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Articles from The Historian (March 22, 1993)

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"Or Does It Explode?" Black Harlem in the Great Depression. Simms, L. Moody, Jr. Book Review 519
A Consuming Faith: The Social Gospel and Modern American Culture. Yohn, Susan M. Book Review 518
A History of the Peoples of Siberia: Russia's North Asian Colony, 1581-1990. Hundley, Helen S. Book Review 563
A People's Charter: The Pursuit of Rights in America. Cashin, Edward J. Book Review 464
A Policy Calculated to Benefit China: The United States and the China Arms Embargo, 1919-1929. Gallicchio, Marc Book Review 569
A Spirited Resistance: The North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815. Trennert, Robert A. Book Review 480
A War Imagined: English Culture and the First World War. Arnstein, Walter L. Book Review 653
Anti-Racism in U.S. History: The First Two Hundred Years. Mayfield, John Book Review 497
Assessing the role of the NAACP in the civil rights movement. Watson, Denton L. 6490
Before the Normans: Southern Italy in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. Arnold, Benjamin Book Review 468
Byzantium: The Apogee. Harvey, Alan Book Review 437
Cinema and Soviet Society: 1917-1953. Richardson, William Book Review 553
City of Eros: New York City, Prostitution, and the Commercialization of Sex, 1790-1920. Bullough, Vern L. Book Review 418
Common Whites: Class and Culture in Antebellum North Carolina. Noe, Kenneth W. Book Review 352
Cotton and Capital: Boston Businessmen and Anti-Slavery Reform, 1854-1868. Horne, Gerald C. Book Review 466
Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War. Bell, P.M.H. Book Review 528
English and French Towns in Feudal Society. Jones, W.R. Book Review 462
Farm policy and Truman's 1948 campaign. Dean, Virgil W. 6305
Fields of Knowledge: French Academic Culture in Comparative Perspective, 1890-1920. Weber, Eugen Book Review 415
For King and Kaiser! The Making of the Prussian Army Officer, 1860-1914. Presseisen, Ernst L. Book Review 395
Forms of Uncertainty: Essays in Historical Criticism. Wrone, David R. Book Review 478
Fortress California: 1910-1961, From Warfare to Welfare. Putnam, Jackson K. Book Review 452
From Ostpolitik to Reunification: West German-Soviet Relations Since 1974. Sperber, Jonathan Book Review 499
Gentry and Common Folk: Political Culture on a Virginia Frontier, 1740-1789. Stuart, Reginald C. Book Review 463
Getting Work: Philadelphia, 1840-1950. Hodges, James A. Book Review 493
Hans Delbruck and modern military history. Bucholz, Arden Biography 4338
Helmut Nicolai and Nazi Ideology. Grill, Johnpeter Horst Book Review 497
Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union. Hay, Robert P. Book Review 627
In the Floating Army: F.C. Mills on Itinerant Life in California, 1914. McClymer, John F. Book Review 534
Indian Law/Race Law: A Five-Hundred-Year History. Unrau, William E. Book Review 450
Interview with John Demos. Adelson, Roger Interview 7951
It's Your Misfortune and None of My Own: A New History of the American West. Whiteside, James Book Review 476
John Adams: A Life. Andrew, John Book Review 604
John Wesley and the Women Preachers of Early Methodism. Blaser, Kent Book Review 386
La Mettrie: Medicine, Philosophy, and Enlightenment. Newman, Edgar Leon Book Review 486
Mystic Seaport Museum. Hardy, Jennifer K. 379
Nature Lost? Natural Science and the German Theological Traditions of the Nineteenth Century. van der Zande, Johan Book Review 465
Out on the Wind: Poles and Danes in Lincoln County, Minnesota, 1880-1905. Swierenga, Robert P. Book Review 734
Paradox Lost: Free Will and Political Liberty in American Culture, 1630-1760. Joyce, Davis D. Book Review 498
Parliament Under the Tudors. Fritze, Ronald H. Book Review 529
Philanthropy and the Hospitals of London: The King's Fund, 1897-1990. Furdell, Elizabeth Lane Book Review 514
Pretty Bubbles in the Air: America in 1919. Westbrook, Robert B. Book Review 523
Rebel Daughters: Women and the French Revolution. Wolfe, Michael Book Review 491
