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Articles from The Historian (March 22, 2017)

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1381: The Year of the Peasants' Revolt. Bedell, John Book review 522
28 June: Sarajevo 1914-Versailles 1919: the War and Peace that Made the Modern World. Strauss, Lon Book review 513
A Great and Terrible King: Edward I and the Forging of Britain. Prestwich, Michael Book review 539
A Greater Ireland: The Land League and Transatlantic Nationalism in Gilded Age America. Hudson, David Book review 596
A Hercules in the Cradle: War, Money, and the American State, 1783-1867. Summers, Mark Wahlgren Book review 512
A History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives. Wrenhaven, Kelly L. Book review 514
A Land of Aching Hearts: The Middle East in the Great War. Keylor, William R. Book review 534
A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History. Harpending, Henry Book review 545
American Mythmaker: Walter Noble Burns and the Legends of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and Joaquin Murrieta. Etulain, Richard W. Book review 512
American Vandal: Mark Twain Abroad. Gribben, Alan Book review 489
An Anglo-American "petroleum entente"?: the first attempt to reach an Anglo-American oil agreement, 1921. Toprani, Anand 11188
Authoritarian El Salvador: Politics and the Origins of the Military Regimes, 1880-1940. Chavez, Joaquin M. Book review 846
Born To Be Wild: The Rise of the American Motorcyclist. Ward, James J. Book review 576
Contraband: Smuggling and the Birth of the American Century. Diaz, George T. Book review 497
Crisis of the Wasteful Nation: Empire and Conservation in Theodore Roosevelt's America. Lytle, Mark H. Book review 590
Dandyism in the Age of Revolution: The Art of the Cut. Rodgers, Nigel Book review 519
Darius in the Shadow of Alexander. Fratantuono, Lee Book review 827
Dictablanda: Politics, Work, and Culture in Mexico, 1938-1968. Buchenau, Jurgen Book review 624
Disease, War, and the Imperial State: The Welfare of the British Armed Forces during the Seven Years' War. Dziennik, Matthew Book review 540
Early modern Irish exceptionalism revisited. Palmer, William Essay 10286
Empire by Collaboration: Indians, Colonists, and Governments in Colonial Illinois Country. Welsh, W. Jeffrey Book review 533
Eye of the Beholder: Johannes Vermeer, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and the Reinvention of Seeing. Cook, Harold J. Book review 528
Farzana: The Woman Who Saved an Empire. McLeod, John Book review 514
Fighting over the Founders: How We Remember the American Revolution. Edling, Max M. Book review 578
Foreign Aid and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman. Skidmore, Max J. Book review 513
Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln. Mackey, Thomas C. Book review 547
Galileo's Telescope: A European Story. Finocchiaro, Maurice A. Book review 542
Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad. Schweninger, Loren Book review 471
Gil Hodges: A Hall of Fame Life. Ringel, Paul Book review 510
How to Ruin a Queen: Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace Affair. Watts, Sydney Book review 616
Hundred Days: The Campaign that Ended World War I. Wawro, Geoffrey Book review 598
Imprudent King: A New Life of Philip II. Wing, John T. Book review 658
Intellectual Manhood: University, Self, and Society in the Antebellum South. Yacovone, Donald Book review 545
Jurji Zaidan and the Foundations of Arab Nationalism. Yaghoubian, David N. Book review 518
King John and the Road to Magna Carta. Tabuteau, Emily Zack Book review 559
Liberty and slavery in colonial America: the case of Georgia, 1732-1770. Lannen, Andrew C. Essay 10033
Lost Legion Rediscovered: The Mystery of the Theban Legion. Brice, Lee L. Book review 513
Ministers at War: Winston Churchill and His War Cabinet. Morrisey, Will Book review 562
Miseducating Americans: Distortions of Historical Understanding. Cousins, James P. Book review 530
Nat Turner and the Rising in Southampton County. Brophy, Alfred L. Book review 527
No End Save Victory: How FDR Led the Nation into War. Roberts, Randy Book review 526
