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The International Patrol.

At the end of hostilities in Europe in 1945, the occupied areas of Germany and Austria were divided into areas of occupation that were controlled by the Allied countries of the United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia. Likewise, the capitals of Berlin and Vienna were subdivided into occupier areas of responsibility.

In Vienna, the first district (which was also called the "inner city") was placed under quadripartite control, with the chairmanship changing every month. The fundamental thinking behind this four-power control was that the most important governmental authorities and administrative bodies were located in the inner city. If the inner city were controlled by only one of the Allied powers, that particular power could have exerted pressure on the Austrian government and public authorities.

In 1948, a reporter for The New Yorker wrote, "Vienna must be the most patrolled city on earth. Besides the city's police force and the routine military police maintained by each of the four occupying powers, there are several more or less secret police outfits, such as Russia Ministvo Vnutrennykh Del, or MVD, and the American Army's Criminal Investigations Division, or CID. The most unusual of Vienna's police forces is the International Patrol. It was organized by the former American provost marshal in Vienna, [Colonel William] B. Yarborough." (1)

When duties began on 5 August 1945, the patrols consisted of three soldiers--one military police officer from each of the three Allied powers of the United States, Great Britain, and Russia. On 27 September 1945, French military police officers joined as fourth men. At first, the patrols used American jeeps as patrol vehicles but they proved too small for the four-man patrols; so larger command cars were then used. In later years, American and Russian sedans were used as patrol vehicles. The U.S. contingent was from Company C, 796th Military Police Battalion, and the British force consisted of members of the 105th Provost Company. Attempts to identify the Russian and French units met with no response from their respective embassies. The patrol members wore the uniforms of their own nations. In addition, each member wore a distinctive metal badge on his arm, midway between his shoulder and elbow. American, Russian, and French members wore their insignia on their left sleeves; British members wore theirs on their right sleeves.

Between 1300 and 0100 daily, five patrols were operating--one each in the American, British, Russian, and French sectors and a standby at the International Patrol Headquarters. Between 0100 and 0700, only three patrols were operating--one for the American and French sectors, one for the British and Russian sectors, and a standby. The patrols were constantly on the alert for traffic violations involving Allied vehicles and incidents involving personnel from any two different powers. Patrol members on the 1300-1900 shift ate their evening meals in the 796th Military Police Battalion mess. (2)

One narrative regarding the functions of the International Patrol comes from the British Royal Military Police:

      There is a great temptation for
   each of us to feel that the problems
   of our own particular stations
   are, at least at times, unique
   in the field of provost experience;
   but when it is considered that the
   Royal Military Police in Vienna
   work day in and day out with
   the Americans, the French, and
   the Russians and that there is no
   hour of the day or night when you
   cannot find a [Royal Military Police]
   lance corporal sitting next to
   a Russian military policeman on
   patrol somewhere in the city, there is perhaps some justification.
   We conduct our business in four languages
   and have to get to know a fifth quadripartite, that peculiar
   hybrid in which Inter-Allied Command in Vienna,
   the Four Powers, decisions expressed in the form
   of protocol. (3)

A member of the 796th Military Police Battalion relates this story:

      I was patrolling a street in the 10th Bezirk (Russian
   Zone), when suddenly the Russian member of the patrol
   noticed a vehicle ahead of us and told me to force
   the truck to the curb. Twice, I tried to force the vehicle
   to stop; but both times, the driver ignored the warnings
   and proceeded. Finally, the Russian member sitting
   next to me drew his pistol and fired at the truck, which
   continued on its course. After using his supply of ammunition,
   the Russian member borrowed the French
   member's pistol. Only after the Frenchman's ammunition
   had been exhausted did the truck halt. The driver
   was taken into custody, and the vehicle was driven
   to the Russian Kommandatura. The remarkable fact
   about this incident was that, although both pistols
   were fired, neither the driver nor the vehicle were seriously
   harmed. (4)

Another incident involving the Russian contingent was related by Ernest Holden of the Royal Military Police. He was on patrol when a Russian military policeman arrested a Russian man on the streets of Vienna. He wanted to take the man to the Russian Kommandatura; but the American driver refused, insisting that they take him to the International Patrol Headquarters. The Russian military police soldier drew his pistol, held it to the American driver's head, and told him to go to the Russian Kommandatura. Holden, in turn, drew his pistol, held it to the Russian's head, and told the American to do what standing orders said--go to the International Patrol Headquarters. So that's what they did, and the stand-off was resolved. Neither Holden nor the American Soldiers ever heard what happened to the Russian member of that patrol, but they never saw him on patrol again.

