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Articles from The Historian (September 22, 2010)

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A Brief History of the Late Ottoman Empire. Farah, Caesar E. Book review 513
A History of Pashtun Migration, 1775-2006. Guelcher, Greg P. Book review 528
A Population History of the Huron-Petun, A.D. 500-1650. Willig, Timothy D. Book review 502
Apocalypse: Earthquakes, Archaeology, and the Wrath of God. Arnett, William S. Book review 505
Awaiting the Heavenly Country: The Civil War and America's Culture of Death. Ashdown, Paul Book review 538
Bandits and Partisans: The Antonov Movement in the Russian Civil War. Pereira, Norman G.O. Book review 545
Carnal Commerce in Counter-Reformation Rome. Hsia, R. Po-chia Book review 522
Colombia and the United States: The Making of an Inter-American Alliance, 1939-1960. Hingson, Jesse Book review 549
Conflict and Commerce on the the Rio Grande: Laredo, 1755-1955. Lewis, Daniel K. Book review 512
Contesting the German Empire, 1871-1918. Carney, Amy Book review 581
Crossing Empire's Edge: Foreign Ministry Police and Japanese Expansionism in Northeast Asia. Yamamoto, Genzo Book review 532
Defending Royal Supremacy and Discerning God's Will in Tudor England. Gunther, Karl Book review 494
Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success. Freas, Erik Eliav Book review 501
Dunkirk: Fight to the Last Man. Hart, Russell A. Book review 538
Einstein's Mistakes: The Human Failings of Genius. Martinez, Alberto A. Book review 538
Gallipoli: Attack from the Sea. Holmes, Richard Book review 506
Gender and Genocide in Burundi: The Search for Spaces of Peace in the Great Lakes Region. Penna, David R. Book review 526
Grant's Lieutenants: From Cairo to Vicksburg. Pyron, Darden Asbury Book review 408
Hiroshima" The World's Bomb. Malloy, Sean L. Book review 594
Historicism and Fascism in Modern Italy. Connell, William J. Book review 423
Hitler's New Disorder: The Second World War in Yugoslavia. Ericson, Ed, III 539
Households and Hegemony: Early Creek Prestige Goods, Symbolic Capital, and Social Power. Piker, Joshua Book review 501
India and China in the Colonial World. Csete, Anne Book review 743
Italy and Its Invaders. Beattie, Blake R. Book review 530
Jews and Judaism in the Middle Ages. Marcus, Ivan G. Book review 506
John Maynard Keynes. Kaplan, Edward S. Book review 486
Karl Brandt- The Nazi Doctor, Medicine and Power in the Third Reich. Walker, Mark Book review 527
Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East. Curry, John J. Book review 708
Leaves of the Same Tree: Trade and Ethnicity in the Straits of Melaka. Sodhy, Pamela Book review 591
Leprosy in Premodern Medicine: A Malady of the Whole Body. Roberts, Charlotte A. Book review 537
Magnifico: The Brilliant Life and Violent Times of Lorenzo de' Medici. Hardgrave, Jason Book review 529
Miracles and Wonders: The Development of the Concept of Miracle, 1150-1350. Caciola, Nancy Book review 554
Napoleon's Enfant Terrible: General Dominique Vandamme. Cook, Llewellyn Book review 521
Napoleon: The Path to Power, 1769-1799. York, Anne Book review 496
One Day That Shook the Communist World: The 1956 Hungarian Uprising and Its Legacy. Borhi, Laszlo Book review 561
One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War. Stanke, Jaclyn Book review 535
Personal occupations: women's responses to U.S. military occupations in Latin America. McPherson, Alan 12446
Pestilence and power: the smallpox epidemic of 1780-1782 and intertribal relations on the northern great plains. Hodge, Adam R. 10235
Phi alpha theta initiates. List 21696
Philip II of Macedonia. Hunt, Peter Book review 499
Queen's Court: Judicial Power in the Rehnquist Era. Louthan, William C. Book review 687
Reinventing Richard Nixon" A Cultural History of an American Obsession. Heineman, Kenneth J. Book review 550
