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The Hounslow boy hoping to make it as Mr Teen British Isles; Kush Patel is hoping to win Mr Teen British Isles - but law is his 'backup plan'.

Byline: Ellie McKinnell

Think of a modelling competition and your first thought is probably either Miss Congeniality or Tyra Banks - not something a teenage boy would be interested in.

But Kush Patel isn't like many of his peers, and his unapologetic passion for modelling is palpable.

The 19-year-old is new to modelling - Mr Teen British Isles is his firstcompetitionand he entered on a whim when an advert popped up on his computer (turns out cookies can be a good thing).

TheHounslowteen has just completed his A-Level maths exam, something he felt 'went really well actually', and it seems that his enthusiasm for everything - even maths - is limitless.

He said: "I was looking for an acting job and I saw an advert, and I thought why not - I'm so glad I went for it. I had been pursuing modelling for the past year, I'd signed up with a few agencies.

"I applied online - we had to send in photos and say why we want to take part - and they pick one kid from each area in London, and they picked me! I was lucky enough to get chosen, I lost my mind."

After the joy of being selected to take part many people may start thinking of the practicalities, and as a teenage boy it is easy to worry about what people may think, but it seems Kush isn't too fazed by this.

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He said: "My parents, when I first applied I told them it was a 90 per cent chance I wouldn't get it. When I found out I had my parents were just as excited as me - there was a lot of screaming and dancing, it was a lot to take in.

"I'm only telling a couple of people that I'm doing it and they were really impressed, a lot said they didn't know this competition existed.

"I'm pretty nervous about letting people know as I'm actually quite a private person.

"I think there might be some bad responses but I say never think about the negative people, I say only listen to criticism when it comes from loved ones and it is constructive."

So what exactly happens in Mr Teen British Isles?

"It's mainly modelling but part of it is walking up a catwalk," Kush said. "They've kept it pretty hush hush so no one is prepared for it - some people will have done it before and they don't want to give them an advantage."

Kush seems to have kept a level head despite his unexpected success, admitting that modelling and acting is something he loves and that comes naturally to him, but that he would be happy to just have it as a creative outlet. In fact, he has quite a different plan in mind if modelling doesn't work out.

He said: "I have actually applied to study law next year at Reading and Birmingham universities. Modelling is something I want to do professionally but I don't want to pursue it without a backup plan. I want to do law because it's something I enjoy and is slightly more realistic."


Credit: visual studios

Kush is looking forward to the competition this weekend - and doesn't care about the haters

Credit: visual studios

The 19-year-old has an ambitious backup plan

Credit: visual studios

Kush has been modelling for only a year

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