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Articles from The Journal (Newcastle, England) (March 17, 2007)

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Title Author Type Words
7-year-old arrested. 193
A feeling of space. 328
A sauce of much sadness. 191
A touch of luxury on Windermere. 833
Accolade for brave family. 491
Advice resumes. 217
Alan can spread out from base. 456
Alert over low tyre pressures. 270
All in a good cause. 330
An epic excursion with Club. Concert review 195
Another best for Dan. 151
Army slammed over soldier's death. 516
Arngrove Northern League. 643
Arsene off shoot-outs. 342
Attendance recognised. 155
Attractions. 84
Bad parents on increase. 155
Bail is extended for artwork's creator. 175
Balancing glamour and comfort. 325
Bartlett's return boosts Spartans. 159
Beat the bookie. 570
Beauty on a corner site. 100
Beauty therapy. 418
Bell asks for more of same. 180
Best of the bunch. 130
Better move quickly at popular development. 177
Boss defends gun sales. 500
Boss has a story to dine out on. 187
Boy says sorry for stabbing attack. 215
Bright ideas. 512
Bring me sunshine. 154
Britons attracted by those Turkish delights. 352
Builders made to work hard after rates increase. 191
Busy weekend for Raun. 170
Calmer weather brings in fish. 384
Can town halls cope with HIPs? 175
Catherine stays out in front. 337
Cats fight right to the end now. 828
Caught between the devil of a growing gun culture and Deep Blue's sensible approach. 575
Cayenne offers two for one. 669
Celebrating North success. 250
Celebration of time and tide. 145
Check-out the plans. 189
Clubbing's nothing new to a party city. 313
Commissioner sets out post-2013 plan. 453
Connolly snub has manager baffled. 330
Continents and cultures. 235
Council climbs down on scaffolding adverts. 281
Couple let you in on a great secret. 339
Cousin runs for tragedy victim. 369
Crevamoy is fancied for Kelso victory. 444
Crime DVD certificates. 167
Criminals face up to their crime. 317
Crowds flock to new showhomes. 352
Curbs on pay ( or factory will shut. 334
Daffs in bloom despite weather. 143
Daihatsu's cute move for Copen. 250
Dear Caroline. 655
Deep price cuts and more equipment in bid to boost sales. 242
Defining its reputation. 418
Diamonds need to find a cutting edge. 759
Diary. 310
Dog-killer fined for 'disposing of waste'. 475
Don't back against Nil Desperandum. 549
Drawing on new ways to relax. 187
Drivers 'are being taxed off the road'. 273
Durham University milestones. 182
Eagles need to strike back after final flop. 409
Editorial. Editorial 333
England refuse to learn lessons. 727
England up for Welsh challenge. 622
Escaped buffalo cost me pounds 6,000. 506
Exceptional Katchit leaves King jubilant. 527
Extra cash shows care. 162
Falcons stunned by Warrior spirit. 792
Feathers solve migration mystery. 895
Fiance hunted in double murder. 515
First love. 95
First love. 109
First love. 95
First love. 84
Five to follow. 178
Football. 295
From the beat to a Bentley for Steve. 786
Fun races off the scale with gripping 4x4 off-roader from BMW. 553
Get ready to rumba. 718
Getting fit. 484
Gibbs makes history with a perfect over. 376
Giving buildings new lease of life. 449
Glenn was hit 'harder than by Mike Tyson'. 433
Go-ahead for school move. 350
Grant gives village its sporting chance. 347
Green is sexy ( and it's easy. 349
Grounds for hope. 352
Hall provided warm welcome from cold. 839
Hargreaves can 'revive' England. 576
Hi-tech firefighting at the airport. 225
Holiday of the week. 178
Homes to get facelift after tenants' vote. 329
Honda's troubles hitting Button. 441
Hot ticket. 103
How to find out nothing but the council tax truth. 262
Hundreds of parents take rap for children. 506
I'm still in it ( Dougherty. 313
Ideal for young professionals. 240
Ideal home for those with lofty ambitions. 374
In my view. 726
Injury worries plague Gareth. 627
Interesting in 1730, it's truly fascinating now. 200
Is yours a Decent Home? 650
It's not all the fault of the parents. 297
Jaguar is greenest luxury car. 206
Jewellery shop raid devastated family. 254
Kauto's win is perfect answer. 602
