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Articles from The Historian (June 22, 2004)

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"Drug use and responses to it in history". Morgan, H. Wayne Book Review 2112
"This Is America?": The Sixties in Lawrence, Kansas. Heineman, Kenneth J. Book Review 541
A History of Military Thought: From the Enlightenment to the Cold War. Reid, Brian Holden Book Review 446
A Life of Jung. Roazen, Paul Book Review 501
A Short, Offhand, Killing Affair: Soldiers and Social Conflict During the Mexican-American War. Heidler, Jeanne T.; Heidler, David S. Book Review 618
America Attacks Japan: The Invasion That Never Was. Yates, Charles L. Book Review 532
Barricades: The War of the Streets in Revolutionary Paris, 1830-1848. Watkins, Sharon B. Book Review 506
Battle: A History of Combat and Culture From Ancient Greece to Modern America. Viers, Michael W. Book Review 566
Beliefs and the Dead in Reformation England. Kreitzer, Beth Book Review 556
Benjamin Franklin. Morgan, David T. Book Review 533
Between Law and Custom: "High" and "Low" Legal Cultures in the Lands of the British Diaspora, The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, 1600-1900. Horstman, Allen Book Review 411
Breaking Loose Together: The Regulator Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina. Cogliano, Frank Book Review 488
Brittany and the Angevins: Province and Empire, 1158-1203. Young, Bailey K. Book Review 640
Cassiodorus, Jordanes, and the History of the Goths: Studies in a Migration Myth. Wells, Peter S. Book Review 537
Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination, 1830-1867. Murdoch, Alexander Book Review 511
Climbing Up to Glory: A Short History of African-Americans During the Civil War and Reconstruction. Cox, Thomas C. Book Review 628
Craze: Gin and Debauchery in an Age of Reason. Fahey, David M. Book Review 504
Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam. Woodworth, Steven E. Book Review 515
December 7, 1941: the day no one bombed Panama. Larew, Karl G. 8598
Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? Gingerich, Mark P. Book Review 547
Diaspora: Jews Amongst Greeks and Romans. Sivan, Hagith Book Review 512
Emperor of Japan: Meiji and His World, 1852-1912. Kinzley, W. Dean Book Review 580
Europe and Globalization. Kerr, Ian J. Book Review 519
Falsely accused: cold war liberalism reassessed. Wisseman, Nicholas 6590
Fighting Sail on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay: The War of 1812 and Its Aftermath. Skaggs, David Curtis Book Review 533
First to Fly: North Carolina and the Beginnings of Aviation. Haas, Edward F. Book Review 546
From Catharine Beecher to Martha Stewart: A Cultural History of Domestic Advice. Wajda, Shirley Teresa Book Review 587
From Stalin to Kim Il Sung: The Formation of North Korea, 1945-1960. Seth, Michael J. Book Review 658
Growing together: blacks and the Catholic Church in Boston. Leonard, William C. 10945
Habeas Corpus: Rethinking the Great Writ of Liberty. Goodman, Nan Book Review 532
Hearth, home, and steering wheel: gender and modernity in France after the Great War. Stanley, Adam C. 6455
History of Japanese Thought. McNally, Mark Book Review 494
In Search of Gandhi: Essays and Reflections. Embree, Ainslie T. Book Review 523
Inside the Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro and the Urban Underground. Martinez-Fernandez, Luis Book Review 894
Legitimizing justice: the American press and the International Military Tribunal, 1945-1946. Feltman, Brian K. 8280
Life and Miracles of St. Modwenna. Millinger, Susan P. Book Review 516
Lords of Things: The Fashioning of the Siamese Monarchy's Modern Image. Loos, Tamara Book Review 561
Madam Millie: Bordellos from Silver City to Ketchikan. Tong, Benson Book Review 449
Mary, Queen of Scots and the Casket Letters. Starkey, Armstrong Book Review 717
