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Articles from The Historian (September 22, 2013)

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"I have never cut his budget and I never expect to": the House Appropriations Committee's role in increasing the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cold War power. Stockham, Aaron J. Essay 7133
"The man in the water": the politics of the American hero, 1970-1985. Graebner, William Essay 12086
1494: How a Family Feud in Medieval Spain Divided the World in Half. Brunelle, Gayle K. Book review 517
1939: Countdown to War. Claasen, Adam Book review 511
A study of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich as Supreme Commander of the Russian Army, 1914-1915. Robinson, Paul Essay 9719
Able Seamen: The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy, 1850-1939. Lambert, Andrew D. Book review 535
Abolishing the Taboo: Dwight D. Eisenhower and American Nuclear Doctrine, 1945-1961. Buchanan, Andrew N. Book review 532
AEthelstan: The First King of England. Insley, Charles Book review 1289
America in the Forties. Cannon, Brian Q. Book review 491
Among the Powers of the Earth: The American Revolution and the Making of a New World Empire. Cornish, Rory T. Book review 709
An Infinity of Nations: How the Native New World Shaped Early North America. Moore, Stacey L. Book review 536
Anthony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of Shaftesbury 1621-1683. McLaughlin, Leanna Book review 545
Ataturk: An Intellectual Biography. Eissenstat, Howard Book review 511
Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend. Quintelli-Neary, Marguerite Book review 518
Citizen Soldier: A Life of Harry S. Truman. Donaldson, Gary A. Book review 597
Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South. Weitz, Mark A. Book review 585
December 1941: Twelve Days that Began a World War. Leiby, Richard A. Book review 523
Embracing the Divine: Passion and Politics in the Christian Middle East. Grafton, David D. Book review 544
Final Victory: FDR's Extraordinary World War II Presidential Campaign. Doenecke, Justus D. Book review 535
Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts. Mason, David L. Book review 520
Francis of Assisi: A New Biography. Schlager, Bernard Book review 701
From Ship's Cook to Baronet: Sir William Reardon Smith's Life in Shipping, 1856-1935. Armstrong, John Book review 492
Guilty of Indigence: The Urban Poor in China, 1900-1953. Liang, Hong-Ming Book review 532
Holy Bones, Holy Dust: How Relics Shaped the History of Medieval Europe. Montgomery, Scott B. Book review 538
Illinois in the War of 1812. Keating, Ann Durkin Book review 509
In the Watches of the Night: Life in the Nocturnal City, 1820-1930. Kendrick, Megan Book review 529
J. Edgar Hoover Goes to the Movies: The FBI and the Origins of Hollywood's Cold War. Charles, Douglas M. Book review 498
Kinship Myth in Ancient Greece. Gaca, Kathy L. Book review 542
Mozart at the Gateway to His Fortune: Serving the Emperor, 1788-1791. Schroeder, David Book review 501
Multicultural China in the Early Middle Ages. Dien, Albert E. Book review 502
Of Little Comfort: War Widows, Fallen Soldiers, and the Remaking of the Nation after the Great War. Quinn, Erika Book review 515
Ostkrieg: Hitler's War of Extermination in the East. Haywood, Geoff Book review 829
Phi Alpha Theta initiates. Calendar 10628
Phi Alpha Theta initiates. List 10994
Pious Citizens: Reforming Zoroastrianism in India and Iran. Gesink, Indira Falk Book review 502
Plagues in World History. Sherman, Irwin W. Book review 489
Portrait of a Russian Province: Economy, Society, and Civilization in Nineteenth-Century Nizhnii Novgorod. LeDonne, John P. Book review 705
Reborn in America: French Exiles and Refugees in the United States and the Vine and Olive Adventure, 1815-1865. Kennedy, Gregory Book review 541
Revelation Restored: The Apocalypse in Later Seventeenth-Century England. Apetrie, Sarah Book review 563
Routes of War: The World of Movement in the Confederate South. Giesberg, Judith Book review 562
Russia's Own Orient: The Politics of Identity and Oriental Studies in the Late Imperial and Early Soviet Periods. Hundley, Helen Book review 434
