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The Immunization Resource Guide: Book Reviews and Resources for Parents.

This helpful booklet is exactly what many parents have been looking for: a concise summary of publications about immunization as well as an extensive list of organizations and publishers with more information.

Diane Rozario is a parent who became interested in the subject of immunization after the birth of her daughter two years ago. She has done extensive research, and with this publication she gives all parents easier access to the resources that will allow them to make an informed decision about immunizations for their own children.

The author points out that there arc many articles discussing the safety and effectiveness of immunizations in the medical literature, but that most parents do not have the time to find or study these articles (with medical dictionary in hand). Thus she reviews many of the popularly written books on immunization, including authors with many different perspectives.

The Immunization Resource Guide also discusses the issue of mandatory immunization and legal exemptions to receiving immunizations. The author recommends organizations where the reader can obtain more detailed information or become more active against compulsory immunization laws,

The book review section is extremely helpful. Ms. Rosario includes a discussion of the authors, backgrounds, their philosophy of health, and the major points of the book in each review. Most reviews include specific strengths and weaknesses, readability of the publication (length or use of technical language), biases of the author, and the quality of the bibliography whether the author uses primary or secondary sources, medical or general texts, or even if references are cited at all). She also notes books that have particularly interesting discussions of the history of immunization or the political maneuvering behind our current system.

The resource section, current as of summer, 1992, includes a list of health organizations and the information they can offer, as well as publishers and others with related information.

The Immunization Resource Guide also includes a reader survey, in order to improve future editions. The author plans to revise the guide annually, and states that next year's edition will include a new section containing comments and concerns from parents. She even offers a 30 day money back guarantee!

With the information in this guide, parents will be much better equipped to find the information they need to make an informed decision regarding immunization for their children. This guide is an excellent way to get started on the research. Available for $3.95 plus postage and handling from: Patter Publications P.O. Box 204-L Burlington, IA 52601-0204 -- Reviewed by Kyle Johnson
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Author:Johnson, Kyle
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Date:Dec 22, 1992
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