Rituals of War: The Body and Violence in Mesopotamia. Deblauwe, Francis Book review 537
Rumsfeld's Wars: The Arrogance of Power. Gambone, Michael D. Book review 525
Scipio Africanus: Rome's Greatest General. Shapiro, Susan O. Book review 510
Setting the Desert on Fire: T.E. Lawrence and Britain's Secret War in Arabia, 1916-1918. Goldman, William S. Book review 603
Sex and Sensuality in the Ancient World. Holmberg, Ingrid E. Book review 526
Shaky Colonialism: The 1746 Earthquake-Tsunami in Lima, Peru, and Its Long Aftermath. Quiroz, Alfonso W. Book review 516
Soviet development theory and economic and technical assistance to Afghanistan, 1954-1991. Robinson, Paul; Dixon, Jay 10143
State and Society in Eighteenth-Century France" A Study of Political Power and Social Revolution in Languedoc. Doyle, William Book review 537
Terror and Democracy in the Age of Stalin: The Social Dynamics of Repression. Rimmel, Lesley A. Book review 969
The Columbia History of Jews and Judaism in America. Friedman, Rachelle E. Book review 613
The Crime of Poison in the Middle Ages. Hardgrave, Jason Book review 524
The Crimes of Womanhood: Defining Femininity in a Court of Law. Cairns, Kathleen A. Book review 538
The Discovery of Guiana by Sir Walter Ralegh: With Related Documents. Head, David M. Book review 488
The Discovery of Mankind: Atlantic Encounters in the Age of Columbus. Lewin, Alison Williams Book review 491
The Education of Booker T. Washington: American Democracy and the Idea of Race Relations. Greenburg, Cheryl Book review 531
The Family in Early Modern England. White, Michelle Book review 625
The Flash Press: Sporting Male Weeklies in 1840s New York. Upchurch, Charles Book review 557
The History of Medieval Canon Law in the Classical Period, 1140-1234. Makowski, Elizabeth Book review 489
The Interweaving of Rituals: Funerals in the Cultural Exchange Between China and Europe. Rogaski, Ruth Book review 627
The Limits of Loyalty: Imperial Symbolism, Popular Allegiances, and State Patriotism in the Late Habsburg Monarchy. Belier, Steven Book review 546
The Making of FDR" The Story of Stephen T. Early, America's First Modern Press Secretary. Sloan, John W. Book review 888
The Oil Hunters: Exploration and Espionage in the Middle East. Klausner, Carla L. Book review 648
The Red Prince: The Secret Lives of a Habsburg Archduke. Fichtner, Paula Sutter Book review 516
The reformation of manners societies, the monarchy, and the English state, 1696-1714. Sonnelitter, Karen 10897
The Resolution of African Conflicts: The Management of Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Reconstruction. Mbah, Emmanuel M. Book review 916
The Romanovs: Ruling Russia 1613-1917. Pearson, Thomas S. Book review 527
The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Making of Africa Town, USA: Spirit of Our Ancestors. Schweninger, Loren Book review 585
The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret. Hellrigel, Mary Ann Book review 571
The Unmaking of the Middle East: A History of Western Disorder in Arab Lands. Miller, Ruth Book review 550
The Woman Who Discovered Printing. de Pee, Christian Book review 544
Tour of Duty: Samurai, Military Service in Edo, and the Culture of Early Modern Japan. Swope, Kenneth M. Book review 624
Uncle Sam Wants You: World War I and the Making of the Modern American Citizen. McKenzie, Beatrice Book review 521
Unwritten Rome. Frantatuono, Lee Book review 536
Visible Cities: Canton, Nagasaki, and Batavia and the Coming of the Americans. Shimoda, Hiraku Book review 545
Weary of War: Life on the Confederate Home Front. Manning, Chandra Book review 532
When a Woman Becomes a Religious Dynasty: The Samding Dorje Phagmo of Tibet. Chayet, Anne Book review 504
White Roads of the Yucatan: Changing Social Landscapes of the Yucatec Maya. Looper, Matthew G. Book review 519

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