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The Idiots Guide To Poker Tells.

The Idiots Guide To Poker Tells

Bobbi Dempsey & Andy Bloch

Alpha Books

375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

1592574548 $9.95

Thanks to the power of television, the games of poker (especially No Limit Texas Hold 'em) have emerged from their seedy backroom origins to the elegance of multimillion dollar hotels and tournaments. The Idiots Guide To Poker Tells: Learn How To Read Your Opponents' Every Move by Bobbi Dempsey and Andy Bloch (a top poker pro who has won over $750,000 playing poker) is an informed collection of advice on winning at poker by plying the players as much as the cards. The Idiots Guide To Poker Tells provides readers with foolproof tips to help recognize all types of "tells" (behaviors that reveal the strength or weakness of an opponents hand), as well game-saving advice on avoiding tells, recognizing fake tells, surefire strategies for dealing with the five different player personalities, and techniques for sharpening already natural skills at reading other players. For its outstanding knowledge of the game's inner-workings, The Idiots Guide To Poker Tells is a compact and portable paperback, and very strongly recommended to all poker players whether they are playing for high-stakes or peanuts.
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Title Annotation:The Idiots Guide To Poker Tells: Learn How To Read Your Opponents' Every Move
Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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