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The History of the Baptist Missionary Society: 1792-1992.

Brian Stanley, a British Baptist who lectures on church history in Trinity College, Bristol, England, and who has already written an excellent study on the topic of Protestant missions and British imperialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (The Bible and the Flag [Apollos, 1990]), has now produced another fine volume to mark the bicentenary of the first of the missionary societies that developed out of the Second Evangelical Awakening at the beginning of the last century.

Officially commissioned by the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) to mark the first two hundred years of its life, this work will become the standard work on the subject. In addition to being giving access to all the society's archives, including those not normally available to researchers, Stanley has also used various private collections of letters from previous missionaries and officials of the society, has visited a number of the areas where the BMS has worked in the past or is currently working, and has conducted numerous inteviews with retired and serving missionaries.

The result is a work that gives both a broad overview of the activities of BMS missionaries from William Carey up to the present and great amounts of detailed information on projects, people, discussions, conflicts, successes, and failures that flesh out the broad outline and give a balanced picture of the contributions made in many different areas and kinds of work. Readers who want the broad picture will necessarily skim some of the detail, but those who want detailed information on individual persons, places, and projects will find it. The author manages the vast amount of material without losing sight of the forest for the trees. The author is to be complimented on the excellent, scholarly, and interesting work he has produced.
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Author:Davies, R. E.
Publication:International Bulletin of Missionary Research
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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