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Articles from The Historian (March 22, 2003)

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"Britannia at Austin". Waters, Chris Book Review 1492
"Let No Guilty Man Escape": A Judicial Biography of "Hanging Judge" Isaac C. Parker. Evans, Ashley Joyce Book Review 466
"Those of My Blood": Constructing Noble Families in Medieval Francia. Baldwin, John W. Book Review 507
A Brief History of Economics: Artful Approaches to the Dismal Science. Poitras, Geoffrey Book Review 521
A Diplomatic Revolution: Algeria's Fight for Independence and the Origins of the Post-Cold War Era. Perkins, Kenneth J. Book Review 532
A History of Rape: Sexual Violence in France from the 16th to the 20th Century. Brunelle, Gayle K. Book Review 532
A Private in the Texas Rangers: A. T. Miller of Company B, Frontier Battalion. Barr, Alwyn Book Review 509
A Saro Community in the Niger Delta, 1912-1984: The Potts-Johnsons of Port Harcourt and Their Heirs. Ambler, Charles Book Review 577
Above and Beyond: From Soviet General to Ukrainian State Builder. Reese, Roger Book Review 529
Alternatives to Athens: Varieties of Political Organization and Community in Ancient Greece. Mackil, Emily Book Review 538
America's admiral: George Dewey and American culture in the Gilded Age. Leeman, William P. 9298
An Elusive Science: The Troubling History of Education Research. Cayton, Mary Kupiec Book Review 573
Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars. Lucas, M. Philip Book Review 549
Appeasing Hitler: The Diplomacy of Sir Nevile Henderson, 1937-1939. Soybel, Phyllis L. Book Review 519
Atlanta Will Fall: Sherman, Joe Johnston, and the Yankee Heavy Battalions. Brown, Myers Book Review 485
Authority and Upheaval in Leipzig, 1910-1920: The Story of a Relationship. Menninger, Margaret Eleanor Book Review 519
Beyond Enlightenment: occultism, politics, and culture in France from the old regime to the fin-de-siecle (1). Harvey, David Allen 10940
Black Newspapers and America's War for Democracy, 1914-1920. Podair, Jerald E. Book Review 528
Britain and France at the Birth of America: The European Powers and the Peace Negotiations of 1782-1783. Sayre, Robert D. Book Review 702
Code, Custom, and Legal Practice in China: The Qing and the Republic Compared. McKnight, Brian E. Book Review 496
Collaboration and the small community: Arthur Morgan and the Mitraniketan project in Kerala (1). Purcell, Aaron D. 7735
Communities in Early Modern England: Networks, Places, Rhetoric. Jack, Sybil M. Book Review 570
Contested Power in Angola, 1840s to the Present. Stigger, Philip Book Review 535
Days of a Russian Noblewoman: The Memories of Anna Labzina, 1758-1821. Ruane, Christine Book Review 466
Dr. Johnson's Women. Wilcox, Lance Book Review 525
Everyday Life in Medieval England. Kosztolnyik, Z.J. Book Review 517
Expectations of love in troubled Mexican marriages during the late colonial and early national periods (1). Penyak, Lee M.; Vallejo, Veronica 8008
Fissures in the Rock: New England in the Seventeenth Century. Breen, Louise A. Book Review 557
From the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War Against Zimbabwe, 1965-1980. Berg, Meredith Wm. Book Review 616
Gettysburg: Day Three. Kohl, Lawrence Frederick Book Review 566
Historical Dictionary of Byzantium. Treadgold, Warren Book Review 523
India: The Seductive and Seduced "Other" of German Orientalism. Oxendale, Stephanie M. Book Review 510
Japanese Political History Since the Meiji Renovation, 1868-2000. Kinzley, W. Dean Book Review 391
Lafayette of the South: Prince Camille de Polignac and the American Civil War. Snell, William R. Book Review 502
Latin America Between Colony and Nation: Selected Essays. Adelman, Jeremy Book Review 570
Lenin: A Biography. Melancon, Michael Book Review 813
Long Gray Lines: The Southern Military School Tradition, 1839-1915. Barnes, William H. Book Review 765
Man and Wife in America: A History. Kaminski, Theresa Book Review 504
Mao's China and the Cold War. Worthing, Peter Book Review 489
Memories of a Ballplayer: Bill Werber and Baseball in the 1930s. Marshall, William J. Book Review 511
Men Against Myths: The Progressive Response. Rauchway, Eric Book Review 489
Mexican Suite: A History of Photography in Mexico. Wolfe, Justin Book Review 503
Misogyny: The Male Malady. Anderson, Bonnie S. Book Review 621
Munich and Memory: Architecture, Monuments, and the Legacy of the Third Reich. Eley, Geoff Book Review 592
Napoleon and His Collaborators: The Making of a Dictatorship. Schechter, Ronald Book Review 492
Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada. Cohen, Martin B. Book Review 539
Phi Alpha Theta initiates. 5066
Popular Politics and Political Culture in Upper Canada, 1800-1850. Givens, Stuart R. Book Review 562
Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India. Minault, Gail Book Review 527
Reformation Readings of the Apocalypse: Geneva, Zurich, and Wittenberg. Thompson, John L. Book Review 688
Revolutionary Britannia? Reflections on the Threat of Revolution in Britain, 1789-1848. Davis, Michael T. Book Review 689
Royal Courts of the Ancient Maya: Theory, Comparison, and Synthesis, vol. 1. Storey, Rebecca Book Review 536
Royal Survivor: The Life of Charles II. Sommerville, Johann P. Book Review 483
Southeast Asia: A Concise History. Wheeler, C.S. Book Review 514
Stephen F. Austin: Empresario of Texas. Carlson, Paul H. Book Review 560
Suez reconsidered: Anthony Eden's Orientalism and the Suez crisis. Braun, Lindsay Frederick Biography 10330
The Chicago Handbook for Teachers: A Practical Guide to the College Classroom. Davis, John R. Book Review 528
The Common Law Tradition: Lawyers, Books, and the Law. Abrams, Robert A. Book Review 521
The Emergence of Monasticism: From the Desert Fathers to the Early Middle Ages. Appleby, David Book Review 558
The Global World of Indian Merchants, 1750-1947: Traders of Sind from Bukhara to Panama. Hall, Kenneth R. Book Review 733
The Great Thirst: Californians and Water, A History. Bakken, Gordon Morris Book Review 459
The Iranian Revolution Then and Now: Indicators of Regime Instability. Mahdi, Ali Akbar Book Review 1099
The Juvenile Court and the Progressives. Willrich, Michael Book Review 610
The Library of Alexandria: Centre of Learning in the Ancient World. Lamberton, Robert Book Review 511
The Longest Night: A Military History of the Civil War. Dawson, Joseph G., III Book Review 523
The Making of Gratian's Decretum. Pennington, Kenneth Book Review 730
The Measure of Multitude: Population in Medieval Thought. Forgeng, Jeffrey L. Book Review 329
The Persistence of Victorian Liberalism: The Politics of Social Reform in Britain, 1870-1900. Barczewski, Stephanie Book Review 559
The Plains Indian Photographs of Edward S. Curtis. Carlson, Paul H. Book Review 497
The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession. Janes, Dominic Book Review 505
The Union That Shaped the Confederacy: Robert Toombs and Alexander H. Stephens. Burnet, R. Scott Book Review 536
The United States, the French right, and American power in Europe, 1946-1958. Kisatsky, Deborah 10328
The Week France Fell, June 10-16, 1940. Shirley, Michael H. Book Review 501
The World of El Cid: Chronicle of the Spanish Reconquest. Bisson, Thomas N. Book Review 810
Unitarianism in the Antebellum South: The Other Invisible Institution. Bressler, Ann Lee Book Review 519
Urban Centers and Rural Contexts in Late Antiquity. Elton, Hugh Book Review 515
War in the Age of Technology: Myriad Faces of Modern Armed Conflict. House, Jonathan M. Book Review 614
War, Institutions, and Social Change in the Middle East. Lesch, David W. Book Review 663
Workers, Neighbors, and Citizens: The Revolution in Mexico City. Cleland, Joel S. Book Review 520
Working-Class Culture, Women, and Britain, 1914-1921. deVries, Jacqueline R. Book Review 489
Yanks: The Epic Story of the American Army in World War I. Holmes, Richard Book Review 543
Youth in Revolutionary Russia: Enthusiasts, Bohemians, Delinquents. Shlapentokh, Dmitri Book Review 639

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