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The Jealous Kind.

The Jealous Kind

James Lee Burke

Simon & Schuster

1230 Ave. of the Americas, NY, NY 10020

9781501107207, $27.99, Hardcover

Pocket Books

9781501107412, $9.99, Paperback

In UK: Orion

9781409163497, 19.99 BPS, Hardcover, 400 pp.

9781409163510, $8.99 BPS, Paperback, 400 pp.

The final volume in the Holland Family trilogy takes place in 1952, as the Korean War sees Chinese troops cross the Yalu River. But this is the story of Aaron Holland Broussard, a teenage high-schooler, as he faces his time, environment and human emotions. It is sort of a first love affair tale, but digs deeper into a world till now unknown to him filled with violence and evil.

It begins in a drive-in movie when Aaron spots a beautiful and gifted young woman, Valerie Epstein, having a heated spat with her boyfriend in Galveston. When Valerie leaves the car to return to Houston with Aaron, the ire and vengeful forces of some nasty people are unleashed, ultimately leading to the involvement of the mob and one of the richest families in Texas. At the same time, the growing love between Aaron and Valerie is developed.

While the novel essentially is a story about first love, it is basically a tale about "good" and "evil." And how Aaron has to find the courage his father exhibited during World War I by climbing out of the trenches to run across no-man's land--and survive. Written as only James Lee Burke can, "The Jealous Kind" contrasts the elements of the beauty and the feral horrors in life, and is recommended.

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Author:Fiet, Theodore
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Date:Jan 1, 2018
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