Medieval European Pilgrimage. Makowski, Elizabeth Book Review 508
Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century. Mohl, Raymond A. Book Review 552
Nixon. Small, Melvin Book Review 538
Phi Alpha Theta initiates. Calendar 5898
Rethinking the Great Depression. Szostak, Rick Book Review 521
Russian Masculinities in History and Culture. Phillips, Laura L. Book Review 454
Science, Reform, and Politics in Victorian Britain: The Social Science Association, 1857-1886. Heyck, Thomas William Book Review 533
Sealed with Blood: War, Sacrifice, and Memory in Revolutionary America. Cayton, Andrew R.L. Book Review 531
Society and Culture in the Huguenot World, 1559-1685. Wengler, Elisabeth Book Review 538
Spain and the Independence of the United States: An Intrinsic Gift. Gabriel, Michael P. Book Review 533
Sports and Games of the Ancients. Fisher, Elizabeth A. Book Review 490
State Building and Political Movement in Argentina, 1860-1916. Brennan, James P. Book Review 595
Tank: The Progress of a Monstrous War Machine. Blaker, Gordon A. Book Review 534
Texas in the Confederacy: An Experiment in Nation Building. Moneyhon, Carl H. Book Review 541
The Black Hearts of Men: Radical Abolitionists and the Transformation of Race. Harrold, Stanley Book Review 532
The Body of Raphaelle Peale: Still Life and Selfhood, 1812-1824. Cahall, Michael C. Book Review 680
The Devil's Rope: A Cultural History of Barbed Wire. Carlson, Paul H. Book Review 477
The Faith of 50 Million: Baseball, Religion, and American Culture. Burk, Robert F. Book Review 521
The First Cold War: The Legacy of Woodrow Wilson in U.S.-Soviet Relations. Mulder, John M. Book Review 688
The Health of the Country: How American Settlers Understood Themselves and Their Land. Cutcliffe, Stephen H. Book Review 560
The Hidden Campaign: FDR's Health and the 1944 Election. Kersten, Andrew E. Book Review 561
The History of the Congo. Yoder, John C. Book Review 484
The House and Senate in the 1790s: Petitioning, Lobbying, and Institutional Development. Schiller, Wendy J. Book Review 654
The Human Tradition in Premodern China. Davidson, Steven C. Book Review 788
The Making of Revolutionary Paris. Stone, Janet D. Book Review 496
The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1940. Kuecker, Glen David Book Review 496
The Mind of Egypt: History and Meaning in the Time of the Pharaohs. Nicholson, Paul T. Book Review 533
The Origins of Women's Activism: New York and Boston, 1797-1840. Kaminski, Theresa Book Review 501
The Paraguayan War: Causes and Early Conflict, vol. 1. Rock, David Book Review 517
The Pueblo Incident: A Spy Ship and the Failure of American Foreign Policy. Muir, Malcolm, Jr. Book Review 538
The Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Republic. Bartee, Wayne C. Book Review 494
The Roman Republic and the Augustan Revolution. Burton, Paul J. Book Review 498
The Secret File of Joseph Stalin: A Hidden Life. Mawdsley, Evan Book Review 677
The Soul's Economy: Market Society and Selfhood in American Thought, 1820-1920. Yazawa, Melvin Book Review 547
The Tsar's Last Armada: The Epic Journey to the Battle of Tsushima. Marks, Steven G. Book Review 522
The White Russian Army in Exile, 1920-1941. McFall, Kelly Book Review 505
Trains of Thought: Memories of a Stateless Youth. Harp, Stephen L. Book Review 737
Tramps, Unfit Mothers, and Neglected Children: Negotiating the Family in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia. Williams, Arden Book Review 528
Treason and the State: Law, Politics, and Ideology in the English Civil War. Barber, Sarah Book Review 487
Water and American Government: The Reclamation Bureau, National Water Policy, and the West, 1902-1935. Bakken, Gordon Morris Book Review 538
White Crow: The Life and Times of the Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich Romanov, 1859-1919. Hanson, Gary Book Review 456

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