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The Investigator's Little Black Book 3. (Reviews).

The Investigator's Little Black Book 3. By Robert Scott; published by Crime Time Publishing, 310/967-8181 (phone), (Web); 504 pages; $22.95.

One word summarizes this resource impressive. Author Robert Scott has researched, evaluated, and assembled thousands of sources of information critical to private investigators, journalists, corporate security managers, and law enforcement agencies.

Almost 300 pages are devoted to information sources, from ABA routing numbers (which identify the specific financial institution responsible for the payment of a negotiable instrument) to zip code information. An additional u6 pages provide reference information, such as lawful bank-account sources, public record databases, and employer identification number decoders.

Not only is the guide packed with information, but it is also well formatted and easy to use. Information sources, including fee-based agencies, are alphabetized and explained. Following each listing is contact information.

Subject headings not included in the previous version of the book are highlighted for the reader's convenience, as are exceptional sources." Obscure information sources will enlighten even the roost experienced investigator. For example, who knew that you could call a telephone number and identify the long-distance provider used by the recipient of the call? And many investigators would be surprised to know that a loophole allows private investigators to search the National Crime Information Center's "wants and warrants" database, which contains data on persons who are wanted by a criminal justice organization.

This is one of the most useful resources an investigator could have. It's a must-buy

Reviewer: Ross D. Bulla, CPP, is president of The Tread stone Group, Inc., a North Carolina-based security consultancy and investigative firm providing services to high-profile corporate and individual clients. He is a member of ASIS.
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Author:Bulla, Ross D.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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