review 333
The Christology of Callistus. Heine, Ronald E. 17564
The Chronology of the Kings of Israel and Judah. Mitchell, T.C. Book Review 1656
The Context of Scripture. Volume I. Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World. Lambert, W.G. Book Review 409
The Corinthian Correspondence. Horrell, David Book Review 1951
The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, vols. II and III. Gibson, J.C.L. Book Review 496
The Idea of Universal History from Hellenistic Philosophy to Early Christian Historiography. Burgess, R.W. Book Review 1590
The integrity of the anaphora of Sarapion of Thmuis and liturgical methodology. Spinks, Bryan D. 3688
The Intercourse of Knowledge. On Gendering Desire and 'Sexuality' in the Hebrew Bible. Guest, P. Deryn Book Review 1044
The Manichaean Coptic Papyri in the Chester Beatty Library. Psalm Book. Part II. Fasc. I. Die Bema-Psalmen. Kuhn, K.H. Book Review 974
The Metaphysics of Theism. Aquinas's Natural Theology in 'Summa Contra Gentiles I.' Davies, Brian Book Review 1810
The Missionary Movement in Christian History. Studies in the Transmission of Faith. Stanley, Brian Book Review 1813
The New Testament in Greek. IV The Gospel According to St. John, Vol. 1, The Papyri. Birdsall, J. Neville Book Review 1633
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, 3rd ed. Houlden, J.L. Book Review 1080
The Perfection of Solitude. Hermits and Monks in the Crusader States. Wilken, Robert Louis Book Review 1128
The Peshitta of David. Weitzman, M.P. Book Review 422
The Peshitta of Leviticus. Weitzman, M.P. Book Review 336
The Place of Judaism in Philo's Thought. Israel, Jews, and Proselytes. Tomson, P.J. Book Review 382
The Reformation of the Twelfth Century. Morris, Colin Book Review 1506
The Rhetoric of the Book of Judges. Mayes, A.D.H. Book Review 2039
The Rise of Christianity. A Sociologist Reconsiders History. Maier, Harry O. Book Review 3056
The Sermon on the Mount. A Commentary by Hans Dieter Betz. Catchpole, David Book Review 2596
The Social Ethos of the Corinthian Correspondence. Interests and Ideology from I Corinthians to I Clement. Esler, Philip F. Book Review 3033
The Social World of Jesus and the Gospels. Meggitt, Justin J. Book Review 1851
The Spirit and the Letter. Studies in the Biblical Canon. Noble, Paul R. Book Review 2466
The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research. Essays on the Status Quaestionis. Delobel, Joel Book Review 863
The Zion Traditions and the Aims of Jesus. Moule, C.F.D. Book Review 1011
Theologie des Neuen Testaments. Morgan, Robert Book Review 947
Theologie in den Gegensatzen des Lebens. Morgan, Robert Book Review 703
Thirteen Coptic Acrostic Hymns from Manuscript M574 of the Pierpont Morgan Library. Montserrat, Dominic Book Review 1333
Till Jesus Comes. Origins of Christian Apocalyptic Expectation. Jones, Robin Griffith Book Review 1056
Typos und Antitypos in der fruhchristlichen Kunst. Finney, Paul Corby Book Review 1099
Union with Christ. John Calvin and the Mysticism of St. Bernard. McGrath, Alister E. Book Review 505
Vetus Latina, 12, Pars II. Esaias, Fascicules 7-10. Elliott, J.K. Book Review 714
Vom Schluss zum Ganzen. Zur Bedeutung des paulinischen Briefkorpusabschlusses. Ellingworth, Paul Book Review 615
Women in the Acts of the Apostles. A Feminist Liberation Perspective. Alexander, Loveday Book Review 448
Women's Monasticism and Medieval Society. Nunneries in France and England, 890-1215. Cowdrey, H.E.J. Book Review 879

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