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The Journal: Everything depends on the delivery.

TODAY, Prime Minister Gordon Brown gives an unequivocal commitment to the people of the North East.

In a personal opinion piece in this newspaper today, he acknowledges the importance of the car industry to the region, talks of ensuring it remains strong and emphasises the measures taken already to support it.

Importantly, and explicitly, Mr Brown also pledges "to do everything" in his power to make sure the motor industry "remains central to the future of the region and the country".

Nissan's employees, the company's suppliers and those who service its needs, as well as the many thousands whose livings depend upon the custom of the workforce, will welcome Mr Brown's personal intervention.

His promises are what they wanted to hear and they understand how the steps taken already might help the manufacturers. But still they need to see something more, in particular how these words translate into actions.

Like car magnate Sir Peter Vardy, they will want to see potential car buyers specifically targeted by initiatives designed to encourage them back into a market many have walked away from.

The Prime Minister's sincerity cannot be questioned, but everything depends on his ability to deliver in the face of what remains an enormous challenge.
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Title Annotation:Leaders
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 30, 2009
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