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The Hornless Rhinoceros/Badak Tak Bercula.

The Hornless Rhinoceros/Badak Tak Bercula

Robin W. Radcliffe, author/illustrator

Living Fossil Productions

9780692273913, $30.00,

"The Hornless Rhinoceros" is a beautiful modern eco-fable about the rarest rhinoceroses in the world, who live in the rainforests of Indonesia under dire threat from poachers who kill them for their horn, which is used to make illegal and ineffective medicine. Written in English and Indonesian, and beautifully illustrated with fantastic color paintings of the rhinoceroses frolicking in the rainforest, "The Hornless Rhinoceros" tells the tale of a boy named Dedi and a rhinoceros named Bulu. Dedi became ill and his father trapped a rhinoceros, Bulu, to remove his horn to make medicine to help Dedi become well again. Bulu lived after losing his horn in the snare, but he could never grow the horn back again. Bulu learned how to find papaya trees and dig underground water pools for other animals even without his horn. Bulu was a hero. Dedi decided not to take the rhinoceros horn pills his father gave him. He got well anyway. When his father left to set snares to get more rhinoceros horns, Dedi stopped him, convincing him that there was no magic in the rhinoceros horn, because he had gotten well without taking the pills. Dedi convinced his father to stop setting snares for the rhinoceroses in the rainforest near their village, and everyone lived together happily, even the papaya bats and the blue jean frogs, who depended on the rhinoceros for making water and fruit available. Each pair of pages tells this lovely story in English and Indonesian, with fabulous colorful illustrations and lots of humor. "The Hornless Rhinoceros" is part of an effort to reeducate people about their precious rhinoceros heritage. It is featured in an international environmental education program known as Children For the Hairy Rhino. "The Hornless Rhinoceros" is also part of a select list of qualifying titles for the 2016 Green Earth Book Award. Destined to become an eco-fable classic, "The Hornless Rhinoceros" provides education and entertainment and enlightenment for children and adults around the world.

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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