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Articles from The Historian (June 22, 1993)

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"Let them eat cake": the mythical Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. Barker, Nancy N. Biography 7613
A Different World for Women: The Life of Millicent Garrett Fawcett. Smith, Harold L. Book Review 464
A Preponderance of Power: National Security, the Truman Administration and the Cold War. Jonas, Manfred Book Review 476
A Ship to Remember: The Maine and the Spanish-American War. Morgan, H. Wayne Book Review 528
A World Without Women: The Christian Clerical Culture of Western Science. Bornstein, Daniel Book Review 527
African Philosophy: Traditional Yoruba Philosophy and Contemporary African Realities. Falola, Toyin Book Review 1087
Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred. Niewyk, Donald L. Book Review 504
Anxious Decades: America in Prosperity and Depression, 1920-1941. Greene, John Robert Book Review 416
Architecture and Power: The Town Hall and the English Urban Community, c.1500-1640. Robison, William B. Book Review 517
Aspirations and Anxieties: New England Workers and the Mechanized Factory System, 1815-1850. Shea, Preston Book Review 408
Bernadotte: Napoleon's Marshal, Sweden's King. Broers, Michael Book Review 338
Bureaucrats and Beggars: French Social Policy in the Age of Enlightenment. Ragan, Bryant T., Jr. Book Review 436
Charles James Fox. Wilbur, William C. Book Review 459
Charles, Earl Grey: Aristocratic Reformer. Boyd, Newell D. Book Review 509
Church and City, 1000-1500: Essays in Honour of Christopher Brooke. Tabuteau, Emily Zack Book Review 449
Cities of the Gods: Communist Utopias in Greek Thought. Anderson, J.K. Book Review 455
Community and Commerce in Late Medieval Japan: The Corporate Villages of Tokuchin-ho. Totman, Conrad Book Review 539
Conservative Constraints: North Carolina and the New Deal. Reagan, Patrick D. Book Review 493
Decision in the West: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864. Smith, Elbert B. Book Review 502
Early American Methodism. Dorn, Jacob H. Book Review 493
Fire from Heaven: Life in an English Town in the Seventeenth Century. Sheils, W.J. Book Review 606
France and the United States: The Cold Alliance Since World War II. Young, John Book Review 511
Germany's Rude Awakening: Censorship in the Land of the Brothers Grimm. Keefe, Thomas M. Book Review 584
Golden Fetters: The Gold Standard and the Great Depression, 1919-39. Chapman, S.D. Book Review 548
Health care in the coal fields: the Miners Memorial Hospital Association. Mulcahy, Richard 6682
Hidden Ally: The French Resistance, Special Operations and the Landings in Southern France, 1944. Atkin, Nicholas Book Review 496
In the Web of Class: Delinquents and Reformers in Boston, 1810s-1930s. McCormick, Charles H. Book Review 488
John Marshall Harlan: The Last Whig Justice. Hall, Kermit L. Book Review 533
John Quincy Adams and American Global Empire. Helm, Ruth Book Review 529
John Randolph Haynes: California Progressive. Hyser, Raymond M. Book Review 399
Josiah Royce: From Grass Valley to Harvard. Brown, Jeffrey P. Book Review 431
Landownership and Power in Modern Europe. Halls, W.D. Book Review 469
Liberty Secured? Britain Before and After 1688. McGhee, David W. Book Review 489
Liberty, Retrenchment, and Reform: Popular Liberalism in the Age of Gladstone, 1860-1880. Pyeatt, D. Niler Book Review 420
Locality and Polity: A Study of Warwickshire Landed Society, 1401-1499. Alexander, Michael V.C. Book Review 598
Martin Luther: Theology and Revolution. Karant-Nunn, Susan C. Book Review 633
Milton's 'History of Britain': Republican Historiography in the English Revolution. Greaves, Richard L. Book Review 551
National Crisis and National Government: British Politics, the Economy and Empire, 1926-1932. Wheeler, Arthur Book Review 538
Our Great Solicitor: Josiah C. Wedgewood and the Jews. Voeltz, Richard A. Book Review 588
Patients, Power, and the Poor in Eighteenth-Century Bristol. Key, Newton E. Book Review 536
Prosecution and Punishment: Petty Crime and the Law in London and Rural Middlesex, c.1660-1725. Galgano, Michael J. Book Review 467
Province and Empire: Brittany and the Carolingians. Sullivan, Richard E. Book Review 541