Phi Alpha Theta initiates. List 3515
Political Descent: Malthus, Mutualism, and the Politics of Evolution in Victorian England. Barczewski, Stephanie Book review 594
Power in Stone: Cities as Symbols of Empire. Williams, Robin B. Book review 513
Professional Indian: The American Odyssey of Eleazer Williams. Garrison, Tim Alan Book review 538
Public Memory in Early China. Pines, Yuri Book review 525
Punishment in Paradise: Race, Slavery, Human Rights, and a Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Penal Colony. Coates, Timothy J. Book review 509
Red Dreams, White Nightmares: Pan-Indian Alliances in the Anglo-American Mind, 1763-1815. Mann, Barbara Alice Book review 543
Royalists at War in Scotland and Ireland. Landrum, Robert Book review 526
Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin. Remington, Thomas F. Book review 551
Rum Maniacs: Alcoholic Insanity in the Early American Republic. McMichael, Andrew Book review 511
Sasun: The History of an 1890s Armenian Revolt. Hovannisian, Richard G. Book review 600
Sea of Storms: A History of Hurricanes in the Greater Caribbean from Columbus to Katrina. Emanuel, Kerry A. Book review 627
Taking on Theodore Roosevelt: How One Senator Defied the President on Brownsville and Shook American Politics. Gould, Lewis L. Book review 531
The "Greatest Problem": Religion and State Formation in Meiji Japan. Kingsberg, Miriam Book review 528
The Brewer's Tale: A History of the World According to Beer. Bellamy, Matthew J. Book review 562
The British Gentry, the Southern Planter, and the Northern Family Farmer: Agriculture and Sectional Antagonism in North America. Kilbride, Daniel Book review 563
The Destruction of the Medieval Chinese Aristocracy. Ditter, Alexei Book review 658
The German Right in the Weimar Republic: Studies in the History of German Conservatism, Nationalism, and Antisemitism. Bookbinder, Paul Book review 526
The Global Great Depression and the Coming of World War II. Hopkins, June Book review 504
The Lama Question: Violence, Sovereignty, and Exception in Early Socialist Mongolia. Sabloff, Paula L.W. Book review 521
The Middle Ages. Halfond, Gregory I. Book review 534
The Moral Culture of the Scottish Enlightenment, 1690-1805. Smitten, Jeffrey Book review 529
The Selected Papers of John Jay, Volume 2: 1780-1782 & Volume 3: 1782-1784. Bernstein, R.B. Book review 962
The Sino-Soviet Alliance: An International History. Stanke, Jaclyn Book review 528
The Sphinx: Franklin Roosevelt, the Isolationists, and the Road to World War II. Kimball, Warren F. Book review 653
The Victorian City: Everyday Life in Dickens' London. Steinbach, Susie L. Book review 501
The War on Alcohol: Prohibition and the Rise of the American State. Fahey, David M. Book review 493
The World's First Stock Exchange. Wright, Robert E. Book review 488
The Wright Brothers. Anderson, John D., Jr. Book review 503
The Yaquis and the Empire: Violence, Spanish Imperial Power, and Native Resilience in Colonial Mexico. Sheridan, Thomas E. Book review 576
The Yellow River: The Problem of Water in Modern China. Marks, Robert B. Book review 564
To Plead Our Own Cause: African Americans in Massachusetts and the Making of the Antislavery Movement. Slater, Sandra Book review 626
True art sells itself: XY Magazine and the Gay Press in digital-age America. Hitchcock, Michael Essay 7771
Truth & Tales: Cultural Mobility and Medieval Media. Hudson, Benjamin Book review 529
Unreasonable Histories: Nativism, Multiracial Lives, and the Genealogical Imagination in British Africa. Kelly, Jill E. Book review 637
Vietnamese Colonial Republican: The Political Vision of Vu Trong Phung. McLeod, Mark W. Book review 627
Washington's Revolution: The Making of America's First Leader. Hoffer, Peter Charles Book review 509
Why You Can't Teach United States History without American Indians. Nichols, Roger L. Book review 537
Women in the Peninsular War. MacKay, Charles Book review 500
Yankee Bishops: Apostles in the New Republic, 1783 to 1873. Cayton, Mary Kupiec Book review 502

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