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The Jewel of Scotland.

The Jewel of Scotland

Lynda A. Janzen

Open Book Press

661 Palmateer Dr., Kincardine, ON, Canada N2Z 1R5

0973571667 $27.95 256 pages 1-519-396-6145

"The Jewel of Scotland" is a thrilling genuine mystery set in both Ontario and Western Scotland. Heroine Cairn MacRae seeks the kidnappers of her daughter who appear to be part of a conspiracy to pirate her clan brooch and family memoirs. Her journey from Kincardine, Ontario to the West coast of Scotland leads her to ever more entanglement with the history of the Clan MacRae. She senses it conceals a secret that threatens her family, and the mystery progresses apace. "The Jewel of Scotland" is replete with beautiful descriptions and fascinating bits of clan history and lore. The character and style of the Western Scots clans permeate this superbly crafted mystery novel throughout. Ultimately, Cairn discovers the motivation and the perpetrator and the race becomes desperate to the end as she bravely faces her tormentor and defies her fate. Strongly recommended to the attention of mystery fans, "The Jewel of Scotland" is an original mystery whose characters will linger in your memory long after the book is finished and set back upon the shelf.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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