Religion, Law, and Power: The Making of Protestant Ireland, 1660-1760. Harris, F.W. Book Review 488
Remembering the Ghetto Uprising at the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Radzilowski, John Illustration 367
Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust. Jewsbury, George F. Book Review 558
Science and Technology in African History with Case Studies from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Falola, Toyin Book Review 364
Scotland and War: A.D. 79-1918. Gillespie, James L. Book Review 533
Secrets of the Kingdom: British Radicals from the Popish Plot to the Revolution of 1688-1689. Spurr, John Book Review 554
Senator Borah's crusade to save small business from the New Deal. Horowitz, David A. Biography 6590
Settlers' Children: Growing Up on the Great Plains. Wilson, Raymond Book Review 411
Shokan - Hirohito's Samurai: Leaders of the Japanese Armed Forces, 1926-1945. Barnhart, Michael A. Book Review 363
Singing the Master: The Emergence of African American Culture in the Plantation South. Moses, Wilson J. Book Review 574
Target Hitler: The Plots to Kill Hitler. Tracey, Donald R. Book Review 322
Tea Party Independence: The Third Phase of the American Revolution, 1773-1776. Armstrong, Thom M. Book Review 601
The African Experience. Havens, Marsha Book Review 616
The American Encounter with Buddhism: 1844-1912, Victorian Culture and the Limits of Dissent. Curtis, Susan Book Review 468
The American Political Nation: 1838-1893. Boyer, Paul D. Book Review 463
The Baltic and the Outbreak of the Second World War. Lee, Loyd E. Book Review 513
The Black Man's Burden: Africa and the Curse of the Nation-State. Rimmer, Douglas Book Review 678
The Business of May Next: James Madison and the Founding. Nelson, Paul David Book Review 463
The Center for the History of Freedom. Davis, R.W. 2723
The Divided Nation: A History of Germany, 1918-1990. Botjer, George F. Book Review 395
The Eagle-Dragon Alliance: America's Relations with China in World War Two. Kapur, Harish Book Review 451
The Early Germans. Freed, John B. Book Review 499
The empress' new clothes and Japanese women, 1868-1912. Hastings, Sally A. Biography 5537
The Engineer of Revolution: L.B. Krasin and the Bolsheviks, 1870-1926. Snow, George E. Book Review 488
The Later Crusades: From Lyons to Alcazar, 1274-1580. Attreed, Lorraine Book Review 535
The many faces of local history. Sprague, Stuart Seely 2728
The Orphan Trains: Placing Out in America. Holloran, Peter Book Review 741
The Palestinian Uprising: A War by Other Means. Gershoni, Israel Book Review 1015
The Refinement of America: Persons, Houses, Cities. Altschuler, Glenn C. Book Review 473
The Republican Virago: The Life and Times of Catharine Macaulay, Historian. McCandless, Amy Thompson Book Review 510
The Revolution of 1688: Changing Perspectives. Spellman, W.M. Book Review 797
The Revolution of 1905: Authority Restored. MacKenzie, David Book Review 508
The Salem Witch Crisis. Wall, Helena M. Book Review 487
The Scramble for Africa: White Man's Conquest of the Dark Continent from 1876-1912. Hull, William Book Review 477
The Shaker Experience in America: A History of the United Society of Believers. Pearson, Samuel C. Book Review 573
The Slave Coast of West Africa: 1550-1750. Eltis, David Book Review 496
The Tudor Nobility. Reel, Jerome V., Jr. Book Review 464
The U.S. Navy, the Mediterranean, and the Cold War: 1945-1947. O'Connor, Raymond G. Book Review 329
Theory as Practice: Ethical Inquiry in the Renaissance. Grubb, James S. Book Review 533
This Terrible Sound: The Battle of Chickamauga. Mullins, William H. Book Review 494
Trotsky, Stalin, and Socialism. O'Connor, Timothy E. Book Review 501
Unholy Grail: The U.S. and the Wars in Vietnam, 1965-1968. Joes, Anthony James Book Review 418
Watergate and Afterward: The Legacy of Richard M. Nixon. Parmet, Robert D. Book Review 552
We Need Men: The Union Draft in the Civil War. Beringer, Richard E. Book Review 515
White Dreams, Black Africa: The Anti-Slavery Expedition to the River Niger, 1841-1842. Smith, Terence J. Book Review 482
Winning the Peace: British Diplomatic Strategy, Peace Planning, and the Paris Peace Conference, 1916-1920. Startt, James D. Book Review 435
Women and the Labour Movement in Scotland: 1850-1914. Munsell, F. Darrell Book Review 461

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