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Articles from The Historian (December 22, 2012)

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"The fall of ancient Rome and modern U.S. immigration: historical model or political football?". Argote-Freyre, Frank; Bellitto, Christopher M. Essay 10039
1812: The Navy's War. Dudley, Wade G. Book review 516
A Secret Society History of the Civil War. Carlson, David Book review 485
Advance and Destroy: Patton as Commander in the Bulge. Fritz, Stephen G. Book review 613
Affection and Trust: The Personal Correspondence of Harry S. Truman and Dean Acheson, 1953-1971. Mrozek, Donald J. Book review 552
African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80. Raftopoulos, Brian Book review 529
Against the Gallows: Antebellum American Writers and the Movement to Abolish Capital Punishment. Andrews, Stephen D. Book review 526
Barbarians and Brothers: Anglo-American Warfare, 1500-1865. Hockman, Dan M. Book review 535
Black Patriots and Loyalists: Fighting for Emancipation in the War for Independence. Egerton, Douglas R. Book review 571
Bonds of Empire: West Indians and Britishness from Victoria to Decolonization. Devereux, David R. Book review 585
Britain and World War One. Proctor, Tammy M. Book review 483
Bronze Age Textiles: Men, Women and Wealth. Gleba, Margarita Book review 636
Chartism in Scotland. Hargreaves, John A. Book review 504
Chinese Circulations: Capital, Commodities, and Networks in Southeast Asia. Li, Hongshan Book review 570
Collision Course: Ronald Reagan, the Air Traffic Controllers, and the Strike that Changed America. Shostak, Arthur B. Book review 552
Culture and Politics at the Court of Charles II, 1660-1685. Montano, John Patrick Book review 594
Democracy and the Vote in British Politics, 1848-1867: The Making of the Second Reform Act. McClelland, Keith Book review 549
Deterrence through Strength: British Naval Power and Foreign Policy under Pax Britannica. Mitcham, John C. Book review 533
Domination and Lordship: Scotland, 1070-1230. Brown, Michael Book review 540
Dreaming of Dixie: How the South Was Created in American Popular Culture. Skipper, Jodi Book review 524
Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life. Ferguson, Kathy E. Book review 515
Empire at the Periphery. British Colonists, Anglo-Dutch Trade, and the Development of the British Atlantic, 1621-1713. Kars, Marjoleine Book review 583
Ethan Allen: His Life and Times. Hartog, Jonathan Den Book review 528
Faces of Perfect Ebony: Encountering Atlantic Slavery in Imperial Britain. Vance, Michael E. Book review 504
Faith and Fatherland: Catholicism, Modernity, and Poland. Butterwick, Richard Book review 532
FDR Goes to War: How Expanded Executive Power, Spiraling National Debt, and Restricted Civil Liberties Shaped Wartime America. McInerney, Thomas J. Book review 611
Fighting, negotiating, laughing: the use of humor in the Vietnam war. Menta, Harish C. Essay 17930
Forty Miles from the Sea: Xalapa, the Public Sphere, and the Atlantic World in Nineteenth-Century Mexico. Wasserman, Mark Book review 583
Free At Last? Reflections on Freedom and the Abolition of the British Transatlantic Slave Trade. Ford, Charles H. Book review 568
From Queens to Slaves: Pope Gregory's Special Concern for Women. Cox, Darrin Book review 530
Funerals, Festivals, and Cultural Politics in Porfirian Mexico. Kuecker, Glen David Book review 500
Heaven Cracks, Earth Shakes: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Death of Mao's China. Rohlf, Gregory Book review 524
How to Change the World: Reflections on Marx and Marxism. Horn, Jeff Book review 526
Imagining the Middle East: The Building of an American Foreign Policy, 1918-1967. Wentling, Sonja Schoepf Book review 653
Improbable Patriot: The Secret History of Monsieur de Beaumarchais, the French Playwright Who Saved the American Revolution. Statler, Kathryn Book review 561
Leon Trotsky: A Revolutionary's Life. Daly, Jonathan Book review 520
Liberty's Exiles: American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World. Bell, D.G. Book review 518
Lucretia Mott's Heresy: Abolition and Women's Rights in Nineteenth-Century America. Ott, Victoria E. Book review 550