Corporal Edwin L. Luck, a patrolman from Amsterdam, New York, relates the following incident:

      I received a message to proceed to the Astoria Hotel,
   a British hotel in the 1st Bezirk. When the other members
   of the patrol and I arrived, we learned that somebody
   had been dropping empty wine bottles from a window
   of the hotel onto the sidewalk on Karntnerstrasse,
   endangering the pedestrians. It was around midnight
   and extremely dark. At intervals, bottles continued to
   fall from an upper-story window but it was difficult to
   determine which window they were coming from. The
   British member of the patrol asked the assistance of
   the members, and a search of all the rooms was begun.
   After approximately an hour, two intoxicated men
   were found in a room on the top floor. When they were
   questioned, it was learned that they had been drinking
   and, after finishing a bottle, disposed of it by the easiest
   means--tossing it out of the window. The remarkable
   fact about this incident is not the amount of wine
   drunk by the men, but how none of the people passing
   below the window had been injured. (5)

Another excerpt from the 105th Journal states:

   Lance Corporal Levi came close to death whilst
   on patrol. The patrol had stopped to check a Russian
   soldier who, taking exception as to how he was being
   spoken to, opened fire on the patrol, killing one patrolman
   and severely injuring another, the driver taking
   off. The gunman then approached [Lance Corporal]
   Levi (who could not drive), telling him to drive him to
   America. Levi drove instead to the International Patrol
   Headquarters; and seeing American [military police],
   the Russian exclaimed, "I'm in America," and surrendered. (6)

During the making of a film, The Third Man, which was set in Allied-occupied Vienna after World War II and starred Orson Wells and Trevor Howard, Howard was arrested by a British member of the patrol for impersonating an officer. The assistant director Guy Hamilton and the continuity assistant Angela Allen teamed up to describe what it was like to film in the Vienna sewers and to explain how a drunk Trevor Howard was arrested for impersonating a British officer while still in costume as the sober Major Calloway.

Due to an international agreement, the International Patrol ceased to exist on 14 September 1955, when all Allied armies left Austria.

Acknowledgement: I am deeply indebted to former Lance Corporal Brian Chammings, Royal Military Police, and Mr. Phil Holden, whose father was a British member of the patrol, for the documents and photographs they provided in researching this story. It was Holden's father, Ernest Holden, who detained actor Trevor Howard for impersonating an officer during the filming of the movie The Third Man.


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Carol Reed, director, The Third Man, British Lion Films, 2 September 1949.

By Master Sergeant Patrick V. Garland (Retired)

Master Sergeant Garland retired from the U.S. Army in 1974. During his military career, he served in military police units and criminal investigation detachments and laboratories. At the time of his retirement, Master Sergeant Garland was serving as a ballistics evidence specialist at the European Laboratory. He remained in this career field until retiring from civilian law enforcement in 1995. Photos Wanted

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      COMMANDER                CSM/SGM                 CWO

Mark Inch               Timothy Fitzgerald
Mark Inch               Crystal Wallace          John Welch
Mark Spindler           Richard Woodring         Leroy Shamburger
Mark Inch               Timothy Fitzgerald
Burton Francisco        Jerome Wren
Michael Hoban           NA
Phillip Churn           Craig Owens              Mary Hostetler
Duane Miller            Angelia Flournoy
Eddie Jacobsen          Winsome Laos
Bryan Patridge          David Tookmanian
Erica Nelson            Steven Raines
Alexander Conyers       Jeffrey Maddox
Zane Jones              James Breckinridge
David Chase             Jon Matthews
Alex Reina              Joseph Klostermann
Peter Cross             Joseph Menard Jr.
Ross Guieb              Bradley Cross
Phillip Burton          Jon Sawyer
Malcom McMullen         John Schiffli
Richard Giles           Abbe Mulholland
Keith Nadig             Andrew Lombardo
Roger Hedgepeth         Tara Wheadon             Edgar Collins
Ignatius Dolata Jr.     Arthur Williams          David Albaugh
Thomas Denzler          Clyde Wallace            Celia Gallo
David Heath             Edwin Garris


