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The John Lang Project continues to flourish with the publication in 2007 of Lang's famous best selling novel Violet, or the Danseuse. The second book for the year will be Legends of India a collection of stories and articles written by him about life in India. Most of these stories have never been republished. They were originally published in Household Words, The Welcome Guest, both English magazines and in Lang's The Mofussilite.

The New Mofussilite, the Journal of the John Lang Project for the mid year edition 2007 has been published and sent to Associate Members of the Project. It contains another story about the Ranee of Jhansi, also Dossier No. 3 on Ellen Wareham. This story of a wife and her two husbands has been used for numerous plays, operas and a ballet. Those works so far found are listed. Only the serial in The Mofussilite is claimed to be by John Lang. An interesting aspect of the publication of this novel is that the last episode is missing and has been written by 'another writer'.

There are other interesting John Lang items. A letter to his publisher about his novel Will He Marry Her? and contemporary criticism of Lang's Indian novel The Wetherbys. There is a note on illustrations of John Lang's works with special attention paid to the illustrated cover of Captain Macdonald or Haps and Mishaps at Capias Castle.

In addition and sent free to Associate Members is No 4 of John Lang's Occasional Tales entitled Love's Last Sacrifice. A tale of the 15th Century. This story is set in renaissance Italy and is about a nobleman who falls in love with a married woman and gives up everything and goes off to live a life of poverty with his faithful falcon. There is an ironic twist to the end of that story. Although it is published for Associate Members of the Project it can be bought separately by 'the public' for $10.00. Send for it to the Mulini Press with your cheque.

Further issues of the Occasional Tales at the rate of at least two a year will be published and sent free to Associate Members. You can still become an Associate Member by the payment of the small one off fee of $20.00.

Occasional Tale No. 1 entitled Hovelling is about seamen on the coast in England venturing out to sea to recover the cargo from wrecked ships.

No. 2 is Invisible Ghosts about a house haunted by ghosts that never appear but are heard playing music and the havoc this plays on the residents.

No. 3 is a story entitled An Experience of Austria about John Lang being arrested in Vienna as a spy and how he was eventually released.
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Publication:M A R G I N: life & letters in early Australia
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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