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Articles from The Journal of Arachnology (September 1, 2018)

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Bad tenants: female sheet-web spiders, Cambridgea foliata (Araneae: Desidae), lose feeding opportunities when cohabiting with males. Walker, Leilani A.; Holwell, Gregory I. 5388
Black widow spiders, Latrodectus spp. (Araneae: Theridiidae), and other spiders feeding on mammals. Nyffeler, Martin; Vetter, Richard S. 5983
Comparative reproductive output of two cellar spiders (Pholcidae) that coexist in southwest Ohio. Berry, Alexander Dean; Culbertson, Katrina M.; Rypstra, Ann L. 3647
Conspecificity of semaphoronts--the synonymy of Metadiscocyrtus with Propachylus (Opiliones: Laniatores: Gonyleptidae). Carvalho, Rafael N.; Kury, Adriano B.; Santos, Mariana S. 5919
Egg sacs of Liocranoides Keyserling, 1881 (Araneae: Zoropsidae) cave spiders. Yancey, Mary Elizabeth; Mann, Nathaniel C.; Milne, Marc A.; Zigler, Kirk S. 1426
Estimating biomass from body size of European spiders based on regression models. Pencil, Anja; Raub, Florian; Hofer, Hubert 5559
Fitness effects of nuptial gifts in the spider Pisaura mirabilis: examination under an alternative feeding regime. Maxwell, Michael R.; Prokop, Pavol 8074
Habitat associations of the web-building wolf spiders Sosippus floridanus and Sosippus placidus (Lycosidae: Sosippinae): a widespread generalist versus an endemic specialist. Hodge, Margaret A.; Marshall, Samuel D. 2989
Immolation of Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro--unforgettable fire and irreplaceable loss. Kury, Adriano B.; Giupponi, Alessandro P.L.; Mendes, Amanda C. 1641
Making the invisible visible: methods to enhance features of tiny spider webs. Solano-Brenes, Diego; Miranda, Ximena; Barrantes, Gilbert 1593
Mating and egg-laying behavior of Hasarius adansoni (Araneae: Salticidae) and the influence of sexual selection. Castilho, Leonardo B.; Andrade, Maydianne C.B.; Maccdo, Regina H. 4463
Molecular and morphological characterization of new species of hypogean Paradraculoides (Schizomida: Hubbardiidae) from the arid Pilbara bioregion of Western Australia. Framenau, Volker W.; Hamilton, Zoe R.; Finston, Terrie; Humphreys, Garth; Abrams, Kym M.; Huey, Joel 14225
Monophyly of the subfamily Neobisiinae (Pseudoscorpiones: Neobisiidae). Hughes, Garrett B.; Moore, Wendy 3732
New, sensitive behavioral assay shows scorpions are attracted to multiple wavelengths of light. Roldan, Ninoshka M. Rivera; Gaffin, Douglas D. 3371
Redescription of the sole species of the enigmatic solifuge genus Dinorhax Simon, 1879 (Solifugae: Melanoblossiidae) in Southeast Asia. Yamasaki, Takeshi; Henriques, Sergio; Phung, Luong Thi Hong; Hoang, Quang Duy 3338
Survival, abundance, and movement of a synanthropic population of the brown recluse spider, Loxosceles reclusa (Araneae: Sicariidae). Cramer, Kenneth L.; Hileman, Eric T. 6649
Systematics of the giant spiny trapdoor spiders of the genus Gaius Rainbow (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae: Aganippini): documenting an iconic lineage of the Western Australian inland arid zone. Rix, Michael G.; Raven, Robert J.; Harvey, Mark S. 17791
The identity of Cercophonius himalayensis Lourenco, 1996, and the exclusion of the scorpion family Bothriuridae from the Indian fauna. Ojanguren-Affilastro, Andres A.; Volschenk, Erich S.; Mattoni, Camilo I. 3957

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