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The Hostel.

The Hostel

Liana Metal

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Very Highly Recommended

THE HOSTEL is set in London, UK, in the 70s and is about a young student, Nina, who strives to adjust herself to a new lifestyle so different from her own culture's.

The story unfolds in West London, at a nuns' hostel where Nina stays and gets to know her new friends. Soon a serious dilemma turns up in her life and implications start. Nina falls in love with a man who is her best friend's dad. She stubbornly refuses to accept him in her life, but nothing seems to be easy for her from the moment she meets him. What will happen in the end?

THE HOSTEL is a fresh story full of unpredictable turns that will entertain all ages. The readers who lived in that era will probably recognize certain events mentioned in the story or even identify themselves with some of the characters, while, the younger generation will get to know certain aspects of that time and feel how it is to 'live' in the 70s. It is a novel that includes old fashioned romance and elements of truth throughout the plot, merged with real events of that time. It is a successful hybrid of fiction and non fiction that will appeal to a wide audience.
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Author:Savanis, Bill
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2005
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