Kevin Hanrahan          Peter Harrington         Anderson Wagner
Gerald Mapp             Chad Aldridge            Billy Higgason
Lawrence Stewart        Mathew Walters           Phillip Curran
Larry Dewey             Gordon Lawitzke          Paul Bailey
Christine Whitmer       James Sanguins           Joel Fitz
Marcus Matthews         Marcus Jackson
Phillip Lenz            Bryan Schoenhofer
Jason Turner            Kevin Pickrel
Michelle Goyette        Russell Erickson
Chad Goyette            Brian Flom
Jeremy Willingham       Daniel O'Brien
Brian Carlson           Lee Sodic
Marc Hale               Freddy Trejo
Alexander Murray        Kevin Rogers
Michael Fowler          Mark Duris
Craig Maceri            Scott Smilinich
Steven Jackan           Alpheus Haswell
Robert Watras           Darrell Masterson
Mary Staab              Aarion Franklin
John Gobel              Fowler L. Goodowens II
Kenneth Niles           Robert Wall
Luis De La Cruz         Jose Perez
Haymet Llovet           Francisco Ramos
Norberto Flores II      Roger Flores
Dawn Bolyard            James Summers
John Dunn               Gregory Derosier         David Knudson
William Allen           Daniel Williams
Jennifer Steed          Victor Watson
Erik Anderson           Callie Leaver
Larry Crowder           Vacant
Robert Paoletti         Andraus Williams
Paul Deal               Boyd Dunbar
Isaac Martinez          Richard Yohn
Timothy Starke          Michael Rowan
John Whitmire           Nathan Deese
Lance Shaffer           Jonathan Stone
Kenneth Dilg            Ed Williams
James Blake             James Sartori
Michael Treadwell       Theodore Skibyak
James Lake              Robert Engle
Timothy Winks           Ben Adams
James Rogelio           Joseph Mitchell
Charles Seifert         Vacant
Christine Borognoni     Paul Shaw
Richard Vanbuskirk      Kyle Jenkins
David Heflin            Joseph Rigby
Karen Connick           Keith Magee
Alexander Shaw          Juan Mitchell
Vance Kuhner            Brett Goldstein
Kelly Jones             William Henderson
William Rodgers         Michael Robledo
Steven Gavin            Howard Anderson
Vacant                  Michael Poll
Victor Bakkila          Ann Vega                 Manuel Ruiz
Cheryl Clement          Sheiita Taylor
Eric Hunsberger         Richard Cruickshank
Susan Kusan             Jason Litz
Timothy Macdonald       James Stillman           Mauro Orcesi
Caroline Horton         Mark Hennessey
Robert Arnold Jr.       Lisa Piette-Edwards
Jonathan Doyle          Jeffrey Cereghino
Jon Myers               Clayton Sneed
John Fivian             Janet Harris
Richard Millette        Mark Bell
Laura Steele            Milton Hardy
Kevin Smith             Troy Gentry
Christopher Wills       Thomas Gray
Rebecca Hazelett        James Lea
Matthew Gragg           Michael Weatherholt
Leevaine Williams Jr.   John Vicars
Karst Brandsma          Darren Boruff
James Eisenhart         Robert Eichler
Omar Lomas              James Tyler
Kenneth Powell          Vacant                   Robert Mayo
Stacy Garrity           Rodney Ervin
Jason Marquiss          Scott Anderson
Emma Thyen              Shawn McLeod
Mark Howard             Todd Marchand
Kenneth Richards        Richard Weider
Jeffrey Bergman         Teresa Duncan
Kirt Boston             Bryan Lynch
Mark McNeil             Eric Vogt
Lonnie Branum Jr.       Scott Flint
Sylvester Wegwu         Cole Pierce              Martin Eaves
Dewey Haines            David Astorga            Lane Clooper
Michael Thompson        Keith Ford               Gerald De Hoyos


