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The Jerusalem Talmud: A New Edition.


A new edition of the Jerusalem Talmud has been published with an index that meets the needs of the most rigorous researcher and allows the layman to become almost as knowledgeable.

The new edition of the ancient sacred text includes an index of some 27,000 entries which include topics such as labor laws, insurance, prison, abortion, kidnapping and righteous gentiles. A separate index of some 6,000 biblical verses is also included.

"In this way, the Jerusalem Talmud has become an open book for sages, researchers, rabbis and ordinary laypeople, who are now able to explore in depth any subject which interests them," said attorney Zvi Preisler, co-editor of the new edition together with Rabbi Shmuel Havlin.

A team of scholars examined the entire Jerusalem Talmud, according to Preisler, in order to create the comprehensive index which can be used by the average layman. "Even in the age of the internet, in which it is possible to find every word of the Holy Scriptures through a database search, there is a great advantage to an index of this kind," commented the editors.

The Talmud is comprised of the Oral Law, known as the Mishnah, and a collection of discussions and rabbinic interpretations of the Law, known as the Gemara. The Mishna and Gemara together complete the Talmud.

The Jerusalem Talmud is written in both Hebrew and Aramaic and predates the Babylonian Talmud, which was written by the Sages after the Jewish exile from the Land of Israel, by some 200 years.

The new edition of the Jerusalem Talmud is published by Ketuvim Publishers of Jerusalem (

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Nov 28, 2006
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