Making War and Minting Christians: Masculinity, Religion, and Colonialism in Early New England. Foster, Thomas A. Book review 517
Modernity socialism versus orthodox Marxism: ideological strife in the party of democratic socialism (PDS), 1993-1999. Guentzel, Ralph P. 8211
Neurasthenic Nation: America's Search for Health, Happiness, and Comfort, 1869-1920. Markowitz, Gerald Book review 522
Nuns Behaving Badly. Tales of Music, Magic, Art, and Arson in the Convents of Italy. Makowski, Elizabeth Book review 498
On the expansion of the Czechoslovak economic relations with China after the establishment of the Chinese communist regime. Skrivan, Ales, Jr. Essay 7665
Outnumbered, Outgunned, Undeterred: Twenty Battles Against All Odds. Heidler, Jeanne T. Book review 599
Pagan Goddesses in the Early Germanic World: Eostre, Hreda, and the Cult of Matrons. Cusack, Carole M. Book review 529
Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots. Gilje, Paul A. Book review 524
Peasant and Empire in Christian North Africa. Carlsen, Jesper Book review 490
Phi alpha theta initiates. Calendar 2040
Polybius and Roman Imperialism. Tronson, Adrian Book review 518
Poverty, Gender, and Life-Cycle under the English Poor Law, 1760-1834. Scheuermann, Mona Book review 620
Poxed and Scurvied: The Story of Sickness and Health at Sea. Felker, Craig C. Book review 530
Radical: A Portrait of Saul Alinsky. Cottrell, Robert C. Book review 525
Refighting the Pacific War: An Alternative History of World War II. Bryant, Jacob Book review 528
Revolutionary Founders: Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in the Making of the Nation. Ranlet, Philip Book review 543
Song of the Forest: Russian Forestry and Stalinist Environmentalism, 1905-1953. Jones, Ryan Tucker Book review 530
Taliban: The Unknown Enemy. Johnson, Thomas H. Book review 560
Ten Popes Who Shook the World. van Liere, Frans Book review 494
Terror and Greatness: Ivan and Peter as Russian Myths. Pearson, Thomas S. Book review 549
The Accidental Revolutionary: George Whitefield and the Creation of America. Beneke, Chris Book review 518
The Arc of War: Origins, Escalation, and Transformation. Lee, Wayne E. Book review 559
The Birth of Classical Europe: A History from Troy to Augustine. Johnson, Ken Book review 780
The Black Legend of Prince Rupert's Dog: Witchcraft and Propaganda during the English Civil War. Young, Michael B. Book review 528
The Captain Who Burned His Ships: Captain Thomas Tingey. Lanzendorfer, Tim Book review 593
The Door of Hope: Republican Presidents and the First Southern Strategy, 1877-1933. Clark, James C. Book review 514
The Emperor and the Saint. Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, Francis of Assisi, and Journeys to Medieval Places. Jenkins, Ernest E. Book review 510
The Empire Reformed: English America in the Age of the Glorious Revolution. Robbins, Karen E. Book review 498
The Founding Fathers Reconsidered. Morser, Eric J. Book review 517
The Gods of Prophetstown: The Battle of Tippecanoe and the Holy War for the American Frontier. Britten, Thomas A. Book review 569
The Iron Way: Railroads, the Civil War, and the Making of Modern America. Grant, H. Roger Book review 502
The Jewish Dark Continent: Life and Death in the Russian Pale of Settlement. Shtakser, Inna Book review 549
The Last Caudillo: Alvaro Obregon and the Mexican Revolution. Aguirre, Nancy Book review 492
The Latest Word from 1540: People, Places, and Portrayals of the Coronado Expedition. Melzer, Richard Book review 502
The Pope's Soldiers: A Military History of the Modern Vatican. Palmer, Douglas B. Book review 568
The Quarters and the Fields: Slave Families in the Non-Cotton South. Schweninger, Loren Book review 428
The Thousand-Year Flood: The Ohio-Mississippi Disaster of 1937. Manganiello, Christopher J. Book review 519
The Won Cause: Black and White Comradeship in the Grand Army of the Republic. Smith, John David Book review 557
Thinking the Olympics: The Classical Tradition and the Modern Games. Beck, Peter J. Book review 494
Virginia Woolf. Hipsky, Martin Book review 528
Winning the West with Words: Language and Conquest in the Lower Great Lakes. Harper, Rob Book review 563
With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918. Black, Jeremy Book review 491

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