Selling the Congo: A History of European Pro-Empire Propaganda and the Making of Belgian Imperialism. Young, Crawford Book review 543
Squeeze This!: A Cultural History of the Accordion in America. Bindas, Kenneth J. Book review 608
Tell Me the Story of How I Conquered You: "Elsewheres" and Ethnosuicide in the Colonial Mesoamerican World. Zeitlin, Judith Francis Book review 535
The Abolitionist Imagination. Fought, Leigh Book review 532
The Accidental City: Improvising New Orleans. Kinsella, Timothy K. Book review 931
The Anatomy of a South African Genocide: The Extermination of the Cape San Peoples. Meriwether, Jeffrey Lee Book review 520
The Baker Who Pretended to Be King of Portugal. Ruiz, Teofilo F. Book review 510
The Book and the Transformation of Britain, c. 550-1050: A Study in Written and Visual Literacy and Orality. Tabuteau, Emily Zack Book review 538
The Character of Meriwether Lewis: Explorer in the Wilderness. Carso, Brian Book review 539
The Corner of the Living: Ayacucho on the Eve of the Shining Path Insurgency. Stern, Steve J. Book review 753
The Crimes of Elagabalus: The Life and Legacy of Rome's Decadent Boy Emperor. Okamura, Lawrence Book review 509
The Devil's Captain: Ernst Junger in Nazi Paris, 1941-1944. Dreyfus, Jean-Marc Book review 521
The Enemy of the New Man: Homosexuality in Fascist Italy. Ross, Charlotte Book review 600
The Expert Cook in Enlightenment France. Goddard, Peter A. Book review 528
The first Russian settlers in Alaska. Grinev, Andrei V. Essay 12478
The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher, from Grocer's Daughter to Prime Minister. Hendley, Matthew C. Book review 750
The Kentucky Derby: How the Run for the Roses Became America's Premier Sporting Event. Nusser, Susan Book review 537
The Last Great Senate: Courage and Statesmanship in Times of Crisis. Zelman, Patricia Book review 525
The Last Pre-Raphaelite: Edward Burne-Jones and the Victorian Imagination. Syme, Alison Book review 525
The Life of Herbert Hoover: Fighting Quaker, 1928-1933. Eckley, Wilton Book review 505
The Making of a Mediterranean Emirate: Ifriqiya and Its Andalusis, 1200-1400. Malczycki, W. Matt Book review 547
The Making of the Middle Class: Toward a Transnational History. Liechty, Mark Book review 538
The Making of Western Indology: Henry Thomas Colebrooke and the East India Company. Bryant, Edwin Book review 744
The Monster Evil: Policing and Violence in Victorian Liverpool. Baer, Marc Book review 554
The People's Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America. Whittington, Keith E. Book review 535
The Revolution of 1861: The American Civil War in the Age of Nationalist Conflict. Doyle, Don H. Book review 589
The Russian Origins of the First World War. King, Richard D. Book review 548
The Science of the Soul in Colonial New England. Kopelson, Heather Miyano Book review 553
The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain. Pack, Sasha D. Book review 585
The Team That Forever Changed Baseball and America: The 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers. Smith, Duane A. Book review 500
The Zong: A Massacre, the Law and the End of Slavery. Robertson, James Book review 511
Thomas Jefferson, Time, and History. Schwarz, Michael Book review 507
Transatlantic Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century. Wilcox, Lance Book review 552
Varieties of Seventeenth- and Early Eighteenth-Century English Radicalism in Context. Janet, Richard J. Book review 593
Victors in Blue: How Union Generals Fought the Confederates, Battled Each Other, and Won the Civil War. Hepburn, Sharon A. Roger Book review 561
Virginia City: Secrets of a Western Past. Hardesty, Donald L. Book review 515
When the Sun Danced: Myth, Miracles, and Modernity in Twentieth-Century Portugal. Gallagher, Tom Book review 670
Whispers of Rebellion: Narrating Gabriel's Conspiracy. Schweninger, Loren Book review 470
Women's Identities and Bodies in Colonial and Postcolonial History and Literature. Oxendale, Stephanie M. Book review 516
Writing the Mughal World: Studies on Culture and Politics. Fisher, Michael H. Book review 508

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