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Articles from The Historian (December 22, 2002)

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"The Tyranny of Printers": Newspaper Politics in the Early American Republic. Lucas, M. Philip Book Review 506
A Chief Justice's Progress: John Marshall from Revolutionary Virginia to the Supreme Court. Semonche, John E. Book Review 499
A question of race: Pope Pius XII and the "colored troops" in Italy. Weisborg, Robert G.; Honhart, Michael W. 5785
A School for Diplomats: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919. O'Keefe, Kevin J. Book Review 543
All for the Regiment: The Army of the Ohio, 1861-1862. Field, Phyllis F. Book Review 548
An Absolute Massacre: The New Orleans Race Riot of July 30, 1866. Ralph, James Book Review 537
An Empire on Display: English, Indian, and Australian Exhibitions from the Crystal Palace to the Great War. Larson, Todd E.A. Book Review 574
Assassination. Shirley, Michael H. Book Review 517
Biography of a Chairman Mao Badge: The Creation and Mass Consumption of a Personality Cult. Zhao, Dingxin Book Review 570
Bodies and Souls: Politics and the Professionalization of Nursing in France, 1880-1922. Kelleher, Frances A. Book Review 596
British Diplomats and Diplomacy, 1688-1800. Sack, James J. Book Review 505
China Confidential: American Diplomats and Sino-American Relations. Robel, Ronald R. Book Review 617
Citizen Emperor: Pedro II and the Making of Brazil, 1825-1891. Mosher, Jeffrey Book Review 603
Class Struggle in Hollywood, 1930-1950: Moguls, Mobsters, Stars, Reds, and Trade Unionists. Ryan, James G. Book Review 695
Composers of the Nazi Era: Eight Portraits. James, Harold Book Review 857
Dealing with the Devil: East Germany, Detente, and Ostpolitik, 1969-1973. Bartee, Wayne C. Book Review 520
Drawing the Line: How Mason and Dixon Surveyed the Most Famous Border in America. Johnson, Ludwell H., III Book Review 456
Duty Faithfully Performed: Robert E. Lee and His Critics. Palmer, Michael Book Review 507
Entangling Relations: American Foreign Policy in Its Century. Dunar, Andrew J. Book Review 838
Eye of the Storm: A Civil War Odyssey. Vandiver, Frank E. Book Review 588
Fiction as Fact: The Horse Soldiers and Popular Memory. Chesson, Michael B. Book Review 532
Fighting Poverty with Virtue: Moral Reform and America's Urban Poor, 1825-2000. Cowing, Cedric B. Book Review 529
Food and Society in Classical Antiquity. O'Higgins, D.M. Book Review 499
For Better or for Worse: The Marriage of Science and Government in the United States. Owens, Larry Book Review 529
From Ellis Island to JFK: New York's Two Great Waves of Immigration. Anbinder, Tyler Book Review 673
From the pursuit of converts to the relief of refugees: the Maryknoll Sisters in twentieth-century Hong Kong. Chu, Cindy Yik-Yi 8557
Funerals, Politics, and Memory in Modern France, 1789-1996. Miller, Michael Book Review 562
Gendering European History, 1780-1920. Thompson, Victoria E. Book Review 522
German Encounters with Modernism, 1840-1945. Lindenfeld, David Book Review 492
Gettysburg: The First Day. Heidler, Jeanne T. Book Review 426
Greek Biography and Panegyric in Late Antiquity. Vanderspoel, John Book Review 540
Hitler's Italian Allies: Royal Armed Forces, Fascist Regime, and the War of 1940-1943. Delzell, Charles F. Book Review 565
Imagining Lyndon Johnson. Hendrickson, Kenneth E., Jr. 4285
Immigrant Mothers: Narratives of Race and Maternity, 1890-1925. Diner, Hasia Book Review 498
In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death and the World It Made. Forgeng, Jeffrey L. Book Review 531
Ireland and the Great War. Douglas, R.M. Book Review 709
Japanese Prisoners of War. Minear, Richard H. Book Review 781
John Jay, the concept of deference, and the transforamtion of early American political culture. Estes, Todd Biography 10230
Macbeth: Man and Myth. Rudolph, Julia Book Review 577
Making the Black Atlantic: Britain and the African Diaspora. Heywood, Linda M. Book Review 483
Mourning in Late Imperial China: Filial Piety and the State. Wills, John E., Jr., Book Review 628
Much More Than a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball since 1921. Browning, Reed Book Review 531
Museums in the German Art World, from the End of the Old Regime to the Rise of Modernism. Deshmukh, Marion F. Book Review 926
Navigating Failure: Bankruptcy and Commercial Society in Antebellum America. Atkins, Jonathan M. Book Review 553
Our Days Dwindle: Memories of My Childhood Days in Asante. Buhler, Peter Book Review 1145
Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China. Atwill, David G. Book Review 497
Phi Alpha Theta initiates. Calendar 3836
Possessed: Women, Witches, and Demons in Imperial Russia. McReynolds, Louise Book Review 556
Prelude to Tragedy: Vietnam 1960-1965. Hess, Gary R. Book Review 548
Radio and Television Regulation: Broadcast Technology in the United States, 1920-1960. Keith, Michael C. Book Review 412
Reconstruction in the Cane Fields: From Slavery to Free Labor in Louisiana's Sugar Parishes, 1862-1880. Kemp, Kathryn W. Book Review 549
Reginald Pole: Prince and Prophet. Carlson, Eric Josef Book Review 863
Secrets of Victory: The Office of Censorship and the American Press and Radio in World War II. Warren, Frank Book Review 561
Silver, Trade, and War: Spain and America in the Making of Early Modern Europe. Baskes, Jeremy Book Review 619
Stand Firm Ye Boys from Maine: The 20th Maine and the Gettysburg Campaign. Hudson, Leonne M. Book Review 525
Switzerland and the Crisis of Dormant Assets and Nazi Gold. de Syon, Guillaume Book Review 586
The (White) search for (Black) order: the Phelps-Stokes Fund's first twenty years, 1911-1931. Yellin, Eric S. 12867
The Age of the Bachelor: Creating an American Subculture. Bradley, Richard Book Review 475
The Amazon Bubble: World Rubber Monopoly. Elias, Gabriel Book Review 537
The Blue Shirts: Portuguese Fascists and the New State. Eatwell, Roger Book Review 488
The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas: South America, Part 1, vol. 3. Mills, Kenneth Book Review 719
The Catholics of Ulster: A History. Farrell, Sean Book Review 521
The Collapse of the Confederacy. Fritz, Karen E. Book Review 534
The Development of the Radical Right in France, from Boulanger to Le Pen. Gordon, Bertram M. Book Review 571
The Dixiecrat Revolt and the End of the Solid South, 1932-1968. Cochran, Augustus B., III Book Review 490
The Fed: The Inside Story of How the World's Most Powerful Financial Institution Drives the Market. Collins, Robert M. Book Review 548
The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream. Cutcliffe, Stephen H. Book Review 780
The History of Iceland. Hudson, Benjamin Book Review 485
The New Disability History: American Perspectives. Berger, Jane Book Review 516
The People of the Parish: Community Life in a Late Medieval English Diocese. Chamberlain, Jeffrey S. Book Review 677
The strange career of Frank Murphy: conservatives, state-level politics, and the end of the new deal. Wolfinger, James Biography 10203
The U.S. Navy and the Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex, 1847-1883. Geib, George W. Book Review 506
The Uses of the Past in the Early Middle Ages. Koziol, Geoffrey Book Review 633
Time Full of Trial: The Roanoke Island Freedmen's Colony, 1862-1867. Schweninger, Loren Book Review 431
Transatlantic Ties in the Spanish Empire: Brihuega, Spain and Puebla, Mexico, 1560-1620. Baskes, Jeremy Book Review 558
Transgressing the Bounds: Subversive Enterprises among the Puritan Elite in Massachusetts, 1630-1692. Bolton, S. Charles Book Review 512
Troublemaker: The Life and History of A.J.P. Taylor. Heyck, Thomas William Book Review 537
U.S. Allies in a Changing World. Heiss, Mary Ann Book Review 514
Union Blue: The History of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Trask, Kerry A. Book Review 548
Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.". Payne, Lynda Book Review 561
War and Slavery in Sudan. La Rue, George Michael Book Review 528

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