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The Jewish Prenup That Isn't About Who Gets the Bentley.

"I'd never get married without it," said Brocha Benamou, 24, a Lubavitcher Hasida from Hollywood, Florida, when asked about "the prenup," as it is known. "When you buy a house, you buy fire insurance. Right?"

Manhattanite Devorah Kessler, 35, and her husband signed "the prenup" before they got married two and a half years ago, and to make sure their wedding guests knew it, the rabbi made an announcement under the chuppah. What moved Devorah to sign were the consequences, if she didn't, that could befall her future children. "I would never want to bring a child into the world who would be at a disadvantage in the Jewish community," said the special education teacher.

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Author:Siegel, Beverly
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Mar 6, 2015
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