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The Human Condition.

The Human Condition

   We stand before the court, accused of treason.
   We are accountable. It was our fault,
   the killing, raping, water-boarding, all
   the crimes, the crimes, the crimes, the crimes, the crimes
   against humanity (the poor, the starving,
   neglected and malnourished children, the mad,
   the uncomprehending, the merely befuddled).
   Though it may be invisible, blame
   attaches to us like an unfortunate odor.
   The Chief Magistrate has taken her seat.
   A window that will not quite close admits
   a chilling wind. The players are in position.
   To whom can we turn? Is there anyone
   whom we have not offended?

   No. No one.
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Author:Cherry, Kelly
Publication:James Dickey Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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