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Articles from The Hastings Center Report (March 1, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
A roadmap for health care accountability. Miller, Frances H. Book Review 1091
Access to Hospice Care: Expanding Boundaries, Overcoming Barriers. Jennings, Bruce; Ryndes, True; D'Onofrio, Carol; Baily, Mary Ann 2215
Accident & Desire Inadvertent Germline Effects in Clinical Research. King, Nancy M.P. 6203
Aging and demography: a puzzle. (at the center). Callahan, Daniel 526
Can you trust autonomy? Dworkin, Gerald Book Review 1990
Caregiving at the End of Life. Connor, Stephen; Adams, Jocelia 1525
Ethics in the twilight zone. Campbell, Courtney S. Book Review 1640
Evolution or revolution. (From The Editor). Kaebnick, Gregory Editorial 526
Facing Carrie Buck. (essay). Lombardo, Paul A. 2358
Health Care Justice and Hospice Care. Sulmasy, Daniel P. 1112
Hospice and Alzheimer Disease: a Study in Access and Simple Justice. Jennings, Bruce 2243
I. What is hospice care? 3898
II. The ethical imperative for access to hospice care. 5989
III. Barriers impeding access. 8185
Inheritable Genetic Modification and a Brave New World: Did Huxley Have It Wrong? Frankel, Mark S. 4548
Is Discontinuity in Palliative Care a Culpable Act of Omission? Ryndes, True; Emanuel, Linda 2186
IV. Race, ethnicity, and culture. 2538
Lethal Language, Lethal Decisions. Koogler, Tracy K.; Wilfond, Benjamin S.; Ross, Lainie Friedman 3817
Listening to Aslan[R]. (essay). Berlinger, Nancy Book Review 1209
Medical marijuana. (letters). Cohen, Peter J. Letter to the Editor 840
Of mice and men: patenting the oncomouse. Knowles, Lori P. 683
Pictures of Persons and the Good of Hospice Care. Nelson, Hilde Lindemann 1307
Realignment of research priorities in the FY 2004 budget. (capital report). Hanna, Kathi E. 804
Rediscovering Community at the Core of the Human Condition and Social Covenant. Byock, Ira 1506
Removing the mask. (case study). Saunders, Donald E., Jr. 1749
Smallpox vaccine: not worth the risk. Annas, George J. 981
Taking Africa seriously. (perspective). Marlink, Richard 603
The judicial dismantling of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (at law). Gostin, Lawrence O. 2815
The last transfer. (letters). Hill, Terry; Mezey, Mathy; Mitty, Ethel Letter to the Editor 787
The project on Increasing Access to Hospice Care. 744
The Relevance of Public Health in Improving Access to End of Life Care. D'Onofrio, Carol; Ryndes, True 1815
The risks of germline gene transfer. (another voice). High, Katherine A. Column 885
Too Much of a Good Thing: How Splendid Technologies Can Go Wrong. (essay). Callahan, Daniel 3403
V. Toward new models for hospice. 4105
VI. Approaching just access: recommendations. 5532
What the People Would Want If They Knew More About It: a Case for the Social Marketing of Hospice Care. Stanley, John M. 1427

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