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Articles from The Journal of Gemmology (June 1, 2015)

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13th Annual Sinkankas Symposium: Opal. Laurs, Brendan M. Conference notes 795
A matched pair of opals, with a catch. Hodgkinson, Alan 745
Accredited gemologists association's 2015 Las Vegas Conference. Laurs, Brendan M. Conference notes 527
Automated Melee Screening (AMS) device. Grabowski, Rachelle 179
Bachelor of Science with honours degree in Gemmology and Jewellery Studies. 514
Catriona Orr McInnes 1938-2015. McInnes, John Obituary 862
Chromium-diffused corundum. Smith, Christopher P. 658
Chrysocolla chalcedony from Spain. Laurs, Brendan M. Brief article 220
Cobalt diffusion treatment of spinel. 116
Colour-zoned Cr- and V-bearing tourmaline from Kenya. Williams, Cara; Williams, Bear 577
Conferences and seminars. Brown, Georgina; Laurs, Brendan Calendar 342
DFI Mid-UV [Laser.sup.+] diamond screening system. Hainschwang, Thomas; Notari, Franck 273
DiaCam360 for onsite diamond photography. Grabowski, Rachelle 121
Diamond-diamond doublet detected in Antwerp. Grabowski, Rachelle Brief article 150
Exhibits. Calendar 779
Fracture-filled synthetic emerald, with synthetic quartz inclusions. Choudhary, Gagan 605
GemmoSphere UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer. Scarani, Alberto; Astrom, Mikko 155
Glass imitations of Cu-bearing Mozambique tourmaline. Laurs, Brendan M.; Fritz, Eric W. 451
Green-luminescing hyalite opal from Zacatecas, Mexico. Fritsch, Emmanuel; Megaw, Peter K.M.; Spano, Tyler L.; Chauvire, Boris; Rondeau, Benjamin; Gray, Mic Report 7969
Lead-glass-filled yellow sapphires. Panjikar, Jayshree 349
Literature of interest. Laurs, Brendan 1163
Mallorca GemQuest 2015. Dominy, Geoff Conference notes 897
Membership. 1869
Microcrystalline silica online lectures. Grabowski, Rachelle 103
Modern doublets, manufactured in Germany and India. Hanni, Henry A.; Henn, Ulrich 1151
Other book titles. Brown, Georgina; Laurs, Brendan 544
Pearl marking: an innovative non-destructive method. Segura, Olivier 562
Photoatlas of Gemstone Spectra for Gemmology Students. Mitchell, Claire Book review 329
Quartz imitation of star sapphire. Mayerson, Wendi M. 363
Raman spectroscopy of ancient beads from Devin Castle near Bratislava and of four intaglios from other archaeological finds in Slovakia. Kadlecikova, Magdalena; Breza, Juraj; Vanco, Lubomir; Gregor, Milos; Bazovsky, Igor Report 3188
Rhodochrosite from Brazil. Zwaan, J.C. "Hanco" 1002
Scottish Gemmological Association conference. Hodgkinson, Alan Conference notes 1086
Swiss Gemmological Society conference. Hugi, Michael; Krzemnicki, Michael S. Conference notes 1482
The 'coffee-and-cream' effect in chatoyant cabochons. Killingback, Harold Report 2199
The first undisclosed colourless CVD synthetic diamond discovered in a parcel of natural melee-sized diamonds. Hainschwang, Thomas; Notari, Franck Report 1788
The Handbook of Gemmology, 3rd edn. Fellows, Andrew S. Book review 1060
The World of Tourmaline--The Gerhard Wagner Collection. Dryland, Davina Book review 229
Thirteenth Annual Sinkankas Symposium-Opal. Laurs, Brendan M. Book review 353
Tourmaline mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Laurs, Brendan M. 412
What's New in the Mineral World? 105

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