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The Integrated Iridology Textbook.

The Integrated Iridology Textbook

By Toni Miller

The Integrated Iridology Textbooks: Australia 2008


Every so often a book such as The Integrated Iridology Textbook comes along that stands out from most others in its league. As you may expect from the title the book explores the topic of iridology, however all aspects of this remarkable clinical tool are integrated from Australian, European and American teachings, including iris, sclera and pupil, emotional and constitutional aspects. Whether you are a layman or an avid professional in this subject you will find much to enjoy and explore in this visually beautiful and comprehensively written text.

The principle approach of the author is to identify to readers that both the emotional and physical aspects are necessary to the iridology assessment. Miller explains that prevention is the supreme goal of the integrated iridology assessment which enables us to identify each person's specific nurture points so the person can reach their highest potential. This offers a fresh new professional approach for the iridologist of the 21st century.

Within the first few chapters Miller has already revised iridology myths that have no validation in the midst of current research and technology, and introduces to us new terms such as hot and cold spots. Her 30 years' experience examining countless eyes and upgrading her thinking with current technology, support answers to questions such as when the iris pattern develops and if healing signs do occur. New findings such as the Miller sign (may be very prevalent amidst the increase in melanoma risk in countries such as Australia) are included.

All topics are clearly and systematically organised with valuable explanations of appropriate dietary, herbal and lifestyle advice. I would highly recommend this text to any serious iridologist who aims to use, appropriately and ethically, the extraordinary tool of iridology analysis to better understand and communicate with their clients.

Reviewed by Ann Vlass
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Author:Vlass, Ann
Publication:Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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