Keane's ready to call back Stokes. 613
KEVI's talking and the world's listening. 309
Killed by best friend. 275
Lada prepares to go back to the future. 187
Lifetime ban for Brennan. 362
Links with Saudi Arabia strengthened. 301
Locals to battle climate change. 184
Look to houses, not flats. 296
Lorry driver trapped. 347
Lowry puts a spring in step of Rambert's visit. 584
Magic of Disney at farmers' rally. 481
Man died after savage beating. 415
Marathon effort by young wordsmiths. 378
Mark is aiming for fifth victory. 436
Marts. 5175
Matchbox. 101
McDonald not fooled by shorter injury list. 396
Medi cannabis users are not 'weak-minded'. 989
Monster of a show at Centre for Life. 271
Mortgage win came at just the right time. 467
Museums benefit from a farmer's pot luck. 133
My life. 411
My place. 641
My week. 611
Never mind the bollards! 419
New homes for island. 226
New sales office to cope with demand. 157
Newbury keeps the pot boiling. 317
Nolberto's dream of silverware. 534
Northern Alliance,. 244
Old radio offices on the right frequency. 388
On the market in NE41. 100
On the market in NE41. 93
On the market in NE41. 101
On the market in NE41. 106
Our village is a world-beater. 316
Out and about in Wylam. 188
Pardew ponders Bent return. 405
Passion for sewing down on the farm. 1246
Penney wants more victories. 618
Pins and needles information. 272
Plenty of choice in coast and country. 1305
Plotting against burglars. 313
Political strategy trumps principles. 982
Poor start ends with a defeat for Vipers. 321
Postcode focus - NE31. 362
pounds 111m city deal for engineers. 323
pounds 4m payslip. 99
Premiership preview. 122
Premiership preview. 120
Premiership preview. 141
Premiership preview. 126
Premiership preview. 125
Premiership preview. 120
Premiership preview. 124
Premiership preview. 121
Profitable agriculture a foundation for future. 220
Proton supermini ready to hit road. 206
Proving popular. 279
Put some colour into your life. 664
Quayside flat ideal for two people sharing. 110
Rail life story of an amazing adventure. 329
Re-launch tempts buyers from City. 202
Retail therapy. 498
Rethink on case of high speed PC. 526
Return of the rose. 593
Rooms are guaranteed to impress. 124
Saraband selections. 174
Saudi visit boosts link. 154
Science of gluttony. 183
Scoreboard. 514
Scottish League. 316
Service with a smile. 990
Showbiz gossip. 101
So how do they cross? 135
Southampton 1 Colchester United 2. 300
Space and convenience ( and all on one level. 289
Space for everyone. 128
Space for everyone. 169
Space for everyone. 166
Space for everyone. 169
Space for everyone. 163
Sporty design has wings. 710
Staying safe is as much a part of well-being as make-over therapy. 516
Stem cell expert spreads word in US. 258
Stock Watch. 163
Students at the races. 161
Summer launch and wider appeal for new C-Class. 295
Surprises in store. 817
Surveyors insist boom is cooling. 294
Switched Thunder tie a moneyspinner. 368
Take care that your basement doesn't get you down. 272
The partnership timebomb alert. 441
There's just no stopping versatile Michael. 256
Third generation's not light on style. 315
This former chapel is the sort of house you pray for. 143
Today's other Six Nations games. 336
Today's other Six Nations games. 327
Top tips for cooks. 117
Travel facts. 80
Turning back the years the natural way. 651
Unilever shares soar on rumours. 279
United feed on scraps as season ends early. 978
United have no excuses. 805
University marks 175th anniversary. 364
US journal report hits GSK shares. 307
Valley home packed with history. 617
Versatile space away from bustle. 251
Victim in court. 330
Vipers will give shirts off backs. 232
Volvo enters a new age. 269
Waiting for touch of Brilliance! 292
Wearside league. 257
Were pigs transported by island travellers ( or did they fly? 575
What are parenting orders? 105
What happy jazz fans will call a real eye-opener. 251
What's hot. 93
What's in store for the visitors. 226
Wonderful Wylam. 693
Wreckers targeted family's cars. 334
Wrongly-jailed mother is found dead. 311
Yvanovitch can realise potential. 649

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