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The Holy Juggalo.

 In black waters,
deep under the
of the comfortable
sea, anglerfish
stew light.
The counterexample
to white paradise
a candy cane slut
with sharpened teeth
and a disco ball crack-rock
attached to the end
of an antenna.
At the bottom
there is only
the color of flesh
and absence
a manic chiaroscuro
on the face
of a clown,
it takes the weight o
f the ocean,
an entire posse
of benevolent
douchebags to
bounce and scream
to cackle, smoke, and
strobe until one
shuts the light
from their eyes
and blushes.
Through one color
comes the first
land mammal,
the last hyperbole,
and the birth
of nuance.
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Author:Hernandez, Jack
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jun 22, 2018
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