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The IEBC and the Supreme Court certified Uhuru as President.

As a police service we are apolitical and we would not want to be drawn into a political contest. We have to work within the law. When it comes to things like elections, we as police only provide security. We are not involved in the electoral process. Our day-to-day duties are enforcing law and order and we cannot be drawn into the political contest.

When someone says he is going to be sworn in, we cannot be party to it because we are officers of the law.

The laws say there shall be an election every five years and we had an election, this election was contested in court, it was nullified, there was a repeat election; during the repeat, the person who now wants to be sworn in withdrew - did not participate, a person who did not participate says, according to him, he won the first election, which he contested and it was nullified - he contested that election which he now says is his basis for his being sworn in. But it was nullified.

From where we sit, there was an election process and that process was concluded. We as the NPS do not declare anyone the President it is done by the chairman of the IEBC, so to us, the person whom the IEBC declared the President was Uhuru Kenyatta.

Some people went to court after this declaration and said that the election was aboveboard.

As the NPS, we are not the IEBC, we are not the Supreme Court, we only enforce law and order and we are apolitical.

The person the IEBC and the Supreme Court have declared and confirmed is President is Uhuru Kenyatta, so any other process that comes now in law is an illegitimate process and it is a political issue and we don't deal with political issues. We cannot provide security to an illegitimate process in law.

We are officers of the law and work strictly within the law. You cannot contest us; you cannot throw your tantrums at the police the way you throw them at the IEBC, at the Supreme Court.

We provide the law, are apolitical and we don't want to be thrown into political issues and our duty is to protect the lives and property of the Kenyans.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jan 25, 2018
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