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The Immortality of Influence.

The Immortality of Influence by Salome Thomas-El with Cecil Murphey Foreword by Will Smith Dafina Books/Kensington Publishing May 2006, $23, ISBN 0-758-21266-6

What strikes one most about Salome Thomas-El is his passionate, self-imposed responsibility for reaching and serving as a bridge to success for each youth he meets.

Tales of struggling, urban educators often paint pictures that make you cry, show almost insurmountable odds or merely depress you with the hopelessness many youths locked in failing school systems face daily. Fortunately, for those teachers and parents without the luxury of despair, Thomas-El provides a way out.

Thomas-El, with Cecil Murphey, masters the art of storytelling in a way that some old Nawleans blues singer would envy. Through numerous simple stories of his experiences as a public-school teacher and administrator in Philadelphia, Thomas-El gives parents and teachers a blueprint for children's' success, not just in school but in life.

In his follow-up book to 1 Choose to Stay: A Black Teacher Refuses to Desert the Inner City (Dafina Books, 2003), he pulls no punches as he reveals his zeal for the well-being of African American children.

--Reviewed by Malik Russell

Malik Russell is an educator, journalist, and criminal justice policy expert in Temple Hills, Maryland.
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Author:Russell, Malik
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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