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The HeptCat's other trick.

In the February 2003 Word Ways, the HeptCat Perspicuous Palindrome Producer was introduced as a device for the semi-automatic generation of over 200 billion different palindromic sentences. But that is not the HeptCat's only palindromical talent; this cat of seven segments also has the latent ability to engender indefinitely long, grammatical, multi-sentence passages that are end-to-end palindromes.

This capacity is a consequence of the fact that the HeptCat is a prodigious producer not only of palindromic sentences, but of reversal sentences as well; it can generate a great many more different reversal sentences, in fact, than palindromic ones. To construct one, the HeptCat user simply follows the directions for sentence fabrication given in the February article, with this difference: when vocabulary entries are selected from tables 1 and 2, horizontal entry pairs are not chosen; rather, table entries which are not horizontally aligned are selected. This will yield grammatical reversal sentences such as "Adornable Debra bibbed Edin's rerun-in-Italy, mired-in-soot sopor-pacifiers as siren Nerissa's retoned, sexy, royal diva, snide Delta, felled Aylward." (For best results, both present tense or both past tense entries should be selected for segments A and G.) Any number of such sentences may be strung together in any order, followed by their reversals in the opposite order, to create one of the aforementioned long palindromes. To vary the rhythm of the piece, improvised reversible or palindromic snippets such as "Sad, Elias sailed as ..." may be interposed between sentences. The result will be an occult "story" which, while possibly somewhat opaque to the non-hallucinatory mind, will at least be grammatical and palindromic. The following relatively petite example of the genre was assembled from three pairs of HeptCat reversal sentences (some slightly altered) and five short exogenous snippets:

La! Renegades suckered Edin's drab, Elba-noted midden-likers as ornate, tan Rosa's rewon, kobold-evolved dimity trader, snide deli-fed Lex, an obese nob, wassailed. "Tubas!" ordered Rosa, but Delia wrote "Fat!" on slender Edin's red, ired, sore wender-caners ere vernal lad Allan Revere's retooled, older, ranker, gnus-nude nob-warder, snide dewan Odella, paroled Elban Ema!

"Del ran??" Sara snarled. "No loss! Reg gats a sore-ridden, mad Edin's revolting, nival, non-deltoid, ignitible, snug Eire-eroders even if, Lena, an elfin Eve's reliant, racy, reviled Delian--gala, vinyl-dragging, nit-nuts sap Del--grubs taros! Ha!"

Dias, dewan-awed, said, "Ah! So rats burgled Pa's stunting, niggardly, nival, agnailed delivery-cart nailers?"

"Even if, Lena, an elfin Eve's 'red or eerie' gunsel-biting, idiot-led, non-laving nit-lover--snide, damned-dire Rosa--staggers Solon, Del ran!!" Sara snarled.

"Amenable Delora palled on awed Edin's red, rawboned, unsung, reknarred lode-looters ere vernal lad Allan Revere's renaered new Eros-derider, snide red Nels, 'Not a fetor!' wailed? Tubas!" ordered Rosa, but Delia's sawbones, Ebon Axel, defiled Edin's red, arty, timid, dev-loved lobo-knowers as ornate, tan Rosa's rekilned, dim, detonable bard, snide Derek, cussed a general ...

By the bye, have I mentioned that the HeptCat was raised by a writer of back-cover blurbs?


Saratoga, California
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Author:Puder, Jim
Publication:Word Ways
Date:Aug 1, 2003
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