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The Ivan Galamian Scale System for Violoncello, Vol. 2.

The Ivan Galamian Scale System for Violoncello, Volume II, arranged and edited by Hans Jorgen Jensen. ECS Publishing Corporation/Galaxy Music Corporation (138 Ipswich St., Boston, MA 02215), 2004. 57pp. $24.95.

Cellists can continue to benefit from the comprehensive and systematic approach of the Ivan Galamian Scale System for Violin, thanks to Northwestern University cello professor Hans Jorgen Jensen and ECS Publishing. ECS has just issued Volume II of Galamian's opus arranged for cello containing extensive work in double and multiple stop scales and arpeggios.

I have used Volume I of this set for teaching and practice since its appearance in 1994 and have discovered Volume II to be equally useful. A portion of this material can be found scattered within other scale books, particularly scales and exercises in thirds, sixths and octaves. However, Jensen expands on standard fingering options to offer many possible solutions for double-stop relationships. To best suit the cello, Jensen has selectively added or omitted material from the violin edition.

The aspect of this new volume I especially appreciate is that it encompasses double stops not commonly given attention: fourths, fifths, unisons, sevenths and tenths. Practicing fourths and consecutive sevenths challenges the ear in ways that sixths and thirds don't, in addition to enhancing hand stability. When approaching fifths, Jensen suggests many fingering combinations, including alternating movement from a thumb-fifth to a first and second finger-fifth that can be so useful in repertoire. In Volume I, Jensen warned that the "sustained stretching and extending of the hand can be very harmful." This is a useful caveat for scales in major and minor tenth double stops, as there will be hands that cannot comfortably make this reach, especially below seventh position. The inclusion of triple and quadruple stop scales and arpeggios with suggested bowings, systematically and effectively trains the hand for numerous repertoire passages.

Jensen and ECS Publishing have provided an extremely valuable addition to scale literature for the cello.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Morrow, Arlington, Texas.
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Author:Morrow, Elizabeth
Publication:American Music Teacher
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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