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The Idea of Home.

A novel of the American landscape by the author of Metaphysics in the Midwest. The sensibility is the same and uniquely recognizable - philosophic background veering from apple-pie Americana to perverse and raunchy sex to Weather People politics to peyote savvy. The setting for the novel, which is rather a collage of impressions, events, and styles, is cold war California and mainly a town called San Lorenzo. There are flashes into Viet Nam, Thailand, and the author's childhood - hence call it an autobiographical novel. Though the substance is exactly what we expect from Curtis White, his variety of writing skills is given more extensive display than in the short stories. There is no story - but it is a very satisfying performance.
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Author:Solomon, Carl
Publication:The Review of Contemporary Fiction
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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