      COMMANDER                UNIT                   LOCATION

Mark Inch               OPMG                 Alexandria, VA
Mark Inch               HQ USACIDC           Quantico, VA
Mark Spindler           USAMPS               Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Mark Inch               Army                 Alexandria, VA
                          Corrections Cmd
Burton Francisco        46th MP Cmd          Lansing, Ml
Michael Hoban           USARC PM             Ft Bragg, NC
Phillip Churn           200th MP Cmd         Ft Meade, MD
Duane Miller            8th MP Bde           Schofield Barracks, HI
Eddie Jacobsen          11th MP Bde          Los Alamitos, CA
Bryan Patridge          14th MP Bde          Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Erica Nelson            15th MP Bde          Ft Leavenworth, KS
Alexander Conyers       16th MP Bde          Ft Bragg, NC
Zane Jones              18th MP Bde          Sembach AB, Germany
David Chase             42d MP Bde           Ft Lewis, WA
Alex Reina              43d MP Bde           Warwick, Rl
Peter Cross             49th MP Bde          Fairfield, CA
Ross Guieb              89th MP Bde          Ft Hood, TX
Phillip Burton          177th MP Bde         Taylor, Ml
Malcom McMullen         290th MP Bde         Nashville, TN
Richard Giles           300th MP Bde         Inkster, Ml
Keith Nadig             333d MP Bde          Farmingdale, NY
Roger Hedgepeth         3d MP Gp (C/D)       Hunter Army Airfield, GA
Ignatius Dolata Jr.     6th MP Gp (C/D)      Joint Base Lewis-
                                               McChord, WA
Thomas Denzler          701st MPGp (C/D)     Quantico, VA
David Heath             Joint Detention Gp   Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


Kevin Hanrahan          5th MP Bn (C/D)      Kleber Kaserne, Germany
Gerald Mapp             10th MP Bn (C/D)     Ft Bragg, NC
Lawrence Stewart        11th MP Bn (C/D)     Ft Hood, TX
Larry Dewey             19th MP Bn (C/D)     Wheeler Army Airfield, HI
Christine Whitmer       22d MP Bn (C/D)      Joint Base Lewis-
                                               McChord, WA
Marcus Matthews         33d MP Bn            Bloomington, IL
Phillip Lenz            40th MP Bn (C/D)     Ft Leavenworth, KS
Jason Turner            51st MP Bn           Florence, SC
Michelle Goyette        91st MP Bn           Ft Drum, NY
Chad Goyette            92d MP Bn            Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Jeremy Willingham       93d MP Bn            Ft Bliss, TX
Brian Carlson           94th MP Bn           Yongsan, Korea
Marc Hale               96th MP Bn (C/D)     San Diego, CA
Alexander Murray        97th MP Bn           Ft Riley, KS
Michael Fowler          102d MP Bn (C/D)     Auburn, NY
Craig Maceri            104th MP Bn          Kingston, NY
Steven Jackan           105th MP Bn (C/D)    Asheville, NC
Robert Watras           112th MP Bn          Canton, MS
Mary Staab              115th MP Bn          Salisbury, MD
John Gobel              117th MP Bn          Athens, TN
Kenneth Niles           118th MP Bn          Warwick, RI
Luis De La Cruz         124th MP Bn          Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Haymet Llovet           125th MP Bn          Ponce, Puerto Rico
Norberto Flores II      136th MP Bn          Tyler, TX
Dawn Bolyard            151st MP Bn          Dunbar, WV
John Dunn               159th MP Bn (C/D)    Terra Haute, IN
William Allen           160th MP Bn (C/D)    Tallahassee, FL
Jennifer Steed          168th MP Bn          Dyersburg, TN
Erik Anderson           170th MP Bn          Decatur, GA
Larry Crowder           175th MP Bn          Columbia, MO
Robert Paoletti         185th MP Bn          Pittsburg, CA
Paul Deal               192d MP Bn (C/D)     Niantic, CT
Isaac Martinez          193d MP Bn (C/D)     Denver, CO
Timothy Starke          198th MP Bn          Louisville, KY
John Whitmire           203d MP Bn           Athens, AL
Lance Shaffer           205th MP Bn          Poplar Bluff, MO
Kenneth Dilg            210th MP Bn          Taylor, Ml
James Blake             211th MP Bn          Lexington, MA
Michael Treadwell       226th MP Bn          Farmington, NM
James Lake              231st MP Bn          Prattville, AL
Timothy Winks           304th MP Bn (C/D)    Nashville, TN
James Rogelio           310th MP Bn (C/D)    Uniondale, NY
Charles Seifert         317th MP Bn          Tampa, FL
Christine Borognoni     324th MP Bn (C/D)    Fresno, CA
Richard Vanbuskirk      327th MP Bn (C/D)    Arlington Heights, IL
David Heflin            336th MP Bn          Pittsburgh, PA
Karen Connick           340th MP Bn (C/D)    Ashley, PA
Alexander Shaw          372d MP Bn           Washington, DC
Vance Kuhner            382d MP Bn           WestoverAFB, MA
Kelly Jones             384th MP Bn (C/D)    Ft Wayne, IN
William Rodgers         385th MP Bn          Ft Stewart, GA
Steven Gavin            387th MP Bn          Phoenix, AZ
Vacant                  391st MP Bn (C/D)    Columbus, OH
Victor Bakkila          393d MP Bn (C/D)     Bell, CA
Cheryl Clement          400th MP Bn (C/D)    Ft Meade, MD
Eric Hunsberger         402d MP Bn (C/D)     Omaha, NE
Susan Kusan             437th MP Bn          Columbus, OH
Timothy Macdonald       502d MP Bn (C/D)     Ft Campbell, KY
Caroline Horton         503d MP Bn           Ft Bragg, NC
Robert Arnold Jr.       504th MP Bn          Ft Lewis, WA
Jonathan Doyle          508th MP Bn (C/D)    Ft Lewis, WA
Jon Myers               519th MP Bn          Ft Polk, LA
John Fivian             525th MP Bn          Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Richard Millette        530th MP Bn (C/D)    Omaha, NE
Laura Steele            535th MP Bn (C/D)    Cary, NC
Kevin Smith             607th MP Bn          Grand Prairie, TX
Christopher Wills       701st MP Bn          Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Rebecca Hazelett        705th MP Bn (C/D)    Ft Leavenworth, KS
Matthew Gragg           709th MP Bn          Grafenwoehr, Germany
Leevaine Williams Jr.   716th MP Bn          Ft Campbell, KY
Karst Brandsma          720th MP Bn          Ft Hood, TX
James Eisenhart         724th MP Bn (C/D)    Ft Lauderdale, FL
Omar Lomas              728th MP Bn          Schofield Barracks, HI
Kenneth Powell          733d MP Bn (C/D)     Forest Park, GA
Stacy Garrity           744th MP Bn (C/D)    Easton, PA
Jason Marquiss          759th MP Bn          Ft Carson, CO
Emma Thyen              761st MP Bn          Juneau, AK
Mark Howard             773d MP Bn           Pineville, LA
Kenneth Richards        785th MP Bn (C/D)    Fraser, Ml
Jeffrey Bergman         787th MP Bn          Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Kirt Boston             793d MP Bn           Ft Richardson, AK
Mark McNeil             795th MP Bn          Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Lonnie Branum Jr.       850th MP Bn          Phoenix, AZ
Sylvester Wegwu         Benning C/D Bn       Ft Benning, GA
Dewey Haines            Washington C/D Bn    Joint Base Myer-
                                               Henderson Hall, VA
Michael Thompson        Protective           Ft Belvoir, VA
                          Services Bn

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