Reform and Revolution: The Life and Times of Raymond Robins. McKean, Robert B. Book Review 534
Religion and Society in Russia: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Hart, James G. Book Review 539
Revolution in Russia: Reassessments of 1917. Nichols, Scott H. Book Review 465
Rewriting the French Revolution: The Andrew Browning Lectures, 1989. Adams, Thomas M. Book Review 476
Saint Louis: Crusader King of France. Parsons, John Carmi Book Review 283
Soldiers of Christ: Preaching in Late Medieval and Reformation France. Baumgartner, Frederic J. Book Review 554
Soldiers of the Sun: The Rise and Fall of the Imperial Japanese Army. Frei, Henry Philip Book Review 442
Spanning the Century: The Life of W. Averell Harriman, 1891-1986. Jablon, Howard Book Review 493
Sylvia Pankhurst: From Artist to Anti-Fascist. Bland, Sidney R. Book Review 534
Terrorism in India during the freedom struggle. Heehs, Peter 5831
The "Nazi Menace" in Argentina: 1931-1947. Schmeller, Helmut J. Book Review 476
The Athenian Democracy in the Age of Demosthenes: Structure, Principles, and Ideology. Hanson, Craig Book Review 437
The Campaign of the Century: Upton Sinclair's Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics. Langum, David J. Book Review 496
The Color of Their Skin: Education and Race in Richmond, Virginia, 1954-89. Martin, Robert F. Book Review 514
The Communists: The Story of Power and Lost Illusions, 1948-1991. Page, Stanley W. Book Review 427
The Confederacy's Fighting Chaplain: Father John B. Bannon. Marten, James Book Review 522
The Devil's Dominion: Magic and Religion in Early New England. Ingle, H. Larry Book Review 473
The frustrations of a Mexican mine under U.S. ownership. Miller, Daniel R. 8429
The German High Command at War: Hindenburg and Ludendorff Conduct World War I. Vincent, C. Paul Book Review 592
The Germans and the Final Solution: Public Opinion Under Nazism. Hulse, James W. Book Review 436
The Invisible Empire in the West: Toward a New Historical Appraisal of the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s. Blee, Kathleen M. Book Review 516
The Last Great Necessity: Cemeteries in American History. Grob, Gerald N. Book Review 537
The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan. Rogers, Ben Book Review 440
The Myth of the Robber Barons: A New Look at the Rise of Big Business in America. Schweikart, Larry Book Review 567
The Presidency of James Madison. Hargreaves, Mary W.M. Book Review 595
The Production, Distribution and Readership of a Conservative Journal of the Early French Revolution: The Ami du Roi of the Abbe Royou. Forrest, Alan Book Review 647
The Protestant Crusade in Great Britain: 1829-1860. Powell, John Book Review 486
The Rise of the Penitentiary: Prisons and Punishment in Early America. Johnson, Judith R. Book Review 453
The Soderini and the Medici: Power and Patronage in Fifteenth-Century Florence. Menning, Carol Bresnahan Book Review 552
The Two Cities: Medieval Europe, 1050-1320. Flint, Valerie I.J. Book Review 455
The Unbounded Community: Neighborhood Life and Social Structure in New York City, 1830-1875. Abrams, Douglas Carl Book Review 583
There's a War to Be Won: The United States Army in World War II. Maddox, Robert James Book Review 477
To the Ends of the Earth: Women's Search for Education in Medicine. Palmieri, Patricia A. Book Review 459
Toward a More Perfect Union: Virtue and the Formation of American Republics. Skemp, Sheila L. Book Review 504
Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal. Capeci, Dominic J., Jr. Book Review 421
United Government and Foreign Policy in Russia: 1900-1914. Neilson, Keith Book Review 507
Women in the Chartist Movement. Taylor, Miles Book Review 918
Women's Culture, American Philanthropy and Art: 1830-1930. Davis, Gayle R. Book Review 471
Yellow Fever and Public Health in the New South. Bonner, Thomas Neville Book Review 505
Zwingli: An Introduction to His Thought. Edwards, Mark U., Jr